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  1. Oh, you just totally missed the point then and were disrespecting the whole craft of djing.
  2. GrumpyRaver

    2025 Headliners

    Sorry, got confused - thought she was playing Rock in Rio, which isn’t on Copacabana beach.
  3. Yep - could very much as the same for both, and almost included both in my initial message. They certainly it are the very definition of uninteresting bookings (both with less merit than FBS). and I haven’t made any judgement on FBS (even though I do have very clear feeling about him nowadays and will go nowhere near any of his sets. I was literally only saying it was the most uninspiring self confirm possible. That’s all.
  4. absolute f**king shout at clouds nonsense
  5. Not really that, although obviously true. It’s that FBS self confirming is quite clearly the most obvious and least interesting about the festival every single year. I’d only be remotely interested if he said he wasn’t playing.
  6. You obviously missed Fatboy Slim’s
  7. I mean, I didn’t say I was considering a cheap one… was just seeking opinions on good value.
  8. Making a play for my username? 😂
  9. Think I might have reached the point of middle age where I may buy a trolley for the hike from the car park. Anyone got any recommendations for good ones that don’t break the bank?
  10. Were you also one of the people predicting record numbers of people not paying their Glastonbury balance this year?
  11. Can’t wait for those good bands to be back in contention… 🤦‍♂️
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