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  1. Care to explain the reason for down voting this please @Copperface? Seems odd to be down voting a 15 day post given how often you frequent this forum
  2. I think it’s very likely that will be possible!
  3. Only 5 days of isolation if you pay for a Covid test, I'm sure Kendrick and Diana Ross can afford to pay the £100 for the test. If they're here for a tour, like Diana Ross is, then I cannot see the 5 day isolation being a reason just to sack off the tour and the money that will come with it. These acts will be desperate to play live again, especially if your performing days are relatively numbered as will probably be the case for 76 year old Diana Ross. Agree however that for those bands flying in and out it may mean they don't make the journey. Also, as you say things will probably change by
  4. I imagine it will be much like what they're doing on the borders now, where they require a negative test up to 72 hours before travelling. If they can do it for international travellers given the concerns about new variants, I'm sure that would be more than adequate for an event in this country. No need to test on site, especially given all the concerns about what to do with those that test positive. I know that you now need to isolate for 10 days too when travelling into the UK, but this I think is only in place for the next month or so before it gets reviewed, so imagine this will have
  5. Saying what? That it's on or that it's off?
  6. That’s because most people only got their vaccine since the start of the year, so the 3 weeks with which the vaccine starts to offer any protection hasn’t elapsed yet. Plus they’ve only vaccinated c. 40% of the over 80s so far, so the majority of over 80s are still unprotected. We will need to wait a few more weeks before the vaccines start having any noticeable effect on the numbers hospitalised and dying.
  7. I think I read that they test a random sample of the tests, which is normally about 10% of tests conducted that go through this process
  8. Completely agree. The fact that anybody to believe it’s overwhelmed needs to see busy corridors is frankly ridiculous. No one should need to be treated in hospital corridors. If the wards are full as we are being told by many that they are then by definition we are at risk of being overwhelmed, the definition of overwhelmed should refer to when the wards are full, not when we’re having to use hospital corridors to treat the sick. These are human beings we’re talking about here!
  9. Given that in some parts of London have over 50% of people having had it, plus the vaccine roll out gathering speed, London shouldn't be too far off reaching herd immunity surely, especially as everyone will have been vaccinated/had the virus within a year of each other, so assuming as quite a few have that immunity lasts at least a year, then surely London should be in a good place in the next couple of months? I know there's some people catching it twice but that seems to be the exception rather than the norm.
  10. 100%, if pubs are only opening in May, then I don't think there's any chance of Glastonbury going ahead. That said, I think keeping pubs shut until May is quite dangerous, as once deaths and hospitalisations start to come down which they inevitably will with the vaccine roll out, then public compliance with the rules will definitely begin to wane. With pubs shut, people will just socialise at their homes, so it makes much more sense to encourage people to socialise in the more covid secure pubs/restaurants, than in homes, while also clearly supporting the economy. Can't see there being an
  11. Mine have said they will but only once it’s ethical to do so and there’s surplus supply to that required by the NHS rollout, ie to avoid our employees jumping the queue ahead of those who are more in need of a vaccine
  12. I was alarmed when I first heard this too, but having thought about it think that the message might have finally got through to Boris about not over promising too much and then missing what he had promised (maybe as a result of advice from his new press secretary Allegra Stratton). If he doesn't commit to schools going back before summer, then that gives the government wriggle room if/when they end up not going back before summer. Given that getting kids back in schools would be one of the first measures to be relaxed, I would be shocked if they're not back in school by summer, given that
  13. Yeah that’s what he meant. Still shit either way though
  14. Lockdown technically until mid Feb for now, but will most likely last longer into March according to Gove
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