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  1. Got email from vueling saying my flight back on Sunday has been cancelled . Took refund . Flight out with Ryanair still not been cancelled yet , every Ryanair flight to Barcelona up until mine on the Wednesday has been cancelled . Should get cancelled soon though.
  2. Yeah very quiet . Been lucky as room was right at end of the floor so no noise from elevator or people walking past . And air con is quiet as well unless you turn it up full blast
  3. Flaming lips announced some dates for next year , play London 2 June . Big gap before the next date , could play both weekends.
  4. Maybe this will be the year where we get The Chemical Brothers. Love to have a Scottish day on one of the stages. Vaselines , teenage fanclub , belle and Sebastian, mogwai and Jesus and Mary chain.
  5. Had a look for accommodation for wed 1 June to Sunday 5 June, for 2022, booked ibis at glories , free cancellation and pay on arrival , got it for £253 . Stayed there before , great location
  6. If I was to do both weekends , would probably head up the coast , say the Sunday to Wednesday night maybe lloret de mar just to chill and relax . Probably be cheaper as well
  7. Can't see it happening in June . 3 weekends in a row. As I said can see them doing 1 weekend in June .and one in September. Opens up more bands . Especially American bands or from Australia etc . Maybe don't want to come for one festival in June , when they booked for July August festival.
  8. I remember the first primavera I went to in 2011 Wednesday night was in a courtyard at a castle. Then was at Arc de triomphe.
  9. What do you think about them making the Wednesday a full day next year . If you have tickets for this year you can pay an extra 30 -40 Euros to make a 4 day ticket . I don't know if they have a problem with getting all the headliners space to play next year . But this would help out . Don't think the talk of double weekends works unless they have 1 in June and 1 in September.
  10. I bought my ticket for 2020 via red ticket. Rolled over for 2021 .no email from them on cancellation of 2021 . Anyone else heard from them.
  11. Jesus and Mary chain Fontaine's DC Mogwai Murder capital Yard Act Belle and Sebastian Beck Disclosure Massive Attack Rosalie
  12. I don't know how contracts work for headliners. But they got headliners from last year. Like pavement. This year like gorillaz. And next year if NIN are playing. To pay all them and make money from one weekend wouldn't be possible.
  13. Thinking of just going to Barcelona anyway just for tourist stuff. Always been too knackered to do it. What's the situation going to be for tourist stuff. Will everything be open.
  14. Yeah not sure what I did first time . Nearly double the price for that weekend.
  15. Just had a look on booking.com. The princess hotel is available for every weekend in September and the first weekend in October. . If they had a plan for a September date . Surely one of the weekends would be unavailable or really more expensive than the other ones . Only noticed a 10 or 20 per night difference on any weekend.
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