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  1. Loving Is Easy Will be glorious if the suns shining
  2. TheBoz


    I’ve also got a spare code if anyone needs one
  3. One of my must sees if they’re announced
  4. TheBoz

    Nick Cave

    Got 2 cheap seats (£33) for Birmingham Symphony Hall this morning. Cracking venue with very few poor seats there so should still have a good view. Foals and NC the week before Glastonbury will do nicely
  5. 7:30am coach on Wednesday from brizzle 👌 See you all on the farm 🍻
  6. Yep I’m on the Wednesday and could select the 07:30am 😊 but you’re going to Glastonbury mate! See you on the farm 🍻
  7. Sorry if this has already been asked but anyone know if there are any restrictions with taking a bag on site? Assuming a normal rucksack will be ok? And also taking bottles of water onsite? Assuming unopened 500ml bottles are fine? Thanks
  8. 75 minutes seems excessive for James Bay in opinion. What's he going to do, play both his albums back to back?
  9. Another here for Mad Cool. My first euro fest since Rock Werchter in 2014. Was considering it again but the Mad Cool line up is too good to pass up on!
  10. Incredible isn't it I bet we can expect similar scenes at Adele this year!
  11. Made me think of this classic
  12. Anyone got a link to that blog by the American chap who wrote about his first trip to Glastonbury in 2009 i think it was? Great read that. Hilarious how many growlers he eats if i remember correctly
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