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  1. I always do two, Sziget being the other one. It’s like a smaller version of Glasto while still being huge. If not going to Glasto, the alternative has to be around the same time - i’ve wanted to try out Roskilde for a while now.
  2. I had the craziest experience there, I guess it mainly had to do with us going there randomly without ever searching for the place. We just walked past the entrance Sunday night around 4AM. There was queue, but people around us gave such good vibes that we decided to stay waiting. Irish blokes managing the place at the queue were all completely shitfaced, which made it much more fun. The queue itself was not really "waiting" as there was some action going on at all times - getting offered some shady shots and getting spanked on ass by some Irish sports-type-of-thing. Literally. After we finally got in - the good vibe at the queue really mirrored inside. Design of the place was really good - no electricity seemed to be used at all. There was a bar with some old man managing it, selling drinks i had never heard of, while everybody had to be quiet for the program, the bar guy kept talking to me really loud. There was a band, after what there was some lady reading a poem and then there was this drunk guy telling a story, which got people really going. Anyway - at one point some drunk punter disturbs the story by making some kind of a bad reference out loud and suddenly everybody in the "arena" pointed a finger on him screaming "JAIL!! JAIL!!! JAIL!!!!". Turns out they had a jail/cage type of thing and he was locked up there. Not sure how he got out as I did not stay long enough, but he seemed really sad and confused. His friend was worried and told us "i am scared of him being in jail, cause he is so drunk and lost" .. and then she asked us for some cocaine, but did not have any to offer. Surreal. None of the things in the venue did not make sense which made it brilliant. (she did get cocaine from some other guy, but this does not top the girls using their long nail beds for cocaine at the other stage during supergrass)
  3. The moment you decide to make an exception and pay someone more, others are starting to expect it as well. A very dangerous path to take and I'm sure bookers know that as well. Why should I come and do the gig if you're paying me less than you paid X? These agencies represent loads of acts and know very well what kind of amounts are going around..
  4. Walked in on Simon Pegg being interviewed at Greenpeace. Once i noticed I'm on camera, walked away quickly only to later stumble on the video of it and realising it was Simon Pegg. Can't find it anymore, it was somewhere on twitter..
  5. Were showers open 24/7 or closed at night like in WV? This is something that bothered me in 2019 Worthy View. Stayed at tipis this year and the fact that i was able to shower at night without waiting really made a difference.
  6. “I need to be under the spider, overheated and on drugs” Someone walking towards Arcadia.
  7. This one? 🙂 That was my view for Diana Ross. I am still pro flags and ideally would limit them somehow.. like height or size, but implementing this does not seem realistic so it’s either ban or allow all. 😞
  8. Crowded House mentioned it on stage - that they walked around the site to there and that there’s good stuff going on at night.
  9. It was good! But not good enough to post here 🙂
  10. Take the middle line at box office. The guy on the right is literally 3x times slower than the girl in the middle
  11. eyebrain

    See Coaches

    BCEP has not come for about a hour as well now in London
  12. I honestly think that 50€ for a move-in is unreasonably expensive. However if you can afford it it’s worth it. We always get it cause like at other festivals - it gives you a bit of time to get comfy with the site, unpack, get the feel of the place. Arriving at the first day of program always feels a bit rushed for me. You already want to see some acts without time to unpack etc. There’s no time to breathe really.
  13. I mean it of course gets really busy around headliners, but that's about it. Regarding crowd control they do have screens up and are making people use different routes if main stage starts to get full, but rest of the day it's surprisingly relaxed. In terms of bars I agree, never waited very long. I think it has to do with Sziget being more like a "party festival" so the amount of locations to buy a drink is much larger than generally festivals tend to have, I'd say.
  14. Search of what? Nothing iOS 😞 - it’s frustrating that there’s not a map available with a search function - how am I supposed to find some smaller stages.. glasto official has not even named smaller stages on it.
  15. Supergrass - Alright however i think i’m not going to see them just for the one song..
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