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  1. Does any know if you can enter the festival/get your wristband via Pennard Hill Gate or if that's exclusively for Worthy View campers? I'm being driven up by a friend who's parking their car at a family member's house just down the road from Pennard Hill Gate but I seem to remember you couldn't use it for general entry... Or am I mistaken?
  2. vigo

    Food Traders 2024.

    Does anyone know if the samosa stand in between Other and Silver Hayes is returning this year? It doesn't seem to be on the app but praying they've made a mistake!
  3. vigo

    Block 9

    Interesting that they’ve doubled the size of the Meat Rack!
  4. vigo

    New Map

    I might be misremembering but I think the other dot last year might have been for the Notting Hill Carnival thing.
  5. vigo

    2025 Headliners

    Any chance she’s back so soon do you think?
  6. What was the leak? Missed that!
  7. vigo

    Paul McCartney

    Thank you!!!
  8. vigo

    Paul McCartney

    I’ve been reminiscing loads about his headline set two years ago and am desperate to watch it in full again! Does anyone have a link to the full video or know if it’s online anywhere?
  9. This did actually happen…
  10. What's behind the strong belief about Royal Blood? Has it been hinted somewhere? Pulp could surely fill that spot? And would also maybe help explain the coloured S5 on Nick's announcement teaser as they're both Sheffield bands?
  11. Agreed! And I think I'm in the prefer the bus camp. Obviously the original Genosys is leaps ahead in production value, but I feel like the look of it also shaped the type of music you were able to play there and tended to mean darker, moodier sets. With IICON being one of the most impressive stages on the whole site and the Downlow to look at right behind you at Genosys I felt the bus leant itself to anything goes sets and much of my favourite stuff I saw all weekend was out the bus and I'm honestly not sure those sets (SASS b4b, OK Williams) would have worked as well out of the original structure.
  12. Just absolutely unreal every night. As good a year for electronic music as I've ever seen at Glastonbury. Pretty much just hit Block9 every night apart from the Sunday where I watched Haai and Job Jobse at San Remo after Kendrick before heading over to The Temple for Batu all of which was fantastic. SASS (peach b2b moxie b2b saoirse b2b shanti celeste) on the Friday was 10/10 insane. Stayed for all 6 hours and the rainbow over the downlow opposite as it ended was just perfect. My Saturday night of a bit of Todd Edwards in the Downlow into OK Williams on Genosys into Pangaea b2b Pariah on IICON into moxie and peach's RnB set in Maceo's was sublime too. Also thought Silver Hayes was improved this year, and really enjoyed dipping into the WOW stage in particular during the days in between acts on the bigger stages. Managed to catch a bit of Chaos in the CBD and then Leon Vynehall in the Sunday daytime before heading to the Pyramid to get a good spot for Kendrick and both were brilliant.
  13. I would catch a big of OK Williams on Genosys before Joy O too
  14. This is great to hear! Is there any more information about this overhaul? The wow stage has probably my favourite line up of any stage but was gonna almost completely avoid it because I found it soulless as others did. Was just gonna head to block9 every night.
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