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  1. Probably already been said, not reading 4 pages of backdated posts... But the change emailer has picked this up now, had an email earlier about it...
  2. This is just what I need... I didn't struggle at Glasto, as I'm surprisingly active normally, but I am VERY over weight, and have promised myself I will lose weight, both for Florida in September, and for Glasto next year!!! I'll weigh in later. 🙂
  3. Alvoram

    2023 Headliners

    Ohh I like how high Eminem is up that list!!!!
  4. Makes a lot of sense. There was a large number of gaps using that steel fencing covered in green cloth between stalls to hide the gaps. Even as first timers we wondered if they were gaps that were meant to be filled by stalls that had cancelled for whatever reason. We were also surprised by the number of babies, and wondered if it was normal. Our friends, glasto veterans themselves, chose to miss out this time due to having a baby during the pandemic. So it did surprise us how many very young babies were there. I have to add though, I think it's brilliant that glasto is a safe enough place to bring babies to, guessing you don't find many at Reading or Leeds?
  5. Oh quite, I’m not saying sticklinch was a ‘good way in.’ I’m saying if 30 people made the mistake of picking that tiny part of the wall, in one small time period of one night, imagine how many people breached or attempted to breach the rest of the huge wall over the course of the entire weekend.
  6. We used this one... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Aidapt-Unisex-Portable-Urinal-Eligible/dp/B015FOPNXO/ref=sr_1_6?crid=G5NC04VK8X31&keywords=she+wee+bottle&qid=1656977839&s=drugstore&sprefix=shee+wee+bottle%2Cdrugstore%2C116&sr=1-6 Held a she and a he wee if needed... But I didn't need it as I was up before the queues formed. Cara on the other hand, had to use it most mornings, getting up at 10, she wouldn't have been able to hold it for the queues that formed around then on Sticklinch.
  7. Alvoram


    That sounds more like a practical joker than a thief 🙈😂
  8. Well Rock City is what she classes as her home venue, and it's also the last date of the tour, so I'm hoping she'll let loose 🙂 See you there 🙂
  9. 8. Should probably include wall climbers too, with news spreading around Sticklinch, a tiny section of the wall, that at least 30 people had jumped in one night... If this is true, then around the whole wall, across the whole weekend, the number may have been significant.
  10. Alvoram


    Do you know how hard it was to resist the urge to proofread and correct this post for you, given it's content? 🙈😂
  11. Alvoram


    Yep, since Ios 15 (although it only works on Iphone 11, 12 and 13 models.) https://www.cnet.com/tech/mobile/how-to-find-your-iphone-even-if-its-turned-off-the-fastest-way-to-do-it/ I particularly like the bit about "Whatever you do, don't confront a thief." Bollox, exactly what else do they expect people to do with a feature like this... Most people are going to gather the boys and go and have some fun!!!!! Obviously, as a mature, law abiding citizen, I'd take a police officer, but most won't. 🙈😂
  12. Alvoram


    Not only that but the higher end ones are dangerous to steal... Findmy now works fully even if you turn the phone off and take out the sim... So if somebody stole my phone I'd lead the police straight to them via GPS, and when you get to them you can even force the phone to make a high pitched sound and flash it's bright LED to show exactly who has it... Unless you're bringing laptops and jailbreaking them ridiculously quick you risk being banged up for the street value of a stolen jailbroken iphone, (is that even triple digits these days?) It just isn't worth it. I never had more than £40 between two of us in cash on me. My cards and the rest of the cash was in the lockup. Our chairs are those ones that fold down tiny so they were in our bags on our person. And my Jackery Solar Generator was kept in the car. The best somebody could have got from our tent was a collapsible bowl, a sheewee piss bottle (inc contents most of the time!) Some sleeping bags, self inflating mats or our clothes. Oh actually we did leave our camping light in the tent whilst we were out, coulda pinched that I suppose.
  13. Alvoram


    See... That just make me want to rob you blind 😉
  14. I felt so bad for her, but the way the crowd responded to her honesty was nothing short of beautiful, and definitely seemed to carry her through. One of my favourite moments of the whole weekend. Maybe that was it, maybe that was her one moment, maybe I'll go and see her shows later this year and she'll have grown exponentially... I really hope so, because she is bloody brilliant.
  15. A trolley? I know some people manage to get trollies on coaches, but not always apparently. Fair enough, felt like everyone when you read the see tickets coach email thread... Fair enough, reasonably priced then, especially given fuel costs this year. If they did the sales the other way around, there'd be a hell of a lot of people willing to travel by coach, that is for sure... But as it is, it forces you to give up the luxury of the car...
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