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  1. Well that's it.. If they wait any longer to open up I think that's the nail in alot of festivals... Gutted... For them and us..
  2. Please check out this online art gallery.. Alot better artist than me but I'm proud to be in it.. G https://www.theimagegallery.org.uk/?fbclid=IwAR0Dbn9b839TK7Ptxz5Pmq3tOp3yPLdyg7gpnINAU3kY0OB8FsWD_kTG9aY
  3. The Chemical Brothers 332 Iggy & The Stooges 400 The Prodigy 421 Queens of the Stone Age 155 Portishead 227 LCD Soundsystem 356 Christine and the Queens 250-10**
  4. The Chemical Brothers 316 Iggy & The Stooges 389-10** The Prodigy 414 Queens of the Stone Age 159 Portishead 229 LCD Soundsystem 364 Christine and the Queens 268
  5. No frills.. Still costs more lol
  6. Yea that's better... More PC anyway lolol
  7. Why's he doing a Hitler salute lol.. YOU VILL COME TO GLASTONBURY AND AVE FUN
  8. Today's antics Only the 2 tomo then all 3 and baby Eliza sleep over Last week end took lady Ruby camp so got some quality time with us
  9. The Chemical Brothers 306 Iggy & The Stooges 375 The Prodigy 401 Queens of the Stone Age 180 Portishead 239 LCD Soundsystem 370 Christine and the Queens 265-10**
  10. Like this.. Must be a flyer?????
  11. Imagine the chaos,,, what with security and all that stuff if Boris was to DRIVE to Cornwall... There's only 2 Rds you can take but only 1 to get him to the little village where the G7 is taking place.... It would be a fucking nightmare and cause traffic chaos...... Think it was the only thing he could do... Shouldn't have had the meeting in such a stupid place..
  12. Should be given to all that want it... I'm sure you'll get an invite soon
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