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  1. Please do not insult Worzel like that.
  2. I'm a non believer. Don't get me wrong! I hope it happens! But I just feel that it's too soon. I will no doubt be proven wrong. And I hope I am! But currently I just feel that Glastonbury is too large an event to be held safely, even with some people vaccinated.
  3. The shops will be rammed with people getting Christmas food and presents beforehand, many not wearing masks, leading to a high risk of getting infected and then passing the virus on to their loved ones. It's all such a stupid, dangerous risk...
  4. This is my worry. It's not even a worry it's more an eventuality. I get the sentiment of the idea but it's just not a very smart thing to do. (No surprise there though considering who is running the country...).
  5. Me. My parents, brothers family and I decided months ago that we would not spend this Christmas together. We all believe it is a risk just not worth taking.
  6. My family (parents, brothers family) have all decided to not meet up over the festive season (other than a hopeful outside socially distanced meet up somewhere). We are trying to do our best to minimise risk. And view having a normal Christmas as being too much of a risk. Instead we will Facebook video chat and my mum and I are going to sync up Elf and share watching it over the phone. Others will do differently but we prefer to play it safe and keep each other away from possible harm.
  7. I'm a 'possibly'. I can't see it happening next year but I would be very happy if things become safe enough with enough of a vaccine rollout, to be proven wrong.
  8. So happy!!! Ahhhh Van Jones on CNN just expressed how so many of us are feeling.... x
  9. Yeah, that made me do a loud LOL!
  10. CNN just stated that they are starting to get more confident due to the numbers coming in for PA that they will be able to call it for Biden. They are not there yet but are feeling more optimistic about doing it...
  11. Big news from PA. Biden is now ahead...
  12. I always assumed he did that to keep continuity with the children in the room so as not to scare them. Bush had many faults but empathy was not one of them (well, empathy for people from his own country). Did look strange though.
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