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  1. Wow, how many dark fruits twitter users are there?
  2. I would say they are the same size as The Cure but it all depends on their fee. And yeah, there's no place for CoO and it seems that Prague is out as well lol.
  3. Maybe Pearl Jam instead of solo show in Prague?
  4. Well, Fall Out Boy are in the US during the festival so the source is 100% wrong 😉
  5. Most of the main bands are announced when they are confirmed (so one band a day). Sometimes we can get a several bands a week, sometimes there's a silence for a week or two. The artists for smaller stages (Drive, Fresh, Electro, Full Moon,...) and CZ & SK bands are usually announced at once.
  6. Yeah, you're right but FIB's line-ups have quite changed over the years. The ones I listed fit exactly the target audience so I would be surprised if none of them were booked.
  7. Don't panic. They are not that much late. First announcents over the past 5 years: 2019: 18/10 2018: 16/11 2017: 7/11 2016: 23/11 2015: 20/11 Look at the FIB Benicassim line-up. There are a few bands which would fit - Khalid, The Kooks, Basement Jaxx, Vampire Weekend, Rita Ora, Crystal Castles, Foals, The Lumineers,... Also London Grammar were announced for Mad Cool and they cancelled 2 years ago so 99% playing.
  8. Underworld are going to be announced for Metronome festival in Prague on Wednesday. I guess they could play (headline) this...
  9. These tents were available this year -> https://rockforpeople.cz/en/zazitky/chill-village/ https://rockforpeople.cz/en/zazitky/rfp-tent-hotel/
  10. Yeah, there's no way they're playing alongside Green Day and Fall Out Boy. There's also a hint which suggests it's The 1975.
  11. Headliner announcement tomorrow. It will most likely be The 1975.
  12. I think they are rumoured for All Points East in London. There are a few festivals in July they've never played and are a perfect fit I think (Lolla Paris, Gurtenfestival, Electric Castle, Positivus,...). But otherwise nothing specific. Actually it's not a couple of days, it's more than a month before so I believe they will play mostly at festivals in June/early July.
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