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  1. In the meantime New acid. New bit of woods. Last day before rain.. I'm off. Happy weekend few countdowners..
  2. guypjfreak

    Flag idea

    Yes old son.. Lolololololol
  3. guypjfreak

    Flag idea

    Ten minutes after that pic was taken there were 100000s of flags lol
  4. guypjfreak

    Flag idea

    OK so your point is that from a distance you can't see the stage Yea.. 1..With flags and NOT to far from the stage 2...roughly same distance from same stage with out flags..
  5. Yea we're letting our kids do boom and we're doing BDs next year so thanks for the write ups
  6. guypjfreak

    2020 headliners

    Saw something about ABBA being in studio for first time in years so reckon you'll get ABBA.. Then they say green day.. Maybe for other stage imo.. Who else.. Wolf Alice.. Pyramid stage day one.. Elton last night.. And cold play for headline slot just because Mr E wants to see them again lololol..
  7. Well that's a bloody hard week done. Baby Ruby is now 7.. Yep where did that time go.. Baby Evie is getting to know us now ready for December when we'll have her week days.. I call her hotdog cos I sing the Disney song hotdog and she laughs her head off.. And gorgeous baby Eliza well here's some good news she's learned to hand things to you and get then given back.. Still no blinking, no swallowing all the cerabal palsey stuff and very weak... So like baby Evie who's about 2 months younger can sit and says dog but baby Eliza can't do anything like that.. We have to keep thinking that she's only 8 month in real terms and brain damaged BUT BUT SHE'S FUCKING GETTING THERE.. Where we don't know yet but we'll be there.. Oo and my dad has finished 5 weeks ov 5 days a week of radio pheropy and he even rang the bell.. So well proud.. Been to pain clinic and been given some things to try and cut the hedge cos I couldn't afford to get someone to do it so now I'm in agony.. Morphine in about half hour And tomorrow in in a field with a FEW friends for a bbq,, a few drinks in a POSH pub and a few ciders AND then LADY Ruby's birthday disco on Sunday.. There Thats my life in a week sort of. Have a lovely weekend everyone I'm actually looking forward to chilling with my friends... Apart from the posh pub.. Lol Gxxxxxxxxxx
  8. Thats the truth old son..
  9. Oops fucked up by editing.. Thats better..
  10. Well I've checked on here if that counts..... And may I say even tho its early days.. Good luck, good health,, good night Lol
  11. Billy Bragg must has been on the t shirts more times than cold play
  12. Rather these than green day
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