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  1. Performing arts acts were brilliant this year. I'd even go that far and say that instead of music, this year my biggest highlights came from circus and theatre. Cirque Alfonse was mind-blowing (although my friend went to see the show a few days later and said it was not good at all, as they had many mistakes) Have to give credits here to "Elephants Laugh" (the one where they were inside water-cabins) at the theatre and dance tent as well. And mad respect to "Gravity and Other Myths", too! I think literally everybody who walked by stayed to see the show. The new venue Fulldome was a great addition. Even though the line to get in seemed to be way too long, it actually went pretty fast. We did see a few acts at the Global Village, but it really seemed to be lacking audience. I think there were like 50 of us watching Ezza. I think the issue with Global Village was that it was just in a white plain tent. They had some great decorations inside, but it did not attract people walking by. Outside, it did not really look something you'd call a "global village". Why would you wonder inside a random white tent if there's so much more going on at a festival? The whole area around the venue could be used for some amazing visuals to keep people around. Instead, there was a huge empty field around the venue, disappointing
  2. Didn’t Jain used to have a band with her? Seemed a bit dull as she was alone and just sang on a backing track..
  3. If you're arriving on the morning, it will take some time for you to find some, but you'll be fine eventually. I have always arrived a day before and got a spot under a shade, just takes a bit of time. The prime spots are taken of course.
  4. Yes they are. Sets at Sziget are longer as the line up is spread through 7 days.
  5. Most of non-brits don't even know that Ashcroft is somehow related to Bittwersweet Symphony or The Verve. They have no idea who this Ashcroft fella is. They just know the song. Hard to see his show being crowded at Sziget to be honest. Should have been A38 headliner. Sziget has always had a few "sub-headliner" size acts headlining, which I think is great and 1975 fits that slot perfectly. Expecting to have 7 gigantic acts is a bit too much. Take it as a classic 3/4-day festival line-up that is stretched into 7 days, cause that's what Sziget has always essentially been, giving you space to relax and not run between stages every god damn day. In that case the line-up is pretty OK. While 1975 does not appeal to a really wide range of audience, I can see them going down really well for Sziget demographic. And considering the audience of Sziget; Florence, 21P, Post Malone will work much better than The Strokes would. The Strokes are great, but Sziget started as a student festival and most of the audience are still people aged between 18 - 28, who just come for a party. They need a few bands like The Strokes or The National for hipsters like us, but these acts are not really selling massive amounts of tickets. But considering my personal taste I'm in the same boat with you, Yelo. This and last year has been really headliner orientated and there's not much for us with more demanding taste of music. However, I'm still going to have a great time, there's a reason I keep going back every year.
  6. eyebrain

    2020 headliners

    Just to keep that Blur buzz going... A guy who I know through work, who works for a major UK venue, told me that Blur are coming back together. However, he told me this last autumn. That was a while ago. He said it as "rumour has it..." so I'm not sure if they even had them booked at this point.
  7. I guess it kind of belongs here... Found it on Facebook from a rapper “AJ Tracey” page where he posted a video of himself appearing with Jorja Smith
  8. If you’re not camping there shouldn’t be much to worry about? Don’t take things you are afraid to lose. Lockers are helpful, but bellybags are a great option - comfortable and easy to carry + you’ll always have your eyes on it. If you want to get front row, it is safe to say you should be there before the first act on that day. If you just want to get really close, then you’ll be fine if you enter at the end of previous performer.
  9. I bought last years ticket with a debit and I was in Europe. It is safer to have an alternative payment method ready if it does not go through. Use the connection that you feel is the safest at this moment. It’s a myth that there’s a difference and it’s a myth that it’s easier being abroad.
  10. The bigger the act, the bigger is the audience and with this the chance they get mentioned. So pyramid headliners + rest of the completely packed gigs are favored. I had Janelle as my first but she did compete with some really hard clashes and that's where her votes are prolly going to.
  11. eyebrain

    Janelle Monae

    Have to put this 12 minute clip from her show here for those who missed it. This is a brilliant recap of how good it was..
  12. 143911 - WV about 20 minutes after you
  13. 1. Janelle Monae 2. Miley Cyrus 3. The Killers
  14. eyebrain

    Janelle Monae

    Best set of the weekend for me
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