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  1. You being negative (or thinking it’s funny to be negative) helps no one. You’re as bad as the press in trying to instil panic! 100% is my prediction by the way
  2. think Barry was referring to the disparity in public spending per person between england and the other home nations
  3. Such sad news. Would always make sure I’d see 808 state when they played Glastonbury and they never disappointed. RIP Andy
  4. tigger123


    Saddened to find a comment like this on these forums, thought we were all above this sort of shit. Clearly not.
  5. Looks like cases are pretty flat to me. I know only one day but def seems like the growth rate is slowing.
  6. Always wanted to see them but never got round to it. What does their live act entail?
  7. Been to 2 weekend festivals, a couple of day ones and a few club nights/gigs and all have felt completely normal to me, except for having to show your Covid pass. All been very busy, people dancing right next to each other and basically back to the good old days as far as I can see.
  8. This. people just love to be angry about something on social media, best off ignoring it as I’m sure the Eavii do.
  9. Would also mean 2 female headlining acts which I imagine Emily is very keen to do if possible
  10. We will definitely get at least a few names before balance window in my opinion, as the email we got today basically is preparing people for quite a hike in ticket prices: “an increase is anticipated on the 2020 ticket price, as a result of inflation and the impact of two forced cancellations.” To help soften the blow of the hike in ticket prices and given it will have been way over 2 years since everyone booked their tickets, there will need to be some sort of lineup announcement to justify the ticket price.
  11. Completely with you on that tbh, worried this winter is gonna be a shit show
  12. Tbh they could still open the Pyramid on the Friday even if they’re playing Dublin the same evening. It’s hardly far away
  13. It was so disappointing. The music was pretty average on the most part (TSHA and Elkka were good), kinda boring music that didn't flow from set to set. Heard some real clunking mixing too which is kinda embarrassing. As far as I can tell Jayda G didn't even bother mixing, just turned the end of the track's volume down and raised the new track. The short set times were also baffling, people milling around not knowing what to do which just killed the atmosphere. Def agree they took the secrecy thing too hard. Also seems a shame for the first all female lineup to be on a night where they didn't reveal who was playing. They should be celebrating and promoting that not keeping it a secret!
  14. Correct. Asked the sound man and room 1 is jayda g, haai and Josey rebelle in that order. Didn’t catch the times but annoyingly they all doing short sets
  15. Shit good point! I was thinking Eltons Hyde park gig was early July for some reason
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