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  1. sime


    Really looking forward to the new album and thought the ILM digital 'ABBA'tars were very impressive. Enjoyed the interview with Benny and Bjorn. Love the two new songs. I'm so happy about all this!
  2. What pleasantly surprised me is that all but one of my hippy friends have all been vaccinated whereas more people I know that are 'straight edged' are anti vaxx. Fortunately for me that is only a few people. But it's still a few people too much. They have always had an indifferent take on any popular views as if they have this need to make themselves stand out from everyone. And they do. As complete plums.
  3. sime


    New ABBA songs! Yes!!!
  4. You are a Toilet Duck of excellent taste!
  5. Tough question! Right now I am saying Counting Backwards by Throwing Muses. I love that song and it brings back so many happy memories. But tomorrow I might choose something by Beastie Boys, The Doors, Beatles or Portishead. Not easy to choose!
  6. It's been an amazing month as an England football fan. I have nothing but the utmost respect for the manager/team and how they have performed both on and off the pitch. Reaching the final of the Euros is a win in itself. Onwards and upwards and onto the World Cup in 2022...!
  7. I've been to see Black Widow at the cinema twice now. New MCU on the big screen. Finally...! (It was supposed to be released in May 2020 wasn't it!) I've been wanting to see a Black Widow solo film for ages and for me it didn't disappoint. It's as much a family drama as it is a really good action spy thriller with some good self deprecating humour. Also adds some extra depth to Johansson's well played Romanov. There is a good supporting cast too. Florence Pugh is great and I really enjoyed Taskmaster and Red Guardian. It's like a mix of Bond and Bourne. Interesting post credit scene too... Also, after the first showing on Wednesday afternoon I was given a free poster when I left the auditorium! Definitely recommended.
  8. Loved tonight. Excellent football, tense drama and an historic win.
  9. I predicted penalties on my facebook. What a game it's been.
  10. Watching this at home. Loving it. What a pleasing semi.
  11. I am very much enjoying Loki. Episode 4 really moved things along. Loved the mid end credits scene! Wandavision is still my current favourite of the three MCU tv shows so far but I can see this overtaking it by the time it ends. Very intrigued to see how it affects the wider MCU. Excelsior!
  12. sime

    On this day…

    Right now I would be where I am at the moment, at home in my bed after getting back from the festival at about 7.30amish. I always leave very early to beat the queues at the gates and Castle Cary. Safe journey home everyone!
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