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  1. Tins of Fursty Ferret have arrived. That's the first lot in.
  2. Do you ever go to sleep 😃
  3. If you are up early then Greenpeace have ambient music till 7am which can be great with a morning beverage. I think booking a massage you can get to them on Wednesday when you get there so you can pick a time over the festival. Enjoy your festival. It is great doing it differently, get a different view of it
  4. Think I will be at cut capers on the Monday morning as my last band before expending the last bit of energy down SEC. Mind you a muddy one and that energy will be gone already
  5. Has it. Nothing on at night thought there was. Shows what I know
  6. fred quimby


    Ok, I trust you. Will travel light Just the one toilet roll right?
  7. Kombucha is certainly on my list to go
  8. There is a cocktail van (one with cage on top) in the circus field as you go into the theatre field. I am sure they did Mocktails last time
  9. Glass animals - heat wave
  10. I have never had an issue on the right side as you look at the stage. Seen about 3 maybe 4 headliners there.
  11. I Really enjoyed it. Didn't know much about the story Aye, enjoyed more than I thought I would, have read Lonely Boy . Well put together
  12. Yep. Think I have mentioned in the thread that our crew are all mates so Monday is the first night out together. However, I will see if I can get over for a pint
  13. That's like one of the 9 rings of hell
  14. I thought he was in Ireland, which makes him even more used to it
  15. Decided on some waterproof trousers. Plus decided to cut my hair off.
  16. I am spread across alot of stages this year, so no one in particular
  17. Hands in the air like they just don't care. Will be dance music and many will not know who is playing or what their politics are.
  18. In what way? Do you mean new structures or a completely different thing. We now have IICON and this time the rave area. IICON certainly has helped and I did not struggle with it last time, being dry helped. But been a mare before
  19. Is breaks same as break beat? If so Saturday at blind Tiger
  20. Person said he was hoping he may turn up not on the lineup
  21. Ah I see. Yea me to would be great
  22. I will be there, great start to Friday
  23. Oh man where is he playing, had not noticed that. Will clash mind
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