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  1. Can't say I was a massive fanboy or even knew his real name, but I grew up on Bat out of Hell through my mum, rinsing it on my first mp3 player, and I Would Do Anything For Love was playing in the background in so many home videos. RIP to an iconic performer
  2. Dominic Cummings v Dana White at catchweight
  3. There were a couple of singles I really liked from the first, but yes I feel very much the same about this one, maybe I'll try again this afternoon but yep, I couldn't really tell you anything about any of the tracks on reflection
  4. To drag the foos convo on - my mate actively dismisses them, but he came along and out of the 7 glastos we've been to they were his favourite pyramid headliner, was a great time & great atmosphere. Probably not so much if you've seen them a few times before
  5. Just noticed e-ticket says to print it. Surely this isn’t necessary right? None of us even own a printer
  6. Cheers mate will have a look πŸ˜€ Anyone know any good alternative bars / clubs? ...or karaoke
  7. Anyone know best way to get form train station (harbour) to campsite?
  8. They got back to me and said you can come and go after 1am no problem. Isn't there separate camping for families and over 18s?
  9. Me and my friends are keen to go out after, but the campsite says it shuts at 1:00am??? πŸ˜‚ like wtf...are they strict on this or what? seems ridiculous
  10. Gacheezbo

    First Gig Back

    Idk where else to post but I have a couple of spare tickets to Frank Turner in Frome on saturday if anyone wants them on the cheap πŸ™‚
  11. Yep new Dave album is 10/10, Three Rivers is incredible.
  12. Yeh the vaccine passport doesn't sit 100% right with me, bit on the fence atm, but in cases where providing a testing / natural immunity alternative there's no excuse.
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