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  1. It might affect the festival. The festival is on a farm. Many farmers are getting worried about what would happen to them during a No Deal Brexshit. So if Worthy Farm was affected, would this in turn affect the festival?
  2. I found 2019 hard work until Sunday. It was nice that it was dry. But I suffered a fair bit with the oppressive sunlight and some allergies. Still, looking back, it was pleasant enough. I just found it tricky at times.
  3. I get hay fever, so it is for me. I always welcome a bit of rain during hot festivals as it really helps wash away the pollen. Plus it freshens up the dry atmosphere.
  4. The Cure was my favourite set of the festival. Followed in 2nd place by the very entertaining Jeff Goldblum and Mildred Schnitzer Orhestra and The Love Unlimited Synth Orchestra in 3rd. (I did really enjoy The Killers and Stormzy too).
  5. sime

    Overheards and funnies

    Ha! Might have been me. Although I saw a few people using it the day I was up there! Nude trampolining. Great fun!
  6. Face value only. It is a great festival but I would not pay more than the ticket asking price for it.
  7. sime

    Stone Circle

    I went there Saturday afternoon to kiss one of the stones and pay my respects to Glastonburys past, which I do every year. But that was my only visit apart from when using it as a cut through a couple of times. It is a special place but doesn't hold the draw for me it once did. I put that down to over familiarity though really. Remember Banksys Portaloo version in the same field!? Loved that!
  8. sime

    Glastonbury on sea merch

    I thought their prices were v expensive too. Which is why I didn't buy anything.
  9. sime

    Neighbours 2019

    I camped in the far bottom right hand corner of Bushy Ground by the fence (my favourite spot) and eventually, either side of me camped two different couples, both who had never been before. I always introduce myself to my camping neighbours and these ones were great. Very friendly, good laughs, asking me about things to do and just very pleasant to be around. They also didn't mind me and my nudist ways at all, which was great too!
  10. sime

    ME Explains it all

    I was there too. It's something I have been meaning to do for ages. Wasn't he great? I was close to the front and as the questions asked were all close by I could hear them but can understand the need for microphones. Anyways, loved it. A highlight of my festival for sure.
  11. sime

    Glastonbury on Sea

    I went up on that very sunny Saturday. Loved it. A real highlight for me.I really felt like I was at the seaside! Loved the structure, the robots, the Punch and Judy show, the arcade (where I had an excellent game of pinball which went on for ages!), the little booths and the view...! The view was fantastic. I will definitely be visiting it again!
  12. I never went without free water. There were taps and booths all over the place. Thank you WaterAid and festival organisers. You all did a fantastic job with this!
  13. Most of those WaterAid taps next to the booths apparently got turned off during the day (but back on when the booths closed) after they caused mud to form around people on Wednesday according to one booth operator I spoke with on Thursday. So that will be one queue reason. That being said, I did still see big queues at some booths when there were free sink taps close by. Weird isn't it.
  14. sime

    Biggest Surprises

    Jeff Goldum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. I thought I would like them and was really glad to see Jeff. But I didn't realise just how good they would be! Awesome jazz on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It was perfect! Remember seeing Bjorn Again at Reading 95 and was pleased to see it was the same band this time too! Also very pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed The Love Unlimited Synth Orchestra, Stormzy, The Killers, Kylie, Miley and many others I am forgetting right now!
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