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  1. The Royal Albert Hall (Dreams we have as children) is on Spotify now. Had it on CD years ago, brilliant gig. Love it when Weller comes on
  2. Doesn’t look like his setlist has changed for a while now. He used to do a quality little of version of Digsys Dinner but not done it since 2015! Think that’s the last time I seen him.
  3. Would love him to just do an album of this stuff
  4. Defo not my thing but pretty sure Lewis Capaldi will be playing next year, and I’d imagine he’ll be very high up the lineup
  5. I love Noel and enjoyed his set, but Black Star Dancing is 👎🏻 Should have swapped that for if I had a gun
  6. StuwieG

    “Getting in”

    I can’t get into loads of details sorry 🤐 Wasn’t as exciting as the ninja or anything though
  7. Food was very expensive this year!
  8. Ninja guy: brilliant! What a character. Amazing! Scousers jumping fences: Booooo Scumbags. Throw them out 🙃
  9. Fuck off! Any need in making a comment like this? It’s a stereotype from the 80s.
  10. StuwieG

    “Getting in”

    I’m in 😀
  11. StuwieG

    “Getting in”

    Ok. Thanks for the info 👍🏻 seems like a risk but better option than trying to be spun in.
  12. StuwieG

    “Getting in”

    I can get an ID and the person doesn’t look too dissimilar to me at a push
  13. StuwieG

    “Getting in”

    Yeah? What you think?
  14. StuwieG

    “Getting in”

    Been offered a performer ticket, off someone we know which is legit. No pic on it. Will it be easy enough to get in with?
  15. StuwieG

    “Getting in”

    Little bump on this. We’re heading down on the Wednesday anyway as we’ve got the time booked off, so if anyone can help, we’d be very grateful. If nothing, we’ll just go and watch Noel Gallagher in Bristol Wednesday night.
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