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  1. Emily said nothing until early next year for the headliners announcement unfortunately
  2. tigger123

    2020 headliners

    Emily also said while discussing that they had 2 out of 3 headliners that will be keeping it secret until early next year so don’t think we’re getting anything for a while
  3. tigger123

    2020 headliners

    If they’re extending the pyramid field and 2 of the acts haven’t played before, does it not open the possibility that they’ve booked a megastar, as doubt they would talk about doing this for an act that hasn’t actually been booked yet (such as Macca). Would kendrick and Taylor warrant extending the field? I personally think not so would this not lead us to someone like Madonna or similar?
  4. tigger123

    Fan Footage

    great video, what/where is the light tunnel at 9:40, must have missed that this year!
  5. the exact same happened to me, when i paid it crashed and i only knew I'd got the tickets when I went back and tried again and it said tickets had already been purchased for my reg number, so no registration number lock as far as i could see. Then my confirmation email arrived and the relief hit.
  6. refreshed every time the page had stopped loading, and got through, was plugged into the router though so that may have helped
  7. With the limit being 60 refreshes a minute, if you are on a network at work all using the same IP, am I right in thinking then that you have no chance of getting through if several people are trying each from their own computer pushing you over the 60 a minute?
  8. Are they searching everyone’s bags?
  9. Do you think it will stay like that or are they gonna stand it upright? Looks incredible either way!!
  10. What did Paul Woodford say about Glasto?
  11. tigger123

    Block 9

    Does this mean no London Underground this year??
  12. They’ve updated the post to confirm they won’t be there this year.
  13. tigger123

    Other stage Sunday

    I think that’s a good shout, particularly as you say sister bliss is already there plus think the last time they played was in 2010 so def due another go
  14. tigger123

    Resale Club 2019

    We managed to get the 4 we were after but after the all tickets had been allocated message came up, so it must have been by the skin of our teeth. Really sorry to those who missed out all the same, have been in your position before so know what it feels like!
  15. Do we think that the drama she mentioned with the lineup before Christmas is Paul McCartney dropping out?
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