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  1. TheBoz

    The 1975 2020

    I'm seeing them on Tuesday for the first time since their Williams Green set in either 2013 or 2014 where someone threw a can at Matty and the band jumped into the crowd after them. Got to be an improvement over that. I'm a much bigger fan of the band too now. Can't wait for it!
  2. TheBoz

    Other Stage 2020

    I was impressed with Dua Lipa at Mad Cool in 2018. Would put her more as a Pyramid sub but would be a great booking anywhere on the line up
  3. Album: Dogrel - Fontaines DC Song: Lesley by Dave Glastonbury Set: Christine &TQ Non-Glastonbury Gig: Foals
  4. 2013 with my best mate. Thought we'd have no chance of getting tickets but that was the year of the 2nd seetickets back server redirection so no trouble there. I'd been to reading a couple of years previously but you can't compare them. First act was Beady Eye but less said about then the better. However, the Hives that followed is still a highlight 7 years on. Been back every year since, only missing 2015 due to work and got my ticket for 2020
  5. Trying not to get too excited but this has knocked me sideways ?
  6. Royal Blood in JP in 2014, Killers in JP in 2017 and C&tQ this year are the stand outs for me I was front centre barrier for C&tQ and the whole show was just phenomenal up close
  7. I haven't seen many stinkers but one that sticks in the memory is James opening the other stage in 2016. They came on late as the field was still half flooded, it was cold and pissing down plus everyone had just woken up to the referendum result so the atmosphere was not on their side. You could tell everyone was waiting for Sit Down and they didn't even play it! Actually I don't think I've seen a decent set in that slot full stop...
  8. Didn’t even get the holding my laptop on Thursday or today, whereas my phone on 4g got the booking page both times and managed to complete the booking this morning after getting sold out halfway through on Thursday. Anyone have more success on phones?
  9. As mentioned it needs to be someone to have the well known hits to engage the crowd waiting for the headliner, hence the great sets by George Ezra and Liam Gallagher this year. Not sure for next year... Dua Lipa for one maybe?
  10. 1) Christine &TQ 2) Killers 3) Foals Special mention to Dave (& Alex) C&TQ is the best set I’ve seen at G in the 6 years I’ve been going
  11. Loving Is Easy Will be glorious if the suns shining
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