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  1. Gacheezbo

    2020 headliners

    Free can on skol with a free breakfast everyday, was a dream
  2. Gacheezbo

    2020 headliners

    PJ easily Top 5 live acts I’ve seen, phenomenal stuff.
  3. Gacheezbo

    Taylor Swift

    Yeh that’s more just my wishful thinking
  4. Gacheezbo

    Taylor Swift

    I tried getting cornelia street in but couldn't do so by keeping under 20. Personally think they others you mentioned could make way for better live songs - I'm expecting backlash here ?
  5. Gacheezbo

    Taylor Swift

    I'll have a stab at a setlist I think would smash the farm to pieces. To keep it at 20 songs was brutal. Imagine You Need To Calm Down more likely than Paper Rings / The Man. BUT IT'S MY FANTASY DAMN IT. I'm deifnitely still sleeping on Reputation as well. Me! Blank Space I Knew You Were Trouble Style Glasto Boy - (Its going to happen) Paper Rings Call It What You Want Death By A Thousand Cuts Red 22 Out Of The Woods Look What You Made Me Do Lover Love Story / You Belong To Me The Archer The Man We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Encore: Everything Has Changed ft Ed Sheeran Bad Blood Shake It Off
  6. Gacheezbo

    Fake Poster....

    I heard Greta thinks Foals are big enough to headline. #Cancelled
  7. Give it a 3/10. I love all his work from College Dropout to TLOP, but this is just insufferable dirge to be honest. Always enjoyed how “out there” he is, but this bible bashing schtick ain’t for me. How he wanted everyone on his album to practice no sex before marriage...what a bell. His privilege is giving him such a warped world view on politics and religion too, get in the bin.
  8. Gacheezbo

    2020 headliners

    I seem to be one of few who enjoyed their 2015 set, though probably wouldn't see them again.
  9. Yeh I think this is it. I was 19 when Metallica headlined and I couldn't have given a fuck about my scars at the time, however I have to think, what if it was a kid in my position then? or even if had been a few inches in another direction and gone in my eyes. It is a concern, but then I've never heard of an issue for anyone else, so I'll leave it to the security or what not to make a call on this.
  10. I like them when not near me. However at Metallica someone set one off above me, I don't know if they set it off upside down or what but it was pouring molten hot sparks over me. Have a couple of burns, one an inch or two wide across my shoulder blade. Be careful. Fortunately in my drunken state I found it equally painful and hilarious. Put my hood up to protect my money making face, wouldn't have been laughing then.
  11. Gacheezbo

    2020 headliners

    Are those the prints of a baby horse? Get forensics on it, it’s a sign
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