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  1. Seeing the smiles on grandkids faces O And the plastic mermaids
  2. Plastic mermaids were fantastic
  3. guypjfreak

    Olivia Rodrigo

    Lady Ruby loved it.... Never heard of her but she was great... Hard work with the whole family tho lol
  4. Definitely need more than last year
  5. No I would like a car park sticker as disabled cars don't get anything. G
  6. guypjfreak

    Off. Enjoy

    OK just like to say thanks for having me even the ones that don't get me.. Off in an hour.... Nice drive I hope. For those that know me ill be up tent after libertines.. This year baby Eliza is going to be with me... Obviously mum and dad will be there I'm not that brave.. Photos aplenty I hope Ps I need a pass out lol
  7. What ever the shit enjoy. Bye
  8. Woop Last Post of the year on this thread.. Thanks for the people that contributed One Las hora in the sacred fields
  9. https://www.facebook.com/plasticmermaids
  10. Sort of sums it up.. 3 years waiting and.. Its going to be a
  11. All sorted.. Just bits to go in wagon.. Off by 2pm tomo..
  12. This I will have to try.. Love BM....
  13. Says it all lololool great pic.. I took these 2017 thinking the same theme lol Hope they've moved the sign lol
  14. Just asked elexa She wasn't on our side
  15. Anyone,,, of any color can buy tix.. It just so happens that at this time in the universe its mostly white people buying glasto tixs.. This might change in time and there's no reason why it should not... M. E. Can only book the bands and put the festival on It's then up to the general public...who ever you are to buy the tickets.. Black,, white,, gay or straight... That was a good program imo.. Shouldnt be about color or gender.... Have a nice time those who are going.. Bye
  16. guypjfreak

    BBC2 9pm

    Nervous as hell old son.. Nervous AS HELL..
  17. guypjfreak

    BBC2 9pm

    97..2000 Yea fuck A few pics
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