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  1. I think we are both kind of right. I just think you present it like Spain is fully open to foreign visitors. Let's face it, it's not. It's not even 2 out of 195 as you referred in your previous reply. This is from CNN: 'Only residents from the European Union, alongside Australia, China, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, Thailand and Uruguay are allowed to enter Spain without having to undergo quarantine.' But there are also certain countries within the EU which are consider high-risk right now and their citizens are not permitted to enter Spain (like us, Czechs).
  2. You've got wrong info, it's really not that easy. People from the UK are not allowed to enter Spain (no flights right now), people from Brazil and South Africa have to quarantine for 10 days (PCR tests can shorten the quarantine to 7 days but not replace it completely). Even most of the Spanish residents cannot move between regions (so for example people from Catalonia are not allowed to leave unless they have a justified reason).
  3. and won't be the last time if they really want to move it to September...
  4. Do you really think the situation in the US is so much worse? Lots of European countries have more deaths per 1 Mil. than the US and others are close to that number. I also think that Europe is struggling with the virus much more right now because of the new mutations and vaccination problems.
  5. How do they want to create a bubble when it's a non-camping festival?
  6. Which really doesn't matter right now when nether Pfizer nor AstraZeneca have those extra doses.
  7. There won't be really a huge difference between countries in EU because the vaccines are delivered to EU as a whole and they distribute them by population. It basically means no country can get ahead.
  8. Well, my grandparents' (83 and 85 yo) dates for vaccination have been cancelled today (scheduled for March btw). I'm sorry for being pessimistic but I really don't know how we can reach herd immunity by October when this is happening.
  9. Does this graph include the shortage of vaccination supply to EU from both Pfizer and AstraZeneca? Also if the reports about AstraZeneca being highly ineffective (only 8 % efficacy for people aged over 65) turns out to be true, the UK will have to vaccinate all elders, who already got the AstraZeneca jab, again.
  10. Where did you get that info? I always thought it's a huge festival, even the articles about moving to September mention that the capacity is around 75-80k.
  11. There should but look at Israel. They've vaccinated over 30% of their entire population, yet nothing has changed really.
  12. 0% There's gonna be a zombie apocalypse next year...
  13. PCR tests yes, but those take way too long. Antigen tests are fast but won't catch most of the infected people. In my country (Czechia) for example, we use tests which catch only about 30% of the infected people (the most infectious obviously). There are of course better tests on the market but none of them reach 80-100% efficiency. Probably true but some experts think that despite the vaccination there will be another wave in the autumn (not as bad as right now or last year in terms of hospitalizations and deaths but still...). That's true but there are certain festival activ
  14. I just don't know how that could work. Imagine that the government sets a certain date from which festivals can take place. Lets say it's 1st of August. How would festivals which were planned one week earlier feel? I also think that lifting the ban on mass gatherings will be gradual. It definitely won't be from 0 to 100k. First, they will allow events up to few hundreds, then few thousands and then up to 10k or something like that. This will take several weeks/months.
  15. Yeah, they actually changed the photo 3 hours ago.
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