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  1. He's not. I'd say this is reversed Biffy Clyro situation (huge in the UK but playing small clubs or early festival spots in mainland Europe). Papaoutai? Tous les mêmes? Probably even bigger hits than Alors on danse...
  2. Yep (well I ruled them out like 2 weeks ago but others didn't 🙄)
  3. The article says that it will be a separate show a few days before the actual festival. That's believable I think...
  4. Really? Only 16? Rammstein had over 60 lorries for their 2019 tour. Bands that usually headline large festivals use around 10 lorries (sometimes even more) just for getting all equipment to the festival (I know that from people who run a festival in Czechia).
  5. It's not about Sziget being environmentally friendy. It's about the trip they would have to make. Brussels -> London make much more sense than Brussels -> Budapest -> London when you're trying to reduce your environmental footprint. They specifically mention that on the website: "The tour routing has been planned to reduce travel and freighting between shows – with a particular emphasis on minimising air travel." It really doesn't make sense to drive through half of Europe just for one show and then come back. The other question is why it wasn't announced today then? Tour poster includes a festival date and Coldplay are big enough for solo announcement (just like Ed in 2019) so I can't think of any logical explanation...
  6. Ok, I will rule them out next week... Keep in mind this tour will be hella different. Coldplay want their tour to be as environmentally friendly as possible. They even made website about it. I really don't expect them to travel that much, especially for a festival which they rarely do nowadays.
  7. It hasn't been included because they won't be there lol. Stop dreaming and be more realistic guys... Major Lazer as a headliner incoming 😂
  8. That's not quite correct. RATM obviously won't play Roskilde as they already have dates in the US but it doesn't mean they won't come to Europe later that year (for example early September with R+L being the first shows). I've been told that the European leg is still planned. Their Prague date, which is still 'postponed' (not cancelled), was supposed to be announced by the end of September but the band's management is constantly delaying the announcement for some reason.
  9. Ngl, I would be quite happy with this line-up. Dua and Tyler are great fresh headliners and their sets are always fun to watch. + loads of other interesting names in the undercard like AG Club, Grandson, Idles or Poppy. But obviously, if you're not into rap/pop music I guess this line-up can be disappointing for you.
  10. Yeah the crowd will go nuts but the venue is dog sh*t.
  11. You're not sure? Well read the articles one more time 😛
  12. You really want to see holograms? 😂
  13. He's there every year isn't he? Cause I met him in 2018 as well. He's just enjoying the festival, doesn't mean Shikari are playing.
  14. It was Maisie Peters. She's already played (12:55pm).
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