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  1. I'd say having three members of The National involved makes her more likely to be doing a festival show, rather than her usual type of gigs...
  2. Given the fact loads of people are being hit hard financially and the uncertainty about how long it’s going to last, I’m sure it will.
  3. I'm quickly realising how difficult this is! It may take some time... good job i've got plenty!
  4. Well, place them into slots and do it!
  5. I've come up with a bit of a game to fill some of this isolation time today. How's about we all put together a fantasy 2020 lineup? A few rules... Slots per day - Pyramid 7, Other 8, West Holts 8, JP 9, Park 9, Acoustic 1, Avalon 1, Glade 1, Pangea + SE Corner unlimited (but try to place acts on stages) Acts must be 'active' - Released an album in last 6 months, announced a tour since September onwards, or was on the poster or another festival lineup. Be realistic in placings - But you can have 'kind of Pyramid sized' Other headliners, and a bit more leeway elsewhere for the 5
  6. My mate is throwing a virtual house party on Friday that i'm djing at... Sounds like a really top idea to keep spirits up and foster some social interaction. I'll let you guys know how it goes, and try to find out the technical details of how he does it if anyone is interested in doing the same.
  7. You’ve got really shit friends if that’s even a possibility
  8. A few thousand? Give over mate... most people who go to Glastonbury don’t have kids, and for those that do, there will be a tiny proportion who are turning 14, before we even take into account whether they’d want the hassle of controlling a 14 year old in the greatest temptation pit known to man.
  9. So, what if Emily knew that the festival, realistically, was going to be cancelled before releasing the poster, and only included acts she had already received guarantees that they’d appear next year instead. Could explain the slightly left field Fatboy Slim placement, and explain why a host of acts we thought were shoe ins for the poster (Aerosmith, Gwen Stefani, Etc) weren’t on it...
  10. Too fucking right... they played EVERYTHING you’d want them too, and it was like they were made to be heard specifically in Printworks!
  11. Was at Printworks, and was a pretty weird experience too... felt very far from full, and people were a bit more stand-off-ish, cold and insular than I’d usually expect. Was definitely a strange atmosphere, but one that I feel weirdly privileged to have experienced. Orbital were off the chart, and have definitely made the upcoming purgatory a lot more bearable... at least for the first couple of months. Joy Orbison on the other hand... *massive eye roll*
  12. I think I’m looking forward to the DJ set more than the gig!
  13. Is there another former headliner who could make it a trio on JP, or are Editors a lock?
  14. Boris already dealt with that
  15. Couldn't agree more. In my circle of friends, i'm the knowledgeable one, but I learn so much here! It's a fountain of knowledge, and the atmosphere is always top!
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