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  1. I’d already seen Hopkins twice on that tour, so didn’t go, but both times he was unbelievable - so imagine it was a fucking brilliant night for you!
  2. If the pulse was still beating, Moby would still not come on your radar. He’s about as relevant as The Kooks.
  3. I’ve seen Spiritualized a lot, and that APE performance was right up there with the absolute best.
  4. I really enjoyed it personally, but I’m a pretty massive Primal Scream fan and was great to see them do a greatest hits set.
  5. Four packets of hobnobs to satisfy late night munchies, and a couple of boxes of nutrigrains to give me the energy to get out of the tent and to the nearest coffee stall. Given you’re surrounded by the some of the most varied and best food around, I see absolutely no purpose in bringing anything else.
  6. Cants see Primal Scream subbing again after last year
  7. Any idea whether they’re touring with a full live band again?
  8. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they planned to do an indie rock day. What surprises me is that they thought The Kooks should headline it.
  9. I was at Alt J, and even I didn’t regret it.
  10. I don’t think anybody was disputing that...
  11. I know how many tickets BMTH sold. It doesn't change anything I've said.
  12. Don’t worry - your assumptions based upon the lineup are absolutely correct. Utterly shite festival.
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