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  1. Very possible, given how they’ve tried to nudge and manipulate people throughout the whole Pandemic.
  2. I like it because the only act I’ve seen there was Prince. If I never see anyone else there it could end up my favourite venue just because of that 😉
  3. I think it’s too late for any slowing to make much difference. People are getting back to normal and making plans for the summer. I feel like outside of threads like this and a few Twitter echo chambers, interest is really dissipating. The two WhatsApp groups with friends I’m in that are Pandemic dedicated haven’t had a post in days, same on the football forum I go on, the thread even disappeared off Page 1 the other day. I rarely hear it mentioned in work. Anecdotal obv but even the recent outbreak in my children’s school was generally met with resignation and the woman campaigning for the School to be closed didn’t get much support.
  4. Probably the opposite. The Government will ignore that and go for it anyway, setting themselves up as champions of the people against the left-wing MSM. It’s worked for them so far.
  5. My eldests (6-year-old) Primary School has 40+ cases and a lot more off self isolating. My lad went in on Friday and there was 11 in his class, and he’s now been T&T’ed and is off this week. Negative PCR Test yesterday. There’s a couple of schools in Renfrewshire with outbreaks which is going a long way to accounting for the big rise here.
  6. Way too much. We’re weirdly obsessed with FPTP and ‘strong Government’
  7. No there’s definitely 20-30 confirmed PCT tests. Then more off isolating. The School Facebook page has degenerated into partial hysteria with someone writing to the Council to close the School. My kids still going in.
  8. Surge testing and positivity at 2%. 20-30 of them are in my kids Primary school, in fact thinking about it probably a lot more as they include LFT results and I know of 2 parents who got a positive LFT followed by negative PCR.
  9. Appointing Ministers based on Brexit purity rather than ability doesn’t help either.
  10. I don’t think Mr.Barnard Castle gives a shit. It’s all a game to him. Let’s not suddenly set up Captain Brexit as some kind of white knight riding to the rescue.
  11. It’s exactly as some of us on here predicted. An attempt to exonerate himself and Johnson and put all the blame on the Civil Service. I wonder if he’ll cover what happened/didn’t happen in December when bad advice was much less of an excuse.
  12. For the last 100 years all they’ve said is ‘the Civil Service are arseholes the Civil Service are arseholes the Civil Service are arseholes’
  13. It could but remember this wasn’t for public consumption, they’re brainstorming in a pretty fevered atmosphere. I’m less worried about any wording than the actions taken.
  14. It has to be though. It’s not nice but there has to be a plan in case we can’t save everyone. Bodies like the NHS and the military make decisions like this all the time.
  15. Aren't fluctuations like this to be expected when numbers are very low?
  16. Yeah the Garden is stunning, you really don’t feel like you’re in a big German city. Shame about Kultfabric, I never made it there but heard about it. Been to Munich for Oktoberfest, in the Summer and just before Christmas and it’s been great each time. I still prefer Berlin but I’m fascinated by the history there so it has an advantage in that sense.
  17. I liked Cologne but it’s only a couple of day thing. The Cathedral is great, what’s left of the old town and the area around the Rhine is nice but then the centre is a big sixties monstrosity. We did find a couple of nice bars though, the Chocolate Museum and from a history POV the Eldehaus is very moving
  18. Munich is great, much prettier place than Berlin and from a history/architecture POV it has more old buildings left. However Berlin is brilliant, you can go there for pretty much anything-unique history, boozing, clubbing, food, it’s even great with young kids as a City Break.
  19. There’s some really juicy stuff in there and I’m hoping he takes Johnson down with a mic drop moment. However a lot of it is in essence his usual stuff. ‘I was right, it isn’t all Johnson’s fault, it’s all the fault of the Civil Service/Bureaucracy, let’s tear down all our existing structures and replaces it with something new that me and my mates will design.’ Also let’s not forget he’s a bullshitter, the man who went to Barnard Castle.
  20. This touches on the problems with the endless hysteria I-Sage/Haque/Sridhar are trying to generate. 1) The current Government are hideous and have got plenty wrong. However when you try and twist *absolutely everything* into an anti-Government angle, that diminishes the effect-and criticism of-their actual mistakes. It actually helps them get away with it because their genuine moments of idiocy-and malevolence-get lost in the noise. 2) I’ve said it before but there is a ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’ effect to every Variant scare. Each time one gets pushed as a reason to Lockdown or Cancel the Roadmap and then doesn’t turn out to be as bad as predicted, people stop listening. Caution and due diligence are one thing, of course butt the risk of overreacting is that one of these times there may be a genuinely frightening variant but nobody will be paying attention.
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