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  1. guypjfreak

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Cheers all. Have a great weekend everyone
  2. guypjfreak

    T. DAY

    Ah good well I'm off to festival now going to sit with me dog and chill so I'll catch up with you all when I get back. Peace and tea. Happy weekend to all
  3. guypjfreak

    T. DAY

    Right so we have 79 days right
  4. guypjfreak

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Yea but I don't know.. I could keep him for a while longer till boom but is that right.. And if you are wondering why then it's cos we have a very good friend who will look after him for a few days while we are at camp bestival.. THEN WE CAN HAVE an extra couple of weeks but is that fair. I DON'T FUCKING KNOW and it's horrible.. I'm on nearly 40 tablets a day and now he's on the same bloody ones.. Not as many tho.. Apparently when the wife went in to the vet today for more cos we were running out he said he would not be able to give any more after Tuesday.. Cos all we are doing is sedating him... I must be a walking vombie lol..
  5. guypjfreak

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Of to my sons festival with my dog Eddie Vedder but it may be his last one. Booked into the vets Tues.. Trouble is I think I'm killing him but I'm not. It's horrible.
  6. guypjfreak

    T. DAY

    Have I lost the plot again..
  7. guypjfreak

    Pearl jam for Glastonbury

    I'll get my wife to find it old son.. I'm not on glasto chat.. Tis true though lol OK so it wasn't on glasto chat soz. It WAS SOMEWHERE I promise.. I'll keep trying to find it but someone saw Mr Eavis at the O2.. Which makes me excited lol
  8. guypjfreak

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Naa we might just change it to the wheels on the bus go round and round lol rave with your kids lol
  9. guypjfreak

    T minus & counting 2019

    Hero's of 9..11
  10. guypjfreak

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    On The Bus. The final rave before my son who will be a dad will rebrand it so kids can go lolol It's funny as him and his wife never thought about having kids cos they love there festivals and party's etc.. Seems like they had a to much fun and along comes granddaughter number 3 lol oooooohhhhh how life is going to change.. You can teach them you can show them and tell them but they gotta learn about life themselves.. Me I'm happy to be a granddad again.. That's why it's camp bestival after ON THE BUS lol
  11. guypjfreak

    Pearl jam for Glastonbury

    Yea last night's show.. I'm not on glasto chat but wife is and if you search Eavis you'll find the post..
  12. guypjfreak

    Pearl jam for Glastonbury

    My other link didn't work but Mr Eavis was seen going into see pearl jam.. Must be something in it must be... 2019 maybe
  13. guypjfreak

    Pearl jam for Glastonbury