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published: Mon 29th Feb 2016

eFestivals is the only major festivals website that came about from a true love of festivals, and we hope that our love of festivals shines on through. No other UK-based festivals website is more read, or has more visitors than eFestivals - by a very long way.

We never accept payment to give a festival a higher profile, unlike some other festival websites. We believe that a festival should attract you to attend by the entertainment it offers you, and not by marketing tricks.

eFestivals has an unequalled reputation for quality and accuracy, both with festival go-ers, and the festival industry. No other UK music festivals website has had as many independent recommendations from such respected publications as The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Express, Time Out, & .net Magazine, as well as from the British Library.

According to research for the UK Festival Market Report 2012 (PDF here) eFestivals is the only dedicated online festival platform that's used by festival goers, no other online media gets close.

What others are saying about eFestivals

"The first thing I do each morning is check eFestivals and see who has been announced, and so on." - Andy Smith founder of Kendal Calling, Live From Jodrell Bank, and Forgotten Fields 23 March 2015

"I remember in years gone by relying on eFestivals for the rumour/strongly rumoured bands on the Concrete Jungle Stage at Leeds Fest and checking daily! And the rumours were mostly right! Ha. Great website!" - Colt 45 frontman Neil Harper, 14 June 2014

"eFestivals provides a listing of all UK festivals ranging from the small to the large-scale since 2000, showing how our taste for live music events has changed over time." - British Libraries, 100 websites: Capturing the digital universe. 4 April 2013

"Well, we first read about it on your website, obviously the first port of call for festival news." - Ralph Broadbent, founder of Y-Not, and owner of Truck.

"... a website packed with information..." - The Guardian, 17 April 2006.

"... eFestivals is a really useful website for anyone hunting for festival tickets, travel information and rumours on who's playing. It's also good fun post-event, when the messageboards fill with people sharing hygiene horror stories, offering their opinions on Linkin Park's set or looking for someone they lent £20 to outside the Japanese noodle stand at 3am. ..." - The Guardian Guide, 19th June 2004.

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So who runs eFestivals?

eFestivals was created early in 2000, having grown out of the Original Glastonbury Festival Website that preceded eFestivals by two years. Since January 2003, this website is owned and operated by NRG Internet Ltd of which is a trading style. For the current list of staff & contributors please see here.

eFestivals has a sister website - - for your live music enjoyment all year round.

Website history

  BT @ Homelands 2000 - he likes eFestivals so much he wore the t-shirt

The content on this website started from The Original Glastonbury Festival Website (in 1998), making this the longest running major website about Glastonbury Festival. The quality was recognised by Glastonbury Festivals Ltd who made it their official website for the 1999 Festival. In 2000 they decided to create their own website, which was based (and continues to be) very strongly on this website. eFestivals was started in 2000 to cover a wider range of festivals, and the content of the Glastonbury website integrated into eFestivals.

This website has a future with your support - it costs a LOT of time & money to keep such a busy website online and updated with information. Please support us by buying your tickets (and anything else that takes your fancy) from this website, and please be sure to take a look at what those advertising on this website are offering too. Visit the website shop to see the full list of what's available to buy from eFestivals.

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The design and implementation of the website was created by NRG Internet Ltd, adapted from the IPB forums v4 layout, with extra valuable design input from Iain Mulady who also created the new logo and header images. Some parts remain from a previous design crafted for us by Om-Web.

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