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Found 21 results

  1. LEARN HOW YOU CAN STAND A CHANCE TO WIN UP TO SGD $25,000! Date: 29 July - 1 August 2019 (4 Days) Location: Singapore Orientale Concentus, conceptualized in 2008 with the purpose of promoting international arts and cultural exchange and youth choral music development, has seen a successful run across Asia. Participants in earlier editions not only hail from host countries, but also from Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, South Korea, South Africa and Czech Republic! This will be a unique opportunity for all choirs to step into a holistic and memorable international choral learning journey, all in one place. The upcoming twelfth edition of the festival is scheduled to take place once again in Singapore from 29 July - 1 August 2019 (4 Days). Why you should sign up? Grand Prix Prize Money of SGD 10,000 GUARANTEED! Perform in Singapore's World Class Esplanade Concert Hall with superb state-of-the art acoustic features Remarkable opportunity for aspiring choirs to broaden their chorale horizons, network with other talented choirs and build long-lasting international friendships! Learn from our World Renowned Adjudication Panel! Watch our 11th Orientale Concentus' highlight video to have a glimpse of what you can expect participating in OC11 and how we are different from other festivals in the region! With Whopping SGD 10,000 Grand Prix Prize money you wouldn't want to miss this choral music extravaganza! Participate NOW to save 15%! Visit www.orientaleconcentus.com or email to event@ace99.com.sg to find out how you can win up to SGD $25,000 and other exciting offers for Orientale Concentus 12. We are really excited with all the programmes that we will provide and we would love to have you join us! P.s. Do remember to follow us on Facebook for more updates!
  2. The Nal

    The Vinyl Thread

    So have finally made the big plunge, Lovely Project Essential turntable delivered and about to be setup, folks record collection inherited, room cleared, ready to rock and roll. Have committed to buying one record a week minimum. So, shoot - Recommendations? Versions of albums to avoid/embrace? News on remasters etc? The new Neil Young remasters are exceptional, making all others redundant. Remastered from analogue. After The Goldrush is absolutely stunning.
  3. Hey guys I'm a second year Event Management student, doing a research project on free drug testing at music festivals. Would be great to see your opinions. Please only participate if you're over 18. Any other opinions on the matter welcomed. Cheers https://goo.gl/forms/9iwZVxGeU2oAzPHV2
  4. JasonU

    Edinburgh Festival

    I grew up in Edinburgh. I was continually told that I should be glad to live in the city that hosts the world's largest art festival. It may well be the world's largest arts festival but it has always been elitist. There was never really anything there for me, especially in music terms. There has been the odd exception. Orbital playing the Ross Bandstand being one. This was when they drowned out the lone bagpiper at the Military Tattoo with Satan. This is the first year that I can remember there being more than one decent act playing at the Festival. St Vincent is one of the headliners this year, Mogwai are playing and Scottish indie legends the Pastels and the Vaselines are doing shows. Ok, considered among a month long festival that has 1000s of acts this does not even constitute a drop in the ocean it is still after all these years a start. As well as the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe we have the smaller but continuing to grow nicely Hidden Doors festival. They have managed to line up Nadine Shah, Dream Wife, Honeyblood, Slyvan Esso and the Young Fathers among others. Edinburgh has a real shortage of music venues, most have been closed down either to become student accommodation or because new build houses complained about the noise. If you buy a house next to a music venue what do you expect? The live music scene is dying up here. It is looking increasingly likely the only time that we will attract decent acts is as part of one of our cities festivals. A sad state of affairs.
  5. Hi! I am currently writing my dissertation on the normalisation of drug use at music festivals. If you would like to take part, please follow this link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/VSCS2C3 Thank you!
  6. MathildeAdr

    Study about the Dour festival

    Hello everyone, I am a third-year student in Hospitality Management and I need you! As part of my year-end dissertation I am interested in music festivals and especially about the DOUR festival. I study the impacts of the services offered by the festival (accommodation, catering, comfort ...) on your overall experience, the quality of the festival and your satisfaction. I am looking for people who have participated to an edition of the DOUR festival, in order to collect your experience through an interview. If you are interested or if you want more information, do not hesitate to contact me at the following address: mathilde.andrieu@outlook.fr or via Facebook in private message (https://www.facebook.com/andrieumathilde). Thanks in advance, Mathilde Andrieu Bonjour à toutes et à tous, Je suis étudiante en troisième année de licence en Management Hôtelier et j’ai besoin de vous ! Dans le cadre de mon mémoire de fin d’année je m’intéresse aux festivals de musique et tout particulièrement au festival de DOUR. J’étudie les impacts des services proposés par le festival (hébergement, restauration, confort...) sur votre expérience globale, la qualité du festival et votre satisfaction. Je suis à la recherche de personnes ayant participé à une édition du festival de DOUR, dans le but de recueillir votre expérience à travers un entretien. Si cela vous intéresse ou si vous souhaitez davantage d’informations, n’hésitez donc pas à me contacter à l’adresse suivante : mathilde.andrieu@outlook.fr ou via Facebook en message privé (https://www.facebook.com/andrieumathilde). Je vous remercie d’avance, Mathilde Andrieu
  7. Seneo

    Glastonbury Research

    Hi Everybody I am a Student doing research on Glastonbury Music Festival. I am looking at research about the attendee experience of going to the festival and also the experience of the viewers that watch the festival on TV. I would appreciate it if you could take 3 minutes out of your day to respond to my questionnaire if you have either been to the festival or watched the broadcast on TV> Attendees Questionnaire: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=CvQWNelaVkm7qzlRYuWJzg6e2cVV1-NJle2XE6cLqLtUNVhMSzNYWUpLU1BTVE1NTTVKNlhROUQxVy4u Viewers Questionnaire: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=CvQWNelaVkm7qzlRYuWJzg6e2cVV1-NJle2XE6cLqLtUMEg0VFYxRElVU1U5MFJaU0o0U1pSV09TTS4u Thank you, Seneo
  8. Robynm97

    Festival Tourism in UK

    https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeYCgDJfIS7wrY5QBxRQEtIXzOGfSjISKLE9o3I11YCi1PheA/viewform?c=0&w=1 if you could all fill in my questionnaire it will take approx 1 minute of your time, it is to gather research for an upcoming research report on Festival Tourism in the uk
  9. Hi Everybody I am a Student doing research on Glastonbury Music Festival. I am looking at research about the attendee experience of going to the festival and also the experience of the viewers that watch the festival on TV. I would appreciate it if you could take 3 minutes out of your day to respond to my questionnaire if you have either been to the festival or watched the broadcast on TV> Attendees Questionnaire: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=CvQWNelaVkm7qzlRYuWJzg6e2cVV1-NJle2XE6cLqLtUNVhMSzNYWUpLU1BTVE1NTTVKNlhROUQxVy4u Viewers Questionnaire: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=CvQWNelaVkm7qzlRYuWJzg6e2cVV1-NJle2XE6cLqLtUMEg0VFYxRElVU1U5MFJaU0o0U1pSV09TTS4u Thank you, Seneo
  10. Comfy Bean

    Fynefest 2018

    Bit of a long shot I know but wondering if anyone has been to this or visited the Fyne Ales Brewery ? Taking 2 kids and wondering if there will be much to keep their interest ? Have only heard of Colonel Mustard on the line up but sounds like a nice we setting and £70 for the 3 of us including parking and fees. Looks like a stones throw from the car park into the main field where you also camp. Haven`t seen dogs encouraged at festivals since the early Wickerman days ! http://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/fynefest/2018
  11. hi, im going to balaton sound this summer and was wondering if it its easy to find drugs there. has anyone been there and can tell me how and where to get drugs? which drugs are common to find and how are the guards and police to drugs?
  12. char1509

    Hideout 2018

    I am desperately wanting to go to Hideout in Croatia this year but I can’t find anyone to go with! My friends are older and have children so I’m physcially out of options but I’m itching to go! It’s my 21st this year, I’m single and have no children. I have to do as much as possible and have the best time! Any girls fancy joining? Even if it’s just one of you! We’d have to book pretty soon but they offer a deposit scheme. Let me know ASAP! Thanks
  13. Does anyone know if there is music on the Thursday, and if so what time it is likely to start? Thanks.
  14. UoB Music Student

    University Research Project

    Hi everyone, I am music student studying at the University of Birmingham and am currently undergoing a research project into Glastonbury as a global festival. If possible, I would be very grateful if any of you would take the time to complete my survey - it should not take more than 10 minutes to complete. This is the link to my survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf0Anu1wW0KNH2QeRUf7cgacQvHCxnodl1YGZd2N3K4p_RIBg/viewform If anyone is concerned about confidentiality etc, please read the below statement which outlines how your information will be collated and handled. This information can also be found at the beginning of my survey: This information is being collected as part of a research project concerned with Glastonbury as a global festival, under the supervision of Dr Luis-Manuel Garcia from the Department of Music at the University of Birmingham.This survey will ask about your age, gender, your experiences at Glastonbury and how social media has affected the global status of the festival. The information which you supply as part of this research project will be entered into a filling system or database and will only be accessed by the researcher. The information will be retained by the University of Birmingham and will only be used for the purpose of research, statistical and audit purposes. I will hold this data for 6 months after collection after which it will be destroyed. By supplying this information you are consenting to the University storing your information for the purposes stated above. The information will be processed by the University of Birmingham in accordance with the provision of the Data Protection Act 1998. No identifiable personal data will be published. Thank you for your help, UoB Music Student.
  15. Futurism

    St Vincent Tour

    Touring in October with a couple of dates in the UK. http://ilovestvincent.com/ FUTUREFEAR is the presale code if anyone is interested in going. I've seen her a couple of times, including near the front at the Park Stage in 2014 and she is very entertaining live.

    Lowlands 2017 ALONE

    Hey, So basically I'm going to lowlands in the Netherlands alone, I'm just worried about a couple of things, International bits; Passport, luggage/getting a tent through customs. Making friends; Basically I cannot speak a word of dutch, luckily I know english is basically a second language to them and previously being in netherlands I've never experienced an issue but at the same time I don't want to be a hinderence to anyone I meet, will this be an issue? Camping: I actually have never camped at a festival so this will be a first, does anyone have any advice? 19YO ; Would like to be as cheap as possible, ordered my ticket but I haven't booked any form of travel as of yet, If anyone has any suggestions for cheapest travel including bringing a tent that'd be amazing; taking 400euros which should be enough to get insanely hammered. Any advice is super appreciated.
  17. The Main Stage Line-Up - Sponsored By The Toll Point Pickup 52, Intrepid Duo Mohawk Radio, Groove Hustlers, The Restless Venture, Stipe: REM Tribute Band, Rock Back the Clock, BARRON, ... Revival, Diamond Days, Gary Quinn Live Lounge Line-Up - Sponsored By Silver Lining Studios Adam Walsh from The Velocets To Kill A Circus Jess Kemp Artist Liam McClair Music Katy Galloway Bones - music Feed The Kid Pickup 52 (2nd Set) The Matchstickmen Mason Thomas
  18. Lauren joy joy

    Rise! In the Mountains

    So on the 13th of December 2014 I ventured off to the resort of Les Deux in the French Alps! I'm a final year event management student at Bournemouth University and that means one thing...Dissertation time! instead of following the monotonousness regime of making a questionnaire and asking random people to fill it out, I thought, hey! why not get on a plane and go to a festival that's never happened before on my own! So I did! And what an adventure it was. The cost of the trip kind of swayed me once I had booked it as I had to get a credit card to pay the trip off, although I only decided a month before hand that I actually wanted to go.. Anyway, after a few weeks of preparation, buying ski gear and anxiously awaiting my week a lone in the Alps, the day came! Prior to the trip I had posted on the events Facebook page to see if anyone else was going on their own.. I was in luck! A guy called Nick from California was starting his European tour there and another graduate from Cambridge called Zak whose very into his Trance! We spoke for a few weeks and I met zak at the airport, we flew out together, got to the resort at about 10:30 pm local time, by then a lot of people were in the party mood! However i wanted to sleep, My hotel was wayyyy up a hill, bit of a trek but hey I am in the mountains after all! Anyway, I slept, woke up to go to my first ever snow boarding lesson! which was horrible! horrible horrible horrible. I gave up after the first day. However! Zak, the guy I flew over with introduced me to his room mates who were actually very good at snowboarding and they looked after me all week! More to Follow!
  19. Riba Rocks

    Riba Rocks 2013

    Riba Rocks is a celebration of arts and music in a finca located near the rural village of Riba Roja D’Ebre, Catalunya. Situated by the stunning River Ebro and surrounded by picturesque mountain backdrop, ‘The Valley’ will host its first gathering on September 7th 2013. For more information, tickets and rent-a-tent visit www.riba-rocks.com
  20. The amazing FUSE Festival 2013 takes place in Beacon Park, Lichfield between 12th and 14th July. A weekend of non-stop and free musical entertainment. This fantastic family arts festival is in its 13th year and continues to be a major event in the community calendar. Over the last few years it has attracted up to 20.000 over the weekend to see and take part in a myriad of activities from professional and amateur music performances, arts and crafts, spoken word, comedy and children's activities. This year appearing on stage: the likes of Knoxville Highway, The Valvolines, Peter Parker’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Club, The Offbeat and Fred Zeppelin just to name a few.