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  1. You can have one of my prints for 25..lol And on a serious note.. Beans on toast
  2. guypjfreak

    How do you feel?

    I feel like that bloke on TV telling us we can eat for half the price should have said something about the music industry.. Something along the lines of half price festival tickets for those that want to go next year.... Because believe me there are some people that are saying they will not be going to any festivals next year unless we have a vaccine.. I'm not one of them
  3. guypjfreak

    Black Lives Matter

    Hi bam.. Sorry if it came across as simply blacks selling there own people into slavery and your right about it not being taught in schools tho I'm pretty sure I'm older than you and they sure didn't teach us shit.. Although my first hero was David Livingstone.... What that has to do with anything I don't know and I believe in the sun god kon tiki.. Again wtf lol Man's inhumanity to man is the longest story in the world.. Right back to the Romans all the through the terrible slavery trade through the Russian 5 year plans and its terrible consequences to the killing fields of Cambodia.. The list goes on and on.. And the sad thing is its happening right now.. The Muslims of Myanmar are being kicked out by those who are supposed to all about peace and love... . The rich Indians are dropping off their.. Uses two fingers.. Servents cos they can't afford to feed them.... That WAS thier wage.. No money... Right down to the slavers that keep people in this and probably all the countries in the world right here today.. It seems like its a never ending thing since we could overcome another people's.. I was hoping this coronavirus would bring the world together but as always happens the countries that have the most money will come out of it better and be able to Lord it over the worst off.. Especially in poorer countries.. It seems life,, the world and time all just go round in a big circle of inventions and war and killing and prosperity and famine and on and on and on.. Today we knock these statues down.... Should be put in museums.... In 200 or 300 years they will take down statues we put up today.. I never intensionally mean to upset anyone I hope you know that.. I think black lives matter, I believe all lives matter.. Well there are some exceptions...my mums.. . Yes racism is everywhere as is injustice let's just hope things in the future get better for our children and theirs and theirs.. Peace and tea G xx Bloody hell must be my longest ever post.. Lololol
  4. Whole day with baby Eliza and took the wife fishing.. Lovely day caught nothing.. Lol
  5. A big load of dollars for the entertainment sector.. Let's hope it goes to the right places...
  6. Amazing the AMOUNT of stuff he did.. We hear it everywhere.. RIP indeed
  7. 353.. I'm losing days finding days.. It just what happens lol thanks for keeping me updated old sons
  8. Only in America... Him and trump will be a great team lolol.. God help us
  9. Do you want think they could... ( or any other BIG festival ) afford 2 years of.. There's gonna be a lot of little festivals going on the wall.. It's FUBAR old sons
  10. One of my all time favourite tunes.... Drives the wife mad lol
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