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  1. Howdy. Anyone done Truck and stayed in a hotel before? (Love festivals, hate tents). Unless I'm reading the maps wrong it looks like the entrance is to the East of the site and an easy walk to Mill Hill House which was one option, or not much further to the Premier Inn/Marriott just off the A34 junction? Just checking there's no road closures or diversions and if they're doable on foot? Also, was looking at not staying the Sunday night and getting a train back to London straight from the festival. If I stayed for Catfish (who I think would finish at like 10.30pm based on previous Sunday timings?) any reason why I'd struggle to get to Didcot Parkway by the last train at 11.53pm? Looks like there's still festival buses running but if anyone else had issues getting the last ones on the Sunday (I'm assuming other people might have the same idea?) or a taxi at that time? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey sorry looking for an SFF ticket and don't have an account, can you help? :)

  3. Yeah, certainly was for Catfish last year.
  4. Shout if you need SFF tickets, I've got an account. You scan the barcode on the door and they're not precious about the names (would be somewhat counterintuitive to give thousands of tickets away then be funny about who uses them).
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