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  1. He is very short in real life as well apparently.
  2. Any idea what a Hot Chip Megamix entails? Like the lineup though.
  3. Press seems to be more in reaction to the masters sale than plugging anything in particular though. No evidence for her being back either way really.
  4. Poor Rory Stewart. Hope MI6 will take him back.
  5. Think the rationale is everyone gets someone to bubble up with rather than everyone meeting. Its the balance between being so restrictive it’ll gets wholesale disobeyed and so lax it’s open to abuse- if everyone gets to pick 2 other households you may as well not bother really given the amount of potential transmissions.
  6. So if A sees B and B sees C, A and C are in a bubble even if they don’t see each other? That’s how I understand it. Think this might actually get adhered to by and large.
  7. The freemen-on-the-land shit has qanon levels of denial. Jesus.
  8. They briefed this morning that everywhere will be in at least tier 2 next week.
  9. You can just as easily take that argument the other way though, saying “people are getting jabbed next week so the damage implication isn’t there”. Given there was a fear from the ‘22 that the lockdown would be extended, and that’s apparently not happening now, I’d say this is posturing and they’ll fall into line for the price of moving their areas down 1 level.
  10. Could be the other way round- Trump just trying to save face and pretend he’s in control saying he instructed her to when he did actually act independently. I don’t think he would have instructed her to.
  11. Vaccine rollout is botched. If we’re back to normal by May, that could be too late. Covid mutates and the vaccine becomes useless. We get a third wave which takes all the resources. Happy to be shot down on these.
  12. Still at 50:50 even with the Oxford news. I feel we need to be back at something close to ‘normal’ by March for the go/no-go. Also a bit worried about mutations, which will banjax a vaccine rollout. Will feel more confident when the parents and in-laws get jabbed. Too much conjecture about timescales at the moment.
  13. You could just as easily argue it the other way and ask what if you missed out on the last Christmas you’d have with your loved ones- those thoughts are also driven to the fore at times like this.
  14. Unfortunately yeah, it’s the modern age we live in. I could take it or leave it as an announcement really. Will probably be somewhere else.
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