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  1. Me too... I've been working on it though, lost over 3.5 stone since Christmas 🙂
  2. I heard they were good, others wanted to go see them, so went along. I expected them to be a cover band, perhaps playing RHCP songs on pipes... They were indeed good, all the better for the decent mix of music they played.
  3. Yep you're right, it was Andy C, I'm mixing him up with... Easy two to get mixed up, obviously, especially how they look so alike and play the same music... 🙈🙄 FFS sorry. I cannot explain how I mixed them up.
  4. I had no idea that was even on. Gutted I missed it. I did make it to a few artists from the soundtrack though, so I guess I can console myself with that. 🙂 Dillinja, Carl Cox and FBS... Missed Orbital though 😕
  5. Done... But where you had 'other / please specify' under travel options, there was nowhere to actually specify...
  6. For us, it's mostly a place to sit and wait for the group to all wake up / gather in the morning, sheltered from the sun (or rain if we ever get it.) For example, I'm an early riser, but Cara will stay in bed for hours after me, so it's nice to have somewhere to chill without disturbing her, whilst I wait for her to rise. (I can, and have in the past, explored for a few hours on my own, but I don't always feel the need or want to.) Sometimes we'll cook up some breakfast cobs for everyone whilst waiting. It also doubles up as some shade to sleep under if the tents get too hot, there were mornings last year where I had to drag my bed out into the gazebo and just sleep, as the tent was way too hot. (We were in the Vango, rather than my smaller Fresh & Black, which definitely would have solved this issue!) There was even one hot afternoon last year when I just needed to take some time out, left the others and went back and relaxed in the shade by myself. The sun was blazing, the tent would have been way too hot, and I just needed some time out in the shade. It was bliss.
  7. I am watching it now. But I have got to turn it off, as I'm supposed to be working. I'll watch it properly soon though, it's only in 240p on that video, and it really shows on some scenes. I have the DVD in storage somewhere. 🙂 Absolute banger of a movie, so many classic scenes, National anthem, Paranoia, Spliff Politics, Milky Bars, Nice One Bruvva... Absolutely love it, thanks for reminding me just how much. 🙂
  8. If you arrive early enough at Love Fields you can drive to your pitch, same when packing away... Absolutely zero walking... Edit: never mind, I see you realise that and were talking about returning to the car. Still leaving this here.
  9. Yes yes yes!!! Man I loved that movie... Gonna have to watch it again soon. Edit: I couldn't turn it off... Next scene reminds me of some members here, and their opinions on Glastonbury... 🙈🙈😂😂 Edit Edit: What have you done... I'm supposed to be working!!! 🙈😂
  10. Yeh I get that to be fair. Some people still bring those (basically disposable) cheap white click together poled variants... I guess the erm, let's say less informed folks, ruin it for everybody. We obviously bring a commercial pop up that could withstand a hurricane, never mind a stiff glasto breeze. (The very same ones we had stood, in the beer garden, for over a year during lockdowns.) They weigh a hell of a lot, and so wouldn't work if you have to carry them any distance, but the plus side is they don't move, even unsecured (though we do secure them.) Not affiliated but can highly recommend if anybody is ever in the market for one... https://gorillagazebos.co.uk/ (Whatever you do, never, ever, buy those ones with the white poles that click together, they really are utterly useless in any kind of weather.)
  11. I dunno why, but I just watched it again, and those two women at the end, Blondie and her mate, are hilarious... They remind me of a scene out of Human Traffic for some reason... Can't quite put my finger on which one, so if anybody else gets it too, please let me know...
  12. Alvoram

    The Killers

    Reading the actual post, makes it sound like they're sticking around after their main set maybe? Or maybe I'm just reading too much into it / wishful thinking... But I almost read it to imply they're gonna play 3 lions just before the game too.
  13. Alvoram

    The Killers

    This is how Summer Sessions in Derby has handled it... Brilliant decision, I expect they probably will sell out now too, after it appeared they were struggling... Weekend tickets almost gone.
  14. Alvoram

    The Killers

    Exactly, it was brilliant, from a US band too, to know their British audience like that speaks volumes. Listen to the roar on that final whistle, sounds to me like the vast vast majority there absolutely loved it.
  15. Alvoram

    The Killers

    Not as much of a gamble as you might think, they didn't turn the game on until the last few minutes when England were already winning. What you see in that video is seconds after they first started showing the game. Sure they'd prepared everything for that possibility, (and timed it to perfection.) But if they hadn't scored, they'd have skipped that bit and just gone straight into Mr Brightside without showing the game, nobody would have ever known the potential plan, and everybody still would have had a great night. I think it was brilliant to be honest.
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