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  1. guypjfreak


    Someone had to..... fair play old son
  2. No sh*t lolol only been on efests a few years....and still get things wrong LOLOL 😂
  3. Great reading this.. Lineup comes out Everyone moans 😭🤣🤣..99% are right tho they place has gone to the dog's lol....yet still try April..
  4. Once again the king's of cow punk are doing thier stuff
  5. See your point but that same path could've been putting there for the same thing I've suggested umm 🤔.. let's hope they retain row mead it's a beautiful place to life for 5 day's LOL
  6. No more row mead i reckon..
  7. they killed row mead last year,,,,,,camped there 15odd years,,,,,, I can't see them opening it again.. they'll put food stalls up the back of it and make loads of money 💰🤑...so that will be a nice place for kids etc..outside the jp stage issue nice in the afternoon and it's got a bar so we like to chill there..not got Tix for this one.. first time in 20 years lolol.. have a good one..
  8. Just checked them out.. nothing for me Old son 😕
  9. Why putting it out there..they might change things..just saying Old son.. peace and love.G
  10. Did you see example.s crowd last year... I'd never seen the glade area so rammed.. impressive
  11. Gettin the vibe that you like plup Old son..fair play
  12. No thats Tony and Gary And co.. I always have a Canadian flag and a Dorset flag ...it was great that we still got on the front last year even if it was only the rd going down to pyramid stage..bit dusty but like the Old days lol
  13. I don't get This cult of Jarvis Cocker.... yeah there good but not that good it's like every year please let pulp headline 😂😂 personally I think band's like Depeche Mode,,, the cure a lot of band's agis mentioned should have been on this year's poster... definitely should be more 80s,,90s music but you don't know what is yet to come out...
  14. Should be miss bliss She only does a few true faithless tunes was quite disappointing last time..
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