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  1. This is to do with football, but is current, and indicates that the possession of flares (let alone setting them off) is illegal; https://thefsa.org.uk/news/flare-play-pyro-and-the-law/#:~:text=You don't have to,bombs%2C flares or fireworks either.
  2. Systems analysis can indeed be very interesting. It'll be hard to believe, but I was once 'parachuted' into a department that didn't appear to have any structured processes, yet had a huge budget -in the millions annually. I can still recall being handed my first piece of paper (it was way back in the day) to deal with. I looked at the invoice, and nearly fell over. It had a large total figure (to my reckoning) and had the description 'Supply and fit specialist part'. I thought 'what fucking part, and to fuckling what piece of kit was this part fitted. I asked around for some sort of confirmation that this wasn't real, but it was. I said 'Well let's say I have processed this invoice, where does this piece of paper go'? I was told that it goes on them big pile , which was pointed out to me. To cut a long story short the whole thing was a scandal. So, I got to work (along with a colleague and now friend) and put in place processes, filing systems, accountability etc etc and had it running like a Swiss time piece. Until my employers managed to show their complete ineptitude and change the main contractor for one that would perform in a fraudulent manner and at a much higher cost to my employers. Anyway, that shit above helped me think about systems from time to time. Policies & Procedure documents can be lethal - as in lethally good for the person scrutinising them with a specific purpose in mind.
  3. Good idea. Here's Phillip Treacy's contact email address Crazyfool1 studio@philiptreacy.co.uk
  4. I've just discovered the existence of this trolley (see photos). It's described as a 3 wheel Go Kart trolley. I can see how it could be adapted to form a useful festival trolley. It has a scissor action so has the capacity to be less bulky (could go on a roof rack). I haven't looked around for costs, but this one retails at £90. https://www.demon-tweeks.com/demon-tweeks-3-wheel-kart-trolley-zkmkt3wb/?istCompanyId=a2904180-3a7d-4e56-b876-cf81c9512180
  5. Thank you, yes got it now. I know the one (or think I do) but never knew that it had a name. Kind of, albeit a slight bit tangentially, I once went to Bestival (on the Isle of Wight) and they'd made the in / out wrist bands from the same material as the cloth for the lanyards. People were just selling cut up bits of lanyard to others who had no ticket. I seem to recall it was about £20 a pop.
  6. We are lucky - we get to see your art. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Those photos are outrageously good. Are you a professional photographer or an experienced amateur?
  8. My wife can piss into a milk bottle, no problem. Just saying.
  9. Nothing. Nothing is going through their heads. Well, nothing apart from the thought that their narcissistic attitude must be catered to at all costs. If that cost expresses itself in a sense of them saying 'Fuck You'!, then so be it. You are not important - even if you represent the majority view. That would be my guess, anyway.
  10. How on earth could they have got it so spectacularly wrong? They'll have jumped through many a hoop, and paid, to be there, and that's what they do!? Doesn't make sense.
  11. Keeping things crossed for your friend to get a result on this one. I've seen (as in with my own eyes) two people hand in a wallet at Glastonbury, which was absolutely wedged full of cash. They had even called the wallet owners dad (his number was in the wallet) to get his dad to ring his son and tell him exactly where they were handing it in - which wasn't the Lost Property but a particular Lock Up tent that I was retrieving 'something' from.
  12. Actually I just thought about my statement. I then realised that it could appear arrogant. It was never intended to be. So, on that note I now (in a 'yes I am sitting on the fence' way) withdraw my last post and replace it with this - 'Do what you fucking like'. There now. That's better.
  13. Oh, it's getting all hippie on here! Count me in. Just chill.
  14. Can anybody tell me the name of the pianist playing on this track?
  15. Wow! Congratulations crazyfool1. That is the pinnacle of success. Have a fab festival.
  16. Exactly. They'll be another Glastonbury, but they'll not be another you. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
  17. I once asked an Asian mate why he didn't like the pub that I attended. I couldn't see anything wrong with the place. I drank there for many an year, and very rarely saw any violence (that's my definition of a good pub). Anyway, his response was that it was full of white people. I said 'So what'? And then he informed me that it was his perception that there were quite a few people in the pub that did not like his presence. And then it hit me like a thunderbolt. I had only been looking at it from my perspective. It hadn't occurred to me, or be a necessary requirement for me (up to that point) to look at what was before me from another angle. And the above helps, or at least has the capacity to, if we 'all' see it. There is, whether we like it or not, a perceived division()s). There are no identifiable elements to this particular boundary. Well, none that would pass as being 'true'. I don't know what the boundary is made of, but suspect that 'fear' may be one of the constituents. It is for all to overcome that fear. Failure to do so will not help. If you / me want harmony in the world then we have to mix. If I had not done so, I wouldn't have some of the mates that I do have. To have 'lost' them to prejudice would be heinous.
  18. Your solution sounds fabulous. I once booked a short holiday abroad for directly after Glastonbury. A sort of very indulgent form of convalescing*. Anyway, I didn't manage to get a Glastonbury ticket that year. Probably just as well, given the performance I made in Benidorm - of all places! * For this definition of the word 'convalescing', please do include the term 'carrying on', as it would be necessary to do so.
  19. We are all different, and that 'stance' changes / can change with time. There would be a time when I'd have fully agreed with you. However, I can no longer. I cannot, because I too would be interested in listening to the music choices of the person who can do this;
  20. This is wise in'fomo'ation. Soz.
  21. Ran out of up votes. Thanks for posting.
  22. I've had a Glastonbury ticket in the past and not gone to the festival. However, my decision wasn't anywhere near as selfless as yours appears to be. I hope that you get a well deserved ticket for next year's festival.
  23. Nice one StuwieG. That really is an accomplishment. I suspect that you must have had a few twix up your sleeve in order to pull that off! Sorry! Have a fab festival.
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