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  1. Absolutely loved it tonight, so did the two people I was with (what a setlist!). Can understand people’s grievances with the crowd, we didn’t get it too bad but a lot of the traffic going past us have off bad vibes. Sad to hear it ruined it for some
  2. Beans On Toast at Avalon. Was playing a song about how having a kid changed his life, a guy in front of me was with his two kids and he started balling his eyes out hugging his embarrassed kids, this set me off, then my mate who didn't know what was going on saw me getting emotional then started crying too... We were very fragile from the night before.
  3. Gacheezbo

    The Killers

    you weren't wearing glasses and between the two sound desks were you? 😂
  4. Gacheezbo

    The Killers

    Absolutely loved it. Only partially ruined by some bell next to me constantly announcing he wishes he wasn't there and critiquing the set throughout. Just f*ck off if you want to be elsewhere or at least keep it to yourself. Insufferable.
  5. stop scaremongering you clueless tw*t
  6. Has @The Nal been doing some recruitment?
  7. Still got mine up in my room
  8. I know they’re not popular on here but I think this cover is fantastic
  9. Chemical Brothers - 130 Hot Chip - 63 (-20)
  10. Proper laughed out loud in the gym like a goon
  11. Completing my last day at work before glasto and my last day on my team too! Straight from work (might wear my wellies to emphasise this point) on the train to get picked up to go and drink in the queue 🙂
  12. Gacheezbo

    The Joke Thread

    Has anyone watched Lewis Capaldi's Instagram story this afternoon? Had me cracking right up
  13. Ah I missed that. Was planning on seeing Tame so this is perfect. Great way to see him for the 20th time !
  14. Have I missed something here?
  15. Done it every year since '13. Every time has been grand, great atmosphere, people boozing and having a great gnatter, easy to walk across the empty site too! Apart from 2016. 2016 can f*ck off. Live less than an hour away, set off approx 7pm Tuesday. Wasn't parked til 4-4:30am. Mates had a great time finishing off a crate and other whatnots in the traffic, not such fun for me however!
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