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  1. Hello all, Some may (or may not) know that both myself and Ommadawn made an (unsuccessful) attempt to get Michael Eavis to be a torch bearer for the last UK Olympic Games. Apparently Michael was well up for it when Ommadawn spoke to him about it. As indicated our two applications weren't exactly successful. It maybe that they didn't believe that we were actually representing Michael with our nominations. Anyway, me and Ommadawn are going for it again, and you can too. If you want to help to see if we can get Michael Eavis to take part, then please nominate him, using the link below. I haven't gone through it fully yet myself, so it may need further information to be given. If it does, then I'm sure that efests can gather what's needed. https://www.birmingham2022.com/queens-baton-relay/batonbearer-nominations/ Yog
  2. Hello bamber. You are right, of course - my attempts at controversy were feeble at best. The above said, just wondered if this hits the controversial mark? I'll listen to your track above tomorrow, as can't do so right now. Happy New Year bamber.
  3. Oh Lordy, that sounds like an ordeal and a half. Happy to hear that you are out the other end of that one.
  4. I think you could give Linda 'We don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day' Evangelista.
  5. Thanks for posting this @DarrenVonBoathook. I hadn't heard of / or seen any of this. I agree with the gambit of emotions that you state it provokes. Heightened I'd say by physically being next to this admirable and fitting tribute, I'd have thought. On an artistic and emotional level, it really is cosmic.
  6. Hello guy, I had to look up the top flag, as it wasn't familiar to me. Vis a vis the lower photo, have you tried sending the photo to this crowd? https://www.elitemodel.co.uk/en/web.app
  7. I'm afraid that I haven't read anywhere near the whole thread, but hope to when able. Some people will know that a few weeks ago my neighbours boyfriend (a martial arts black belt / cage fighter / kick boxer) had her up against the wall by her throat. Her kids knocked on our door crying and telling me and my wife what was happening to their mom. I didn't really need my wife to tell me 'Fucking get around there now', but she said some such anyway. So, I did. I am not bigging myself up, but it doesn't take a genius to know that such a violent man is going to re-direct his anger to an intervening bloke in his domestic situation. Yes, I did come out the worst for having done so. Would I do it again. The answer to that is yes - in an instant. Now switch back to a number of years ago when I was working as a Contract Manager for a firm of builders. I had to walk into an office every morning with anywhere between 30 to 40 blokes present. No women were present, at all. It was just blokes. Now, some of them would say misogynistic statements / jokes on an everyday basis. Did I call them out? No I didn't? Why not? It's because there's no way that I would have 'won'. My life, everyday, would have been made intolerable. I also chose not to because some people are beyond 'educating'. I'm not one for pissing into the wind - well, not for very long anyway! And there's the rub. It's not direct interventions like the above that will solve this problem. They will go some way to assist, but it's education from a very young age that will achieve this. Hopefully that process will water down and water down this despicable trait until a point is reached whereby it's virtually non existent (you'll always get some people who hate other people ./ all people eg, serial killers / misanthropists etc).
  8. Along with Brian Eno?* It would go well with their track; * - I think that I have just exhausted the full extent of my musical knowledge!
  9. Where does the fence lie with this song? I'd dearly love to sit on the fence, but can't. What could possibly be wrong about this; And to think 'Jesus' is only one deity that you can use in this song.. Don't worry*, I'm not a Jesus freak. Anyway, I've probably posted this already, but here's one that uplifts me (there were days when that sudden uplift would be provided by, two of Her Majesty's Constabulary c**tstables. Life's a funny old game. * - What do you actually mean when you say we weren't worrying, and also couldn't give a flying fuck? What do you mean really mean?
  10. Hello guy, What is it? I can't read what it says beneath the words 'Endorse it' in the circle ie. abbove the No 10. Also, what have I told you before about wearing ladies footwear!?
  11. I guess you could say that we are in the hospitality business too. My wife runs a small Airbnb log cabin. We had guests last night who hardly stayed in the cabin. The reason for that was that they were up with us in the main house getting raucously pissed (and stoned in my case) with us instead. The guests have left now, but they can only have been in the cabin for a maximum of 4 hours, I'd say,. And that was purely for sleep. It's an odd mixture of people you get in this game. We've had plenty of guests here that have ended up doing the same as above. And then you get 'normal' people staying. They are harder to please than the reprobates. We had one couple who arrived separately. The lady arrived first. She walked through our kitchen to try to find my wife to explain her earlier than expected arrival. When she opened our lounge door it was to find my wife (who was pissed and had fallen over) stuck arse down within a large plastic laundry basket. By the time I got home the two of them were getting on famously, and I was instructed to roll the new guest a joint - which I duly did. then her new beaux arrived and he saw what was going on and then produced a load of mcat from his pocket. They eventually got their first sight of the the cabin they had booked at 6am! In terms of how I'm feeling - I'm actually OK today. Just being OK is a considerable improvement on what's been happening in my life of late. I'll settle for OK, no problem.
  12. This is my Nth attempt at starting to say what I want to say. However, I can't find the words for a long explanation for a question, so I'll keep it short; My first thoughts were that you know your stuff. Then I thought this; Now for the question. What does that say to you? Only joking. That's the position where I'd be in giving any advice out on this subject. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your post.
  13. I've given that competition a go. Will let fate decide this one.
  14. That's just fantastic oneeye. Really top shelf stuff. Mind you, it's not infallible, I'd say. I'd say that because, at first, I thought that there was a chance that I was going through a worm hole. Maybe I have and that I'm talking to you now, but given the time / space continuum difference, you are unable to understand what I am saying. Or is it because I talk a load of old bollocks!? Thought so.
  15. Hello Neil, Hope you are getting better, if not 'have' got better.
  16. I have an idea! It may hurt you physically, but could be a real money earner. Right, what 'we' do is promote the next time that you are going out on a Mobility scooter, and sell ringside seats to watch. There could be a tiered cost system with the cost higher you are closer to 'the action'. We could call you 'Evel K'Niel'vel'. Back to reality now - really sorry to hear about your 'crash'. Just what you f'ing needed, I'm sure! Hope you heal soon. Oh and if your going to hospital again, ask them to check that head of yours out while you are there! I am of course joking. Well, trying to be funny would be a better description. Can see how that could be taken two ways, but heavily suspect that you know which one is applicable. All the best.
  17. @BlueDaze Yes, I've had a brief look / listen to a few more of their songs. That is almost unheard of in my case. I only got to hear about them from a seriously into his music friend of mine. The same friend who talked me into going to Glastonbury for the first time. To think that if I'd kept holding out about not wanting to go I'd never have had all those wonderful experiences that I have had at the place. I can even remember some of them!
  18. I forgot to put the track in. It's this;
  19. Hello Ommadawn, Sorry to hear about your pumpkin loss. It really is hard to fathom out what kind of 'species' would do a thing like that. Well, it is up until the point where you think 'human', and you also think 'Yes, yes, that's the species'. However, they ( the pumpkin thieves) aren't representative in a 'majority' kind of a way. They are very much out there, but a very small subset all on their own. Don't be angry. Laugh your fucking bollocks off at them. Unless they actually needed them for food or some sort of very necessary wealth creation, then just laugh your bollocks off at them. Actually, that's a tainted suggestion.* I hadn't thought about your situation until a bit more, just then. You did create their being (so to speak), and nurtured them along too. It was yours to harvest and not someone else's. Fucking w*nkers. That's what they'd be called. * Far too long to explain, right now. Anyway, as some sort of attempt to help you get out of your, quite understandable, angry mood, I offer this as a sort of medication (see track below); Also, don't dwell and squander on it, if you can. The more time you spend in that direction, the more time you'll have wasted. Talk about a waste of time - do you remember our 'plan' to get Micheal Eavis to run with the Olympic flag a few years ago? We was fucking robbed mate! That man deserved to have had that privilege - for his services to the arts, his and his families donations to charity, and for still sporting shorts regardless of how fucking cold it may be! Please do enjoy your weekend. All the best. 🙂
  20. Totally understood and very much appreciated. The code that, is. In connection with the later element may I suggest that you seek the immediate services of your local Emergency Psychiatric Intervention Team. I guess decency is the code, for me. However, it's sometimes hard to understand what consensus decency is. That said 'Not being a c**t' would appear to fit the bill too vis-à-vis codes. All the best.
  21. Sorry scaryclairefairy. Only just seen this virtual hug. It's appreciated. Thank you. 🙂
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