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  1. Also says a lot about the Labour Party then unfortunately and how poor an opposition they are currently. A u turn like this would be gold dust for any strong opposition party but will probably be Con+10 in a few days time. I say all this as a disheartened Labour voter by the way
  2. So true. This is the end of compliance now, the app will be being deleted by thousands around the country and isolation numbers will drop through the floor
  3. That doesn't add up to 100%? 63% non vaccinated, + 14% 1 jab (77% in total), + 15% with 2 jabs, totals 92%. Who are the other 8%?
  4. Bjorn Kaipers is the ref and he’s usually pretty solid and fair, so fingers crossed he continues that in this final. As you say the standard of refereeing has been really good this tournament, the premier league refs could def do with learning a thing or 2 as to how this tournament has been officiated
  5. About 20-30% of people watch on ITV over BBC believe it or not!
  6. The finals of the Euros/World Cup are always on both BBC/ITV, regardless of who's in it
  7. "Vaccines are our route out of this" is what Hancock said many months ago. What are the scientists so surprised about? This was always the plan, Delta variant or no variant. The vaccines are also far more effective than we ever could have hoped for, so yes we are putting all our eggs in the vaccine basket cos they're bloody good! Variants were always inevitable given the number of Covid cases globally and guess what, they're always going to get more transmissible, as that's what they need to do to survive, especially with downward pressure from the vaccines.
  8. Shit, really sorry to hear that, that's really bad timing. Fingers crossed you don't get any symptoms
  9. Im glad to be honest, hopefully (although it def won’t) it will show UEFA that their ticket pricing is astronomically high and that prices are out of reach for a lot of fans, especially after their whole moral high ground stance on the money grabbing super league debacle. They won’t take a blind bit of notice though at the underlying hypocrisy
  10. Tbh I fully expect the EU to stop travel as much as they can for a while, as cases will become rampant here as you say, especially given the want by some in the EU (Macron) to be seen to be being strict with the UK following Brexit. However eventually some countries that rely heavily on tourism will buck the trend (Greece, Spain spring to mind) so I imagine they will open up after an initial attempt at a hardline unified approach by all EU member states driven by Merkel and Macron
  11. We won’t have everyone done in August, Boris said today it would be mid September until everyone had been offered a second dose hence why they’re doing it now rather than the month where the weather starts to turn
  12. It’s to do with the reporting. I was speaking about this with my friends who are teachers the other day. They never log their tests anymore as they have to do it twice a week and it’s a faff. They said they would log it when it was positive however. Therefore the % positivity rate has to be taken with a MASSIVE pinch of salt
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