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  1. Schmicheal

    2020 headliners

    Could the pyramid expansion not just be for Di Ross? Hugely exciting booking for the festival, legend slot always rammed- and have 7000 extra tickets to fit in? seems more likely than a Coldplay afternoon slot to me?
  2. Schmicheal

    2020 headliners

    I wouldn’t be opposed to Kendrick/Taylor/1975, but when has the festival not had at least one long established/heritage act. The last time I can think of that they didn’t have one band that was formed pre 95 was maybe 2008 with KOL, the Verve and Jay Z. Not saying it’s necessary, but GF clearly try and book one well established/heritage act so would be a surprise if they didn’t on any year, not because it’s the 50th
  3. Schmicheal

    2020 headliners

    Wasn’t “secret squirrel” the code name for Chris Martin (and Nick Cave) when they appeared with Kylie last year? Hopefully it’s just referring to that and nothing more
  4. New there would be some sort of issue! as you where
  5. Apologies if this has already been mentioned- I didn’t have mental strength to read the last 20 pages since I previously viewed this thread. I read the earlier idea of having to log in at 9am on the Sunday with your reg number, and then everybody that’s logged in randomly gets the chance to buy up to 6 tickets and though it might be a good idea, making it a fairer process but rewarding those who are genuinely motivated to go an ensure they are sat by their pc at the given time. And then read the issue that many people with more foresight than me raised- that you’d have people with loads of reg numbers gaming the system. Could this potentially be negated by having a National Insurance number associated to your reg number. Would Possibly ensure one application per user? One obvious problem with this is that it might restrict the festival to only UK goers (which shouldn’t be considered). Wondered if there’s any potential work around and any other obvious issues? ?‍♂️
  6. Schmicheal

    2020 headliners

    Gotta say- I’m really surprised that FM have been ruled out. I was at the Wembley show and when they made their “we’ll see you in a muddy field next year” it really did sound like a GF confirmation. Wonder what that was all about ?‍♂️
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