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  1. I imagine he’s a casualty of Spaceport being no more - I know others that were booked for there, but decision to lose the venue appears to have been made late and they’ve been completely dropped from the lineup.
  2. Ooof. That's a fucking beaut.
  3. Crossrail will sort that. Also, i know the people who run Printworks are looking at somewhere else too, but it's not a sealed deal. The moving into a building that's being prepared for development is their whole business model - it wouldn't be possible in any other way, and we'd be deprived of all these venues entirely. The Cause will find somewhere new in time too.
  4. I don’t think this one is a developers getting their way kinda deal - Printworks went into an agreement with the developers from the start to get the place, and it suited the developers as it raised the profile of the area. Lots of developers do stuff with cultural organisation in buildings on sites they own but aren’t ready to develop, it seems like it helps them to be seen more favourably in the planning process.
  5. Nah… there will always be churn of venues in London, and both of the venues you mention were only ever temporary use licences ahead of development. I’m sure the people behind both (particularly PW) will open new venues in time, and there are plenty of other great spots in the mean time that aren’t going anywhere, as well as KOKO reopening with an insane calendar…
  6. Usually Stonebridge, mid afternoon/early evening
  7. Same - I’m a current radio journalist, have made podcasts in the past, and would be very happy to do stuff - but can’t be arsed with any of the ball ache of editing, publicising, etc because I have to do enough in the day job…
  8. Definitely Glastonbury - they play basically every festival
  9. I’d throw George Fitzgerald and Fred Again into the mix too… think the above list covered most of what I’d have suggested
  10. Bicep are basically the new Orbital
  11. Surely they won’t put them up against Bicep…
  12. Was thinking exactly the same this morning!
  13. They’re back to the original lineup… @6’30
  14. Calm down, it's had 2... So, exactly the same as the Gorillaz day.
  15. Will PIERCE Butler… https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Will_Butler
  16. You really do. Second best festival I’ve ever been to.
  17. I think I’ve finally come down from the high of Saturday night. Life changing, an absolutely stunning gig.
  18. Told directly, actually
  19. To be fair, he didn't put them in the same sentence... but you did.
  20. So it was... dyslexic name swap mix up. But point stands... If Hot Chip can do a gig without Joe, then other bands can do a gig without a less pivotal member.
  21. He headlined Acoustic in 2000, so I don't know why he wouldn't. EDIT - actually, he didn't even headline...
  22. But to get things back to topic... I know who Doja Cat and Megan are, but i'd never heard of Burna Boy until this discussion started. That to me says they're much more likely to headline Other than him unless they're elsewhere.
  23. You're right. The way you deliver your opinions is arrogant and condescending.
  24. He wouldn't even get close to headlining Field Day, come on.
  25. I'm with wonderwhy - and i'm working class, love Wales, and live for fun.
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