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  1. That still gives them a good chance I reckon. Rules them out of Friday but they could still do Saturday or Sunday. Given they were on the 2020 line up still has to be a good shout.
  2. Gutted I missed out on tickets for that. Also surprised they’re not on the Glasto bill so far.
  3. Fingers crossed. That absence was a bit of a blow.
  4. Sigrid is great. Helluva ratio of bangers to duds. She can write a tune.

    2023 Headliners

    Aw no. Sorry to hear that. Get well soon.

    2023 Headliners

    I’m not sure there’s much of a trend towards ‘acts who have never done it before’. This year has a repeat headliner and an act that’s played before but not headlined. 2019 had two repeat headliners 2017 had a repeat and two acts who’s played before but not headlined 2016 was two repeats and one who’s played before but not headlined 2015 was one repeat and one who’s played before but not headlined etc.
  7. 🙂 Exactly. At various times she’s reminded me of Lush, Hole, the Pixies and, er, Sleeper
  8. Yeah, really enjoying her stuff. Very much hoping to see her.
  9. Oh yeah of course. But it’s a great idea for the reasons you said. In fact, the Glastonbury line up is how I discover music these days. I don’t listen to radio and have got young kids so time is precious. Having a bit of curation helps and going through what’s been announced so far I’m finding Lenny of new stuff I like.
  10. The only way anyone could top the Patti Smith-Dalai Lama combo
  11. Yeah when you see it like that, woah. One for the ages. Could probably headline. Would nail the headline slot and then some.
  12. He can do the story about the mad cat and the Aussie car insurance e reports as skits. Im in for this.
  13. That was great. Really hope they do the drip feed up to the full lineup and times at end of May again.
  14. I imagine there’s plenty. The album was (surprisingly) really good. Hard to follow that up when you can’t tour because of a band members Mental Health struggles though.
  15. I’d say we are. I like Elbow but their stock has dropped a bit since 2014, mainly because their last two albums are really good, but have seen them stop trying to recreate One Day like This. Third top is a great slot for them now. Looking at the line up as announced we could even be missing two. I know we’ve never been in this position after the first poster but that doesn’t mean anything.
  16. I personally find Fender much much more acceptable than the cardigan-wearing smug Ezra-type.
  17. Though for maximum effect it needs the corresponding Pyramid act to be phoning it in/miming/wearing a confused ‘why am I here?’ expression
  18. Doves aren’t active at the minute sadly.😔 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c4112g2d9j8o
  19. Macca definitely Eilish definitely not Kendrick possibly but probably not
  20. No problem at all. Happy to pay, worth every penny.
  21. Certainly nobody will ever confuse The Smiths live with Morrissey live
  22. And some. Maybe them against Kendrick with Pet Shop Boys against Macca. Though that doesn’t make much more sense.
  23. Would be huge if they’ve pulled it off and it’s definitely possible. I’m just getting into ‘not getting my hopes up’ mode before the Poster.
  24. I feel like this is an important part of the cycle. There’s a point where hopes start getting up that the festival has pulled off some amazing coups with the Subs, getting headliner acts playing there despite what we know about what the festival pays. Yeah it’s possible in a post-Pandemic scenario they’ve got Styles/Dua/Flo or whoever. Then the line up comes out and it’s equivalents of Vampire Weekend/Nick Cave/Biffy/The National* *I like all 3 of these BTW, they’re just not headlining stadiums
  25. 9.11am and I’m already thinking ‘that’s enough for today, crazy Internet!’
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