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  1. It's impossible to do any socialising without meeting people in person. Impossible to have a drink without a pub. So gyms shouldn't open in England on april 12th then? seeing as wales has more vaccinated and lower cases.
  2. Drakeford's war on gyms continues 🙄
  3. Everyone I know who voted for welsh labour last time won't be doing so this time. Drakeford's illogical treatment of gyms and the alcohol ban is too much to take for a younger generation who feels hard done by during this pandemic Anyone I know over the age of 35 hasn't been too bothered by drakeford, but votes plaid anyway
  4. Marched for remain and would do so again, but defending the EU on this is maga level delusion. You would not be justifying it if it was the brexit loving tories stealing paid for vaccines by the EU, don't pretend otherwise.
  5. How tiring it must be to be so purposefully obtuse. He isn't just a 74 year old man is he, he has huge influence over a large sway of a skeptical subsection of the population.
  6. Was nearly my choice! very much look forward to belting out "rejoice, rebuild, the storm has passed" with a pint in hand at the next FT gig
  7. It's late June, all restrictions have been lifted, the sun is shining, you're meeting up with your friends, you open the fridge and grab a cold can. What's the first song you're playing? I'll be going for All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem
  8. haha ffs, soon as I posted that I knew this reply was coming 😂 anti-lockdown anti-vaccine Ian brown fuckery****
  9. Came up on my release radar this morning, hadn't heard the song so thought Ashcroft had somehow written the best song of his career, alas it's a John Lennon cover but bugger me I really enjoyed this. Hope he isn't trying to be anti-covid but i'll ignore that and enjoy it for what it is if so
  10. Christ, some memories were unlocked here, grew up on those 3 cds in the car
  11. Bon Jovi actually have lots of very good songs. Feels good to say it aloud.
  12. Definitely think there's already more of a slip in compliance in young people if I'm looking at my immediate circles compared to last time. Seeing general attitude comprising of a few things We did this last year, not our fault if the government fucked it up, not giving up any more time of my "prime years" Most vulnerable have now been vaccinated, other groups in process, so I don't see a problem popping round to so and so's flat for a couple of beers. Not saying I agree with this, but at the same time I can't think of good enough reasons to argue against it
  13. Miss Most: 1. Women Unexpected Bonuses: 1. Not embarrassing myself in front of women.
  14. Combination of fatigue and multiple stresses going on in my life right now, but this made me fucking cry haha. 161 days to go 🤞
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