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  1. I don't get it. If her work did it why can't we get the full resolution version after all this time?!
  2. dulcificum


    Why would you queue for 4 hours in 30 degree heat for a shower when there are plentiful taps?
  3. A tent that's vaguely conical is not a tipi. Also the point of a tipi is not really to buy a disposable one from a big box store.
  4. but alas it's died. Erm, it literally says what it is. It's "GlastoMap". And it's a 2016 IA capture of it:
  5. Not even a proper Incubus rig?
  6. Don't suppose you have complete sets for any previous years? I foolishly only got bits and pieces in the past.
  7. Don't use jdownloader - there's a reason get_iplayer has been the preferred option for years. get_iplayer lets you just pick the audio streams. Was this ever up? None of my scrapes saw it. Would be very interested if anyone did manage to grab it.
  8. Was also blown away by the sound for the Cure. No idea why they don't put more delay towers on the Other either. Was nice to see NCA and Void at the festival though I wish Void brought their Incubus. Did anyone check out that soundclash?
  9. dulcificum


    I used almost all composts in 2017. Almost all long drops this year. Honestly, the long drops were actually better. Composts were much worse than usual and the ones between Arcadia and Other were already overflowing by Friday. And they are the same composts at dozens of other festivals where somehow they are kept much cleaner. I didn't see any sawdust/soil or cups after Wednesday so they weren't really being looked after.
  10. And meanwhile the traders were charging £2.50 all day long when people were suffering from heat stroke on Saturday which is just gross profiteering. Very much in favour of the co-op.
  11. Because he's obviously thick as shit and thinks he can get anything he wants by flashing some money about. His ignorance of the value of money not only makes me gag a bit but directly contributes to inequalities in society. He also demonstrates very poor taste and a lack of common sense. Utter flabbergasted by the apologists in this thread. Why this needs saying and explaining is utterly beyond me. You don't really understand criminology 101 do you.
  12. Very underwhelming having seen their work grow from the first days at Glasto and at Glade. And having been to Ferropolis, giant bits of metal can be done SO SO much better.
  13. I don't get it. 0.7% is obviously a massive improvement but it's completely unheard of at most festivals. I get Glasto is rather mass market but how did it even become a thing in the first place?!
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-somerset-48799006 lol. Absolutely zero sympathy here.
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