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  1. I think you'll realise that the times don't make any sense during the making of the schedule...
  2. They're not. I think Dutch Sziget Facebook page doesn't know what they're talking about 😂 Most of the Colosseum acts start at 6am, they've never had acts playing at 11am... there's so many errors it just cannot be correct.
  3. Myd playing during sunrise... that will be marvelous, I kinda want to be there 😟
  4. I don't know why you all reacting when the set times are CLEARLY WRONG! When they say "Hey! Check out our set times", then react 😐
  5. Rufus Du Sol were confirmed for Main Stage though so I think we'll get nothing...
  6. It's super easy. The festival park is not that big and you'll get used to it quite quickly. Just get the app where you can check out the map (it's not been released yet). The only way to get to Prague on Saturday night without missing Green Day (headliners usually play between 11pm and 1am) is taxi, but that would be really expensive (at least £100 and needs to be booked in advance) and you would get there like at 3am. I think you should spend as much time as you can in the festival park and get the last shuttle bus or taxi to the train station and then take the first morning train to Prague (leaves at 5am). Airport Express bus will take you directly to the airport. You'll be knackered but there are no better options I guess.
  7. It's not. It's genuinely a mistake, all these bands and acts just don't have a correct day assigned to them. Edit: Some of the bands have been already assigned correct date...
  8. Yes, they will perform in the Global Village.
  9. You got two - Taco Hemingway and Jan-Rapowanie. I'm not saying it's something special but two more Main Stage spots have been taken and there's not that many left.
  10. I guess line-up of Europe Stage could save it (a little bit). Nova Twins, cleopatrick and Pabst are great start...
  11. Yeah, I know but they will be indeed performing on Europe Stage 😅
  12. They used to refer to the first 2 official days as -1 and 0 day. Some of the stages and areas were closed during those days (even the bigger ones like A38 and Arena). It has nothing to do with moving-in tickets, you can still come 2 days before the festival begins.
  13. Alan Walker, Steve Aoki, Apashe, NGHTMRE + Elrow and Q-Dance take-overs confirmed for Arena. some interesting names for Europe Stage: Nova Twins, cleopatrick, Surma, Shelter Boy, Lenny, Yellowstraps, SYML, STAKE, Pabst, The Psychoctic Monks and local bands such as Duckshell, The Anahit, Platon Karataev and Saya Noé The concept of Hip-hop Stage will be similar to Europe Stage, mostly European acts: Audio88 & Yassin, Úlfur Úlfur, KNEECAP or South Korean collective YNC will perform there, DJ sets will take place later in the night.
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