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  1. My wife wants one of those manchuring things.. Apart from coming from Manchester and being HUGE I don't know alot about them but she's not getting one lol
  2. My son works at bmth University as an events organiser.. Luckily he's doing most of the stuff at home but not for much longer.. Bloody scary stuff.. Especially as my daughters shop has shut because one of the staff has tested positive so she needs to get tested and we had the kids last week.......... Do we NEED to have a test... I'd like to have one just so that we can have the kids again next week but there's no tests available.... I have a cough and headache but no loss of taste.. =man flu lol
  3. No old son I've put the bands back on.. Never off for longer than it needs fir the hospital.. In this case a few days.. There you go all back on lol There quite a few there lolol
  4. So I had a few tings to be done in the hospital so I had to remove my bands.. Really strange with out them.. Oldest glastonbury one was 2009 lol
  5. Whilst looking for the this I found this This is a pic of Shangri-la I did.. The last one is under UV light.. Hope its a good representation..
  6. Fully booked.. Oops.. glasto 2020 booked.webp
  7. Yea I used to ask for pearl jam but now I just listen to it an think of gabba... Got to love a bit of gabba lol
  8. MRI today.. Hope they find something lol
  9. Back went last night.. No sleep.. Just pure pain up in the 8s and 9s.. Bloody nightmare it is and I do 40 tabs a day but still need morphine.. Happy days ah
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