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  1. Neil Young... Best ever but Courtney Barnett on the Williams Green stage was brilliant.. Thought she was going to fall off the stage a few times..
  2. It's these kids in America and they have made a cannabis smoke machine. It's funny but I've tried for half a hour to post it. Given up now.. I hope your talking about the link I've TRIED to put up lol
  3. it's not that bloody footsteps poem is it https://www.facebook.com/groups/595390093861120/permalink/2819129018153872/
  4. Guaranteed it'll be a Flipping hot one this year old son..... 6 months.. 6 MONTHS..
  5. Not a pritty pic but I put this piece of art I did out side my house and left it there.. I either live in a good place or it was shit art cis it stayed there for 3 days before someone took it out home lol.. I'm going to be do another one and pop it out somewhere.. Maybe a spring themed one..
  6. WDA old son....been there from the start Have to edit Free party's only.. Along with spiral tribe,, tribealocust,, technonotice, big fish little fish,, there doing OK. That's not a crew.. The Manor Stains Eden Lots more.. We have VOID speakers now so bbbbbbooom town and more.. Stay safe. Please stay in.. Peace and tea. G
  7. guypjfreak

    2020 New Music

    This is a friend of mine... I've known him since he was about 17 / 18 he's toured with some big bands and now has a new album out Esoterica Check em out. But please please please stay in stay safe and phone your family and friends..... Peace and tea. G
  8. Got it.. Fair play.. Think I'll save her for. 352 lol.. Who is she tho..
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