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  1. it's scale is what makes it so important. I had no idea that Blue Dot had even banned plastic until I looked up why all the water was in cans. Even though the likes of Shambala have been cleaner for years, the impact of Emily Eavis' tweet of the overhead shot has so much impact because of how famous Glastonbury is. And bloody Blue Dot didn't have any free drinking water that I could find. Bastards. So it does set an example, and it does blaze a trail, but it's not the best and it's not the first. I agree but not festivals the of glastonbury old son.. I might be wrong but still a good achievement imo I've met up with some of yous and at one such meeting it was about 12 and I didn't start on my cider till about 3 and that was from the bar cos it was cold lol
  2. Make sure that you have a good waterproof floor.. My son worked in the tipi field in 2005 and it pissed down.. Unfortunately the tipis didn't have proper floors and everything got drenched..
  3. Where glastonbury goes others follow. I've noticed that after the success of the no plastic and finally getting the leave no trace message across to festival goers that other festivals like boomtown are doing the same.. Boomtown has asked that everyone uses reusable bottles and has water cans instead of plastic bottles And so has camp bestival and other festivals so I'd just like to say well done glasto and well done each festival goer that helped to change things.... I think this is the first year I've seen people go out of their way to use the bins.. Also walking across the pyramid stage at 4am and actually noticing the lack of plastic. So top of the range old sons I hope this is the start of cleaner festivals all round.. https://www.boomtownfair.co.uk/news/2019-05-07-green-week-huge-news/ https://www.campbestival.net/news/plastic-were-going-to-can-it/
  4. guypjfreak

    Camp Fires

    Reading and Leeds are imfamous for the kids burning their tents and basically everything they had left.. I was there one year and got right pissed off.. As I was a bit pissed I went around in me army boots stamping out the fires getting shouted at because some twats had even left gas canisters in the fires..
  5. Not when you're needing to go every 5mins lol.. I'm like pringles once I start I can't stop lol
  6. In forest.. Making sure that my beddie is ready for camp bestival.. 344
  7. Bang same as Worked every year since mega fence.. 40/45 people but NOOOO not this year only 7 people this year and if it wasn't for the beautiful deeeeeee I would have been watching it on TV.. As if.. I'd be abroad lol I'm no conspiracy person BUT.. I've spoken to lots of groups that didn't get ANY TICKETS and I've noticed and saw this year loads of newbies especially AT the festival you could spot them especially about midday when they were trying to find shade... IN THE BUSHES....!!!!????????? lovely idea tho old son.. Would be great to see you glastonbury photos Jimbarkanoodle...
  8. I'm on it old son... Only when I'm not here will I not be HERE.
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