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  1. As it stands Foals-Macca-PSB McCartney is the only absolute 100% definite, the other two I’m happy with but open to offers.
  2. Yup. Just looked at the Setlist from the only time I’ve previously seen him and it’s pretty similar, despite the time difference.
  3. Saturday in 2010 was a good one. Pyramid was Scissor Sisters>Muse, Other was Editors>Pet Shop Boys. Serious crowd changeover between sub and headliner. Pet Shop Boys was fairly quiet at the start.

    Taylor Swift

    McCartney was going to get her on stage with him in 2020 so that’s got to be a possibility
  5. Prune a couple of the less exciting solo tracks and that would do nicely indeed. Can’t really see him doing Rattling Rose or Dead in the Water (as lovely as it is). Nice Oasis run from Masterplan.
  6. Noel is setlist dependent for me. Would much prefer some of his recent solo stuff which has been good. But realistically if I want a decent spot for Sir Paul unless his entire setlist is cribbed from 1997-2009 Oasis that’ll do nicely. Another good singalong.
  7. Fuh you is the only real travesty there. Listened to a bootleg of him at ACL 2018 yesterday and the setlist hasn’t changed much.


    Thanks for that. One of the few things I remember through the booze, wind and rain.


    Re.the screens. I wonder if it’s something to do with Macca. The tour rehearsal video of him posted on YouTube shows a La impressive screen set up. U2 had an extra pair didn’t they? Macca vid
  10. Been reading Fab by Howard Sounes and going through his post-Beatles career in chronological order. A bit of Monkberry Moon Delight, Mrs.Vanderbilt, Bluebird or My Brave Face would be very welcome but not at the expense of Let me Roll It. Or Nineteen Hundred 85. I saw him in Manchester in 2003 and it was immense. Can’t believe I’ll get a second round and on the Pyramid of all stages. A legend in every way. I’ll probably spend the first ten minutes just staring in disbelief that it’s him.
  11. Same here. Maybe he’s pyramid
  12. They’d headline the Acoustic wouldn’t they? In which case I hope it isn’t that.
  13. ‘A tent of plenty?’
  14. Oh yeah the football was off. That was annoying. That was the golden era of Liverpool-Newcastle games too.
  15. Eh? I went to the cinema and the pub that afternoon


    As long as Black Gold stays I'm happy. Only time I’ve ever seen them is Pyramid 2016 and I really enjoyed it.
  17. I know you can say TRNSMT doesn’t tell us much about where Nutini will play but it’s his day (Friday) that is sold out-both Friday and Friday/Saturday tickets. Tickets are still available for Capaldi Sunday (and Strokes Saturday).
  18. Don’t know. I’ve seen them in Glasgow a couple of times and they were brilliant but the JP one just fell completely flat. They didn’t seem into it at all and there was none of the charm and zip I’d seen on the other gigs. I think there was bit of homesickness/tour fatigue involved.
  19. Friday night in 2009. Spent weeks trying to decide between Neil Young, Ray Davies, Doves and Q-Tip as headliner. Actually opted for the secret hidden headliner, get-absolutely-wasted-and-not-see-anyone. What a dickhead.
  20. Would be nice. I really like them but they were terrible in the JP in 2016, so there’s unfulfilled business. But think they’re in the States round The big G aren’t they?
  21. I thought I’d missed a few pages or something when I read that
  22. Simpsons memes, alt-right insults and the occasion bit of Glastonbury news (possibly? Somewhere?). It’s quite the cocktail.
  23. It’s not been particularly edifying for a very long term user TBH
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