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  1. If you're worried about "bacteria" on your arse cheeks you need a basic lesson in microbiology. Agreed. People are weird (and massively illogical).
  2. So it's open wed till mon?
  3. Is it ever genuinely "closed"? And if so, at what times?
  4. Insane that some people actually believed that.
  5. Definitely kids ones between theatre and circus. I'm sure I've been on proper ones before though...
  6. How is this "nasty business" any better through a ply of bog roll?! Just clean it up properly and sit on it normally, what exactly is the issue?
  7. Yes. That was also shocking as it's not hard to work out when bins will need doing and makes life a lot easier for punters and litter crew but it's still 1000x better to leave your crap in a pile next to a bin rather than chuck it on the floor or leave it on a table. Really, are you seriously making excuses for people who don't clean up after themselves?
  8. Sorry what? They are plastic but they last a lifetime.
  9. Which still fails to address all the other bafflement.
  10. As above, absolutely not. It's 100% offline which is the entire point of the system. I'm not sure you understand how it works if this is confusing.
  11. I get that point to some extent but do you get to camp by your mates at WV? There's definitely no need for queueing for campsites if you're not bothered about that. And the 2-3kg tent split between is but a small fraction of what the average person "lugs" in.
  12. Baffling that people can value the 3-5 minutes it takes to put up a tent as worth £150.
  13. Almost no food is naturally blue which is why chef's plasters are blue.
  14. We'll have to agree to disagree then. Have used "self-inflating" air mats for decades previously. Would never go back.
  15. As people have said and should be obvious from the design, it doesn't require data. You can call or SMS the ///w3w
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