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  1. I was! Such a good set, remember going to the bar just as his Opus remix breakdown started and by the time I got back it still hadn’t dropped!
  2. Is the stage with the actual waterfall gonna be there? I don’t remember seeing it in 2019
  3. tigger123


    The top of the ribbon tower!
  4. Never understood why anyone would go to watch a film whilst at Glastonbury tbh, fair enough if you have kids but otherwise don’t understand why you’d use precious time at Glastonbury to go to the cinema!
  5. tigger123


    If you check their Twitter they’re giving free tickets away by leaving them around london. Latest ones are in a phone booth on Fulham road!
  6. To be fair it’s not paying to get in, it’s a donation to lgbtq+ charities
  7. tigger123


    Your phone is a darn sight better than the grainy webcam! Thanks so much for all the photos, really do help make my excitement levels go through the roof!
  8. tigger123


    Can’t believe we’ll all be there in under 8 weeks!
  9. tigger123


    @Ddiamonddjust seen Sven vath is playing Koko on the Friday of glasto. Any chance he’s one of the special guests yet to be announced like the Chems?
  10. Sven Vath just been announced to be playing Koko in Camden on the Friday of Glastonbury. Could he potentially be one of the special guests (like the chems) that have yet to be added to the Arcadia lineup?
  11. You heard Pearson sounds Fabric live set Ben when he was known as ramadanman? What a set!
  12. tigger123


    Great shout, I reckon that’s the reason
  13. tigger123


    She’s fine, just stopped djing as much. shes 100% playing Glastonbury this year though
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