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  1. Yeah Despacio is in London in late May as well. I wonder if they'll roll it out as it's the 50th...tho the impression I'm getting is it's sort of being treated like any other year so far...
  2. I've heard a couple of rumours flying about that LCD Soundsystem or James Murphy or Despacio or some combination of the above might make an appearance this year, but I can't find any evidence to support it. Has anyone heard anything?
  3. I don't know if this has been posted before, but it provides me with a daily dose of warmth and excitement https://twitter.com/GlastoCountdown/status/1215211618310770690?s=20
  4. La Roux just dropped her first new material in 5 years, announced a new album and is going on tour in Feb/March. Would love to see her, been a fan since her first single came out and never had a chance to see her. She's playing in London in Feb but it's £40+ per ticket and I just can't bring myself to pony up.
  5. sogryp

    The Weather Thread 2020

    Oh it's so nice to be back on here. Roll on the next 8 and a half months of anticipation!
  6. sogryp

    The Weather Thread 2019

    I'm starting to get very excited about my second festival of the summer (the always excellent Shambala). Which means its time for me to start obsessing over the weather for it (I know it's not a year in advance as per Glasto but then there's less of a critical mass around it). What sites do you recommend? I tend to use netweather.tv but am keen to cast my net wider this year and the lack of a Shambala weather thread means I have to do my own research this time. Any suggestions? Thx and much appreciated in advance ❤️
  7. Glad I could help! They cater really well for kids, including a creche if your friends need a few hours to themselves: https://www.shambalafestival.org/essential-info/families/ have a wicked time, I'll see you there! keep an eye out for the guy if in the zebra onesie and fur waistcoat on the Sat if you fancy a pint.
  8. This year will be my 6th shambala. If I was to compare it Glastonbury, I’d say a mix between the green fields and the park. Lineup wise, I barely check it these days as I rarely know more than one or two acts. It’s a place to explore and find new unknown acts and it’s small enough you can wonder the whole festival in an hour. You’ll definitely stumble across something you’ll like. The extinction carnival day is Saturday, and Friday is traditionally Fruity Friday - pretty much everyone cross dresses. Thursday and Sunday are a bit less fancy dress but there will still be some great costumes on show. There’s always a few late night small venues on the main days (Friday Saturday Sunday) that go on til 4 and sometimes 5. There’s a forest stage where most people still up tend to end up after 4. Its a really lovely little festival with a very friendly atmosphere. It’s family friendly during the day but becomes a debauched party at night. You’ll love it!
  9. @AmazingAbby Poundland where? I've been on the lookout for some, they're £4 on Amazon which seems a rip off
  10. This has absolutely made my day. Frank Turner was top of my list before the set times were announced but he clashes with so many others I want to see on Friday night and I would also totally go and see him play on tour so he got cut. So pleased I'll actually get to see him now!
  11. Did a bit of shopping yesterday, got myself some travel tissues (I don't do wet wipes and they take up less space than toilet roll) and hydration salts (essential pre bed hangover cure). My cider order arrived last night so had some fun unpacking that and stashing it out the way so I don't get tempted to crack in to it early. And my lovely brother who's working near the festival for the week of has Kindly offered to take the majority of my drinks and camping equipment down in his van so I can have a lighter load on the coach, so working out the logistics of that. I will now spend the rest of my work day on the forums getting nothing done. Same as last week then...
  12. Been obsessively lurking for the last two weeks and thought it was finally worth jumping in the ring. 2nd Glastonbury coming up and having turned up on a wing and a prayer last time and let my friends guide me through it all, this time im going with a new group who've never gone before so have gone full festival nerd to get myself prepped/while away the countdown as I do zero work for last week and this. Been a bit of a rough few months between work, a breakup and a couple of relatives dying. Looking forward to hitting the reset button and fully recharging my should in 8 days time. And just as a little bonus, celebrating my birthday on the Wednesday! Can't wait.
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