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  1. The longer he stays the better, he’s poison for them now. Only question is when they’ll ditch him. They all knew he was a bullshitter and a fraud and hitched their wagon to his Brexit train, so their hands are dirty as well, but they all supported the Poll Tax in public 32 years ago and had no qualms about ditching Thatcher.
  2. Man, those were dark days. I put it in as an acknowledged caveat but you’re right, it’s something they shouldn’t worry about too much. There will always be unhappy people whatever they do (and that applies to almost anything). It doesn’t necessarily correlate to what happens at the festival and Emily needs to follow her instincts. In this case I actually think it would be worth riling those people up to have two women on top of the bill.
  3. I hope they do that. Not a huge Dua fan (props to Levitating though, obv) and not into Eilish at all personally. Plus there’s be a lot of foot stamping and hissyfitting on some parts of the Internet. But two female headliners really sends a positive statement and they’re both worthy of the slot.
  4. Oh I’m still optimistic he’s playing and I’m not saying he *is* ruled out. Billie/Kendrick/Macca is a great set of headliners. It’s just if he isn’t doing it then there’s no obvious replacement is there, certainly not judging by the debate on here.
  5. If Kendrick has backed out/moved to 2023 it’s wide open in terms of a replacement isn’t it? Im still convinced McCartney will do it but possibly Sunday. But that leaves Saturday night wide open with not that many obvious options from people’s tour dates.
  6. Agree. Macca some where not doing anything else doesn’t mean much. He just does what he feels like. I still think he’s in but maybe on the Sunday with someone more contemporary on the Saturday.
  7. I missed this as well 🤷‍♂️
  8. What did Stevie say?
  9. Favourite venues:- Nottingham Rock City (hard to argue with those saying it’s the best. It’s just got *it* right, whatever it is). Glasgow Barrowlands Glasgow King Tuts Glasgow Academy is a good space though the drinks choices are a bit shit. Manchester Apollo
  10. Nope. Don’t get it. Bit disappointed about Swift not playing. But it is what it is. Not every Glastonbury headliner has to appeal to me. Or others of similar age/gender.
  11. Hey, I like them, I bought Glasgow tickets yesterday morning. Just think they’d be a slightly underwhelming Glastonbury headliner these days, even if I suspect they will get another crack at it some day. Subbing someone mega huge like a Macca or Elton, or headlining the Other against pop on the Pyramid wouldn’t be a bad gig for them.
  12. Can’t see it unless they’re a last minute replacement. Are they self aware enough to headline Other or sub the Pyramid? Don't take this as any kind of useful source but back in 2019 a friend of a friend of a friend who worked at the time for DF Concerts (who put on TRNSMT) told me KOL’s 2020 tour dates were worked around opening the Pyramid as a special guest. Take that with the hugest piece of salt imaginable as there’s not really any reason they should know that but this is the home of baseless speculation, right?

    Taylor Swift

    Hadn’t listened to it in ages. I don’t know why. What a tune.
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