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  1. Was looking to go on Sunday, anyone know what the capacity is , and how is it selling, just wondering to hang on till the week before to see if any discounts or 2-1 come up
  2. So early bird booked , thought check out hotels, the one I stayed in this year for the 2weekends . Is only 100quid cheaper for 5 days compared to 12 days this year.. It's only a ibis hotel , but still over 100 quid a night
  3. Bought early bird , used payment plan £39 now , then 2 payments £77. Will be my tenth. Primavera
  4. https://www.primaverasound.com/en/ No one seemed to have mentioned , buy 2 early birds for 320 euros.
  5. Where did you see that. Can't find anything. And also Friday is not a normal day , usually a Tue or Wednesday they release tickets, lineup etc
  6. What a show Billie eilish is putting on at Glastonbury, would like to see her at primavera,
  7. My take on Mordor being busy is just the fact that the stages were side by side . So anyone wanting a good spot for an act arrived for the act before , so Instead of the stage opposite they were in the same place .
  8. What price do you think early bird will be. 180 euros is my guess. Discount for both weekends.
  9. Ciudad del Rock https://maps.app.goo.gl/vzaZ2vWfuW5LmFdDA
  10. Yeah it is ,not sure what public transport is available
  11. I thought Gabi has definitely been hinting at portishead
  12. Seems that new venue had a 96 k capacity so can see the lineup's being very similar .
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