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  1. To be honest that’s all we can hope for really. It’s not as if they’re magically going to start going down from their current numbers. More of the same in the next week and we’ll be in a better position.
  2. Cummings has gone but his legacy of contempt of parliamentary sovereignty remains. Moot when the opposition agree to it, but not a great precedent for when we get back to normality.
  3. The Chemical Brothers 340 Iggy & The Stooges 419 The Prodigy 471 Queens of the Stone Age 95 (-10) Portishead 190 LCD Soundsystem 384 Christine and the Queens 276
  4. Think it may be time to revisit the AZ guidance. The risk/reward isn’t what it was 2 months ago.
  5. Not sure why they’re asking the guitarist from Jane’s Addiction tbh.
  6. First point is an exercise in faith. There is a moment where there’ll be enough jabbed that the number is going to decrease. And I’m sure we’re pretty close. The ONS numbers today tell us that much. But we’re not there yet. Second point- still pretty consistently 1 in 20 positive tests are being hospitalised, that’s been constant for around 2 months. If we got to 50,000 daily cases that would be around 2,500 daily admissions. To me, that would be too many.
  7. Clutching at straws but the occupancy not rising at the same rate as admissions is a silver lining and promising for the vaccines effectiveness. Rest of the stats are a bin fire.
  8. Absolutely. To quote everyone’s favourite corona centrist, a small percentage of a big number can still be quite a big number. And that’s not doubting the vaccines. That’s saying something in 90s is not 100 percent.
  9. We’ve got 3 jabs between us (4 tomorrow!)- so it’s not a fear about getting ill. It’s more the selfish “well I’m probably gonna be fine even if i get it” attitude, rather than acknowledging you might have wider obligations to society at large on this to prevent transmission to some poor bastard who falls through the cracks on this, especially when the third world is crying out for jabs. Mrs S was also on one of the trials, so is taking it a bit personally when people refuse them once they’ve gone through medical approval.
  10. At this point? Mostly the principle. Every person who drags their heels when offered a jab without good reason is slowing us getting back to normal.
  11. Mrs Starbuck has a couple of friends like this, and it’s very frustrating. No real reasons, just more of a “I’ll do it when I get round to it after everyone else” kind of attitude. Neither are getting an invite to our flat until they’re at least booked in.
  12. Go on, I’ll bite.. The vaccine deployment programme continues successfully. - Has been met. I mean it’s wobbled a bit the last few months, and if the rest of the country followed Wales’ lead we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation as we’d probably be at h*** i*********. But it is fundamentally there. Evidence shows vaccines are sufficiently effective in reducing hospitalisations and deaths in those vaccinated. - less than 1000 people in hospital, those who are being hospitalised are seeing not as severely ill. Cases are rising but we're not seeing a huge
  13. The Chemical Brothers 296 Iggy & The Stooges - 375 The Prodigy 396 Queens of the Stone Age 180 (-10) Portishead 250 LCD Soundsystem 355 Christine and the Queens 296
  14. he Chemical Brothers 301 lggy & The Stooges 380 Bloc Party 35 (-10) The Prodigy 381 Queens of the Stone Age 215 Portishead 240 LCD Soundsystem 360 Christine and the Queens 286
  15. The Chemical Brothers 306 lggy & The Stooges 370 Bloc Party 76(-10) The Prodigy 366 The FIaming Lips 30 Queens of the Stone Age 215 Portishead 250 LCD Soundsystem 354 Christine and the Queens 273
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