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  1. The sound in the field was absolutely incredible. Bob was BOTW perfect but the sound engineering was out of this world. I thought it was a one off but having not been a Cure fan before Glastonbury I went to see them in Glasgow a few weeks after Glastonbury and it was same again. How he sounds that good in his 60s is mind blowing.

    Taylor Swift

    Yeah I did that. W-R-O-N-G.
  3. Middle of the day Pyramid slot would be fabulous. They’ve got US dates before that I think so could be a possibility.
  4. He is a penny counter all right-apparently he’s going to sell the Oasis back catalogue when he gets the rights for what will no doubt be an absurd amount of money-but if he really wanted the pay day he’d take the Oasis gigs. He seems to be happier not trying to write ‘Oasis songs’ and putting out whatever he feels like, while accepting that ain’t gonna see him headlining anything big anytime soon. Liam OTOH has turned himself into the touring Oasis Retro Touring Party and fair play to him. He’s obviously working hard at it given how much his voice has recovered. No interest in seeing it myself but yeah, fair play to him. The kind of lucrative niche you need when you’ve got his Alimony/Child Support costs.
  5. Pretty much me I think. But I was so utterly piss bored of Oasis by the end (having loved them in the 90s) I barely paid any attention to his solo stuff. Listening to his Best Of earlier this year was a genuine revelation. He’s got a body of work far better than Oasis post-96. I’m really hoping for a Noel-Macca Sunday closer.
  6. Yup, and this ‘Coming to a garden fete near you’


    No probs. I really want them to be there so 🤞🏻
  8. I watched an interview with him where he mentioned Glastonbury and he’s actually pretty realistic about where he plays as a solo act


    Yeah they have, London June 22 and Manchester June 28


    That was my first thought. Not knowing the festival I assumed some sort of new, maybe naive setup. Bloody Live Nation!
  11. Certainly were. That whole set was magic.
  12. I’m not a huge fan but was looking forward to it having only seen them once before. Achtung Baby is my favourite album of theirs so I really enjoyed the first half hour then my attention drifted. To be fair they were properly up against it. It rained from about 2pm, turned biblical before they came on, and they had Morrissey stinking up the place beforehand. At one point the rain was so hard it was running off my eyebrows and forming a stream down my cheeks. I just didn’t feel much connection between them and the crowd, same as when I saw them at their own show. His voice was great though, IMO. And I’d like to see them have another crack. The U2 set reminded me of Springsteen (who I do love), yeah he worked hard to try and engage the crowd and started with Coma Girl but the Setlist after that was all wrong. It was Bruce stadium show setlist. OTOH Coldplay on the Saturday in 2011 totally got it. Though to be fair they also had something of an open goal to aim for with sudden glorious sunshine and Elbows career moment beforehand. The whole evening turned into the big cuddly huggy singalong we needed on the Friday. I didn’t see them in 2016 but I gather it was the same but even more so.
  13. Favourite venues:- Nottingham Rock City (hard to argue with those saying it’s the best. It’s just got *it* right, whatever it is). Glasgow Barrowlands Glasgow King Tuts Glasgow Academy is a good space though the drinks choices are a bit shit. Manchester Apollo
  14. Nope. Don’t get it. Bit disappointed about Swift not playing. But it is what it is. Not every Glastonbury headliner has to appeal to me. Or others of similar age/gender.
  15. Hey, I like them, I bought Glasgow tickets yesterday morning. Just think they’d be a slightly underwhelming Glastonbury headliner these days, even if I suspect they will get another crack at it some day. Subbing someone mega huge like a Macca or Elton, or headlining the Other against pop on the Pyramid wouldn’t be a bad gig for them.
  16. Can’t see it unless they’re a last minute replacement. Are they self aware enough to headline Other or sub the Pyramid? Don't take this as any kind of useful source but back in 2019 a friend of a friend of a friend who worked at the time for DF Concerts (who put on TRNSMT) told me KOL’s 2020 tour dates were worked around opening the Pyramid as a special guest. Take that with the hugest piece of salt imaginable as there’s not really any reason they should know that but this is the home of baseless speculation, right?

    Taylor Swift

    Hadn’t listened to it in ages. I don’t know why. What a tune.
  18. Muse was odd. Where I was (left hand side of the stage nearly level with the screen, in line with the mixing desk) it was deserted at the start, filled up about 10 minutes in then thinned out about 40 minutes later. I left at that point with quite a lot of others. But as others have said it’s very common for the size of these headliner crowds to ebb and change.
  19. It definitely seems to be a serious problem in the States and it’s fascinating how it traces back to the instinctive anti-Government feeling many of them carry. Not that we’re immune, I have a mate who’s had his first jab but now won’t have his second. Does he think the Micro Chips get injected into his blood on the second one?
  20. All sorts of crazy theories and ‘medical’ ‘treatments’ have been expounded over the years at Glastonbury, many by people who have also contributed a lot to the festival. But I get it, I’m getting old, things change. Im entirely pro-Vaccine but don’t feel threatened by anti-Vaxxers. However, a lot of the time now we collectively eschew debate in favour of censoring dissenting voices. The world changes, the festival changes, hey ho.
  21. Yeah sometimes you have to go with your instincts. They’re often right. I did it on the Sunday in 2019, I’d decided on Janelle Monae but when it became clear I’d be on my own I changed last minute and went to The Cure. That turned out to be a life changer.
  22. It absolutely would. I never previously thought it might be deliberate but it actually makes perfect sense.
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