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  1. Sum 41 are playing at Strand festival which is happening a few days after Sziget.
  2. She's really popular over here. Her announcement even got more likes than The Killers and Martin Garrix.
  3. Nope, she's not touring this year.
  4. I don't think it was insulting. She was nowhere near big enough to coheadline when FR booked her. No one expected her popularity would grow so much (and in such short time).
  5. If they booked Cardi instead, would it be better? Pussy so good, I say my own name during sex I might smack a bitch 'cause I felt like it Gucci shoes and a belt like it Said that Cardi is his favorite fragrance I'm a rich bitch and I smell like it I'm in a boss bitch mood, ayy, these heels are Givenchy, ho These are some boss bitch shoes If you ain't no boss bitch, move, ayy #therearefemaletrashartistsaswell
  6. 23 points for me. That's all right (but the line-up isn't...)
  7. If it is RTJ > Migos > RATM I honestly hope Migos will cancel. Cardi B, I beg you... please don't let your husband cross the ocean 😂
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