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  1. Can’t pick one but a trio of Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift, Elton John would be perfect for me, all being top of the ‘wouldn’t go and see at their own gig by reckon they’d be awesome at Glastonbury’ list. Duran Duran in the Legends slot please.
  2. Oh no definitely not. Very easy career move. She deserves to be a big success.
  3. She’s brilliant. Hot Chip aren’t the same without her.
  4. Getting my hopes up here for a Ross-Fender-Sigrid-Pet Shop Boys Sunday from the Gods
  5. I really like Sigrid but I’m half expecting her to be giving me my wristband at this rate
  6. It is kind of a thing. De La Soul did it on the Friday at my first ever in 2003. Pissed it down all morning then the Sun came out for them. Absolutely glorious.
  7. Thanks. Just catching up. Agreed. If she’s Pyramid she’s subbing. It all just made sense in my head when she was headlining the Other. I don’t check for a couple of days and it’s all up for grabs again 😀
  8. So is Doja Cat definitely Pyramid sub?
  9. Bloody hell. I meant Headliner. Sorry. Night shift brain blur….
  10. True. That does make a lot more sense. I’m just mentally juggling and struggling to make it work without knowing the Saturday Other sub
  11. I’m wondering if Elbow are the Sunday sub and Fenders been bumped up from third other to third Pyramid
  12. Thursday for us now. I’m 45. I appreciate being able to just wander straight in, I’m not fussed about being camped anywhere central (usually just stop near Gate A for the Bus Station in fact) and am finding much more energy still in the legs on Sunday.
  13. That would be a weird slot for Sigrid, her Other set in 2019 was very good in the main. But we were discussing this the other day and maybe she’s happy with smaller slots, not every artist needs to feel their popularity trajectory going like an Omnicron graph.
  14. Totally agree. I’ve no interest in sports cars or collecting Faberge eggs or having a Zoo in my back garden. Reaching a point where I could do something I love as my job and earn enough to not have to worry about money would be absolutely perfect. If that involves missing chances to be bigger and taking smaller slots at fasts than expected well so be it. My pride wouldn’t be hurt.
  15. 4th down Pyramid or 2nd Other seems a very good shout. Park Secret set?
  16. That may be deliberate though. He may not want that hype. Plenty of people over the years have got to that top tier and then gone ‘nah, not for me.’ He May not even want to get there.
  17. Same here. It’s become quite the thing. Throw in the Hold Steady, Gaslight Anthem, The National, Drive By Truckers….
  18. You can be ‘just saying’ and do it politely. Your previous post just comes across as you jumping down the throat of someone relatively new who hasn’t posted a lot.
  19. That still gives them a good chance I reckon. Rules them out of Friday but they could still do Saturday or Sunday. Given they were on the 2020 line up still has to be a good shout.
  20. Gutted I missed out on tickets for that. Also surprised they’re not on the Glasto bill so far.
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