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  1. If Fender moves to my already clashtastic Friday I’ll be gutted
  2. I didn’t go but there will be people here who will have wanted a Trigger warning before that post 😉
  3. When U2 cancelled in 2010 I don’t think anyone here predicted Gorillaz
  4. Difficult to know where to start with this Exactly this
  5. There are other acts on the bill who can sub but she’s a pretty big loss if they can’t get a similarly big replacement.
  6. There will be a lot more. Enthusiasm (or lack of) on Efests is generally a very bad predictor of crowd size.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2022/may/21/pet-shop-boys-review-kitchen-sink-dramas-turned-into-wild-extravaganza
  8. Thinking out loud, That puts St Ettiene third top based on 2019 times-an exact match. So Arlo Parks and Khruangbin are second or fourth. Would Dry Cleaning be ahead of Confidence Man and Wet Leg? I wonder if they’ve just listed names but not necessarily the order.
  9. If she was subbing, there’s others on the hill who could sub. I’m thinking Fender, Elbow, Lorde, Wolf Alice. If our info was wrong and she was Orher headliner against Macca that could be trickier.


    If they can get it off site past Joe Rush

    Kendrick Lamar

    Oh my stars. When they say ‘greatest hits tour’ they really mean it. That’s an amazing setlist. I’m seeing them in Glasgow so was wavering a little bit on the Glastonbury slot v Kendrick and Bicep but that’s just settled it I think. That’s perfect Sunday night headlining gear.
  12. Exactly. Plus there’ll be plenty there who don’t go every year. Repeat bookings are a big deal on here but not necessarily to everyone. I’ve been to 8 Glastonbury’s and seen Elbow once, a number unlikely to change as things stand. But then come June 26 if they are on after (for example) D Ross and it’s raining and I’m tired and I can’t be bothered moving to Holly Humberstone I’ll probably watch them and enjoy it.
  13. I’m saying you need a bit of both and time has proven that including what you deride as ‘safe cookie cutter’ bookings has proven remarkably successful when it comes to running their business. You may be taking what you want and extrapolating it to ‘people’ when the festival has over 100k punters with different tastes and thousands more who’s love tickets who also have a variety of tastes.
  14. You need a mix of everything. By the same token Glastonbury wouldn’t be Glastonbury if it was filling the high slots with each years latest hype. There’s acts that have history with the festival and have helped out, earned their corn doing secret slots and guest appearances and helping make the place special. Or have gone over very well with the Glastonbury crowd in the past. Those acts are always in with a good shout of getting a bigger slot at Glastonbury than other festivals and IMO rightly so. That history is part of what sets it aside from others. I’m a bit surprised by the vitriol that sometimes gets directed towards Elbow, Coldplay etc on here (I know, it’s the Internet) but Emily and co are very good at getting that mix right.
  15. For a Glastonbury fan site, it’s quite impressive how much ire gets directed towards the ‘friends of the festival’ acts, especially if they’re (gasp) guitar bands (boooooo).
  16. Elbows last two albums are excellent. Bit short of festival singalongs but all the better for it. Plus Little Fictions has Sad Captains on it which makes it all worthwhile.
  17. As it stands Foals-Macca-PSB McCartney is the only absolute 100% definite, the other two I’m happy with but open to offers.
  18. Yup. Just looked at the Setlist from the only time I’ve previously seen him and it’s pretty similar, despite the time difference.
  19. Saturday in 2010 was a good one. Pyramid was Scissor Sisters>Muse, Other was Editors>Pet Shop Boys. Serious crowd changeover between sub and headliner. Pet Shop Boys was fairly quiet at the start.

    Taylor Swift

    McCartney was going to get her on stage with him in 2020 so that’s got to be a possibility
  21. Prune a couple of the less exciting solo tracks and that would do nicely indeed. Can’t really see him doing Rattling Rose or Dead in the Water (as lovely as it is). Nice Oasis run from Masterplan.
  22. Noel is setlist dependent for me. Would much prefer some of his recent solo stuff which has been good. But realistically if I want a decent spot for Sir Paul unless his entire setlist is cribbed from 1997-2009 Oasis that’ll do nicely. Another good singalong.
  23. Fuh you is the only real travesty there. Listened to a bootleg of him at ACL 2018 yesterday and the setlist hasn’t changed much.


    Thanks for that. One of the few things I remember through the booze, wind and rain.
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