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  1. they posted the full line-up 4 hours ago
  2. is the Revolut lineup complete as well? I asked them and they said they do not have this information yet:)))
  3. So we still need at least 1-2 names on the main stage and a few on Revolut I guess
  4. she was the only one added to the website, right?
  5. Now that we really know it’s coming this week, @Sziget2024_Leaks mind sharing something?🥰
  6. I guess they just didnt have enough acts booked for the second one. Leaks first mentioned charli a long ago, so I guess they are still negociating with a bunch of acts. Also if I recall, last year’s third wave only had very small names and djs. So I guess they just fked up and couldnt announce everything.
  7. @Sziget2024_Leaks anything on charli, kaytra or jungle?🥹
  8. If their target audience is indeed Gen Z and young millenials, I am telling u, as a zoomer, that the most bands mentioned here are not appealing (don’t mean to sound rude or something..its just that most of us really don’t listen to that). However, each year’s line up seems pretty diverse to me. I think the problem is that the attendees expect to get like 5 acts they like each day, and as much as that is wonderful, it is impossible. I have never in my life attended a festival that had more than 6-7 acts I (kinda) like, and again, I’m saying this as a zoomer, the generation yall insist the line up si dedicated to completely. And I know we’re most likely to enjoy music we’ve grown up with, but I really hope each of you finds as many acts to enjoy as possible, even if they are not bands<3
  9. @Sziget2024_Leaks pls let us know ab the progress with Charli, Jungle and Kaytranada when there’s news 😭🙏
  10. It’s the name of the Fred, Skrillex and Four’s Coachella set
  11. @Sziget2024_Leaks is Amber Mark a possibility for the 3rd wave? She’s dropping new music soon
  12. And is the other headliner going to be a band or solo act?
  13. @Sziget2024_Leaks do you have any idea when can we expect the 3rd wave approximately??
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