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  1. Old Tom Jones is 80 this year and touring.... Think he might pop up.. Wouldn't be unusual lol
  2. guypjfreak

    2020 New Music

    Plastic Mermaids.. I'd Really like them on the bill
  3. Be prepared to sneak you drinks in.. Not in a bag.. I used to tape it to me get enough in to start you off for the day.. Or as I did last time I had a chat with a vendor who was near the fence and slipped in a couple of cases each day.. It was a Chinese food stall but that was 2004 or 5.. A long time ago..
  4. I only take cash and have cash put by in lockers or some place safe just in case.. Always take old pay as you go phone.. No cards nothing that will ruin time at festivals if lost... With cards they can take details so easily nowadays..
  5. Happy weekend to one and all... To those alone we send some lovin vibes your way.. G
  6. looking forward to your return :) enjoy death in paradise old son 

  7. Ti's only you and me.. Ti's getting shit I see.. This time tomo I'll so pissed I'll not be able to see Oo lucky yog It's getting bad old son.. Lol
  8. Can't show me art.. Who gives me fart.. I KNOW ITS SHIT.. Yak yak
  9. Lolol Totally agree I'm shit at slogans..... Its like vodka that makes me stronger... So that I can talk longer.. And longer and ditto 120000 times See shite on white
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