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  1. I remember massive moshpits during Limp Bizkit in 2015. I think I have never seen crazier crowd at Sziget than that evening had, absolutely mental that was. I think Fred at one point even asked people to stay safe and take care of each other. Good times - would join those pits again and that's the only reason I'd love to have Bizkit back again. Might not be a progressive booking but great fun. But sadly most of headliners this year are not really progressive booking.
  2. Update to everyone who stumble on this thread looking for an answer; you'd need to write them general inquiry and they will manually refund. One Sticklinch 4-person tri-lodge back in the pot, good luck!
  3. Did you get this sorted? I'm getting the same message and wondering what would be the next step..
  4. New locations for Magic Mirror, Europe Stage, Colosseum, Global Village + the famous lively basic camping is now taken by Alternativa and Apero.
  5. https://szigetfestival.com/en/ named already on the website a few minutes before
  6. Considering the crazy amount of possible leaks we’ve had i’m surprised we still haven’t seen a leaked poster.
  7. If it's not rage against the machine it's the strokes. Just a guess based on recent August announcements.They have not played in Budapest as well, or have they? Can't find anything from google.
  8. Can't see Daft Punk really playing anything. If RATM does play Reading and Leeds, Sziget could be able to get them if they really want to.. will they tho? Would be worth replacing any of the current rumoured headliners in my book. Don't want to give them hard time but if they really have all the headliners booked, I'm struggling to see them going through a hassle for RATM... They would come over here for more than a festival, a quick jump to Sziget and Pukkelpop would already be worth the money.
  9. Don’t forget the Selena Gomez was a rumour at one point. Finding it hard to believe tho.
  10. If the leaker is telling the truth, Chemical Brothers could easily be the second EDM headliner. Would happily take them and the festival does have history with Chems.
  11. I'm getting some old school vibes with this design. I think I've enjoyed design of 2018 the most. Not really feeling this one... yet. Seems like the concept of diversity, love, tolerance is shifting more towards saving the planet. Got to always keep up with what's trending, ha.
  12. Doesn’t Calvin do just DJ sets these days? A DJ subbing Pyramid would be really odd. At least Pendulum was a band back then.
  13. Sziget does not have that terrible clashes, so I've ended seeing more headliners than I usually would have. 2014 - 6 2015 - 5 2016 - 4 2017 - 3 2018 - 5 2019 - 5
  14. eyebrain

    Production Pass

    Yeah, but it all takes time to prove who you are. During the event nobody has time for this - why not just wear the pass to make your life easier.
  15. eyebrain

    Production Pass

    I remember seeing Emily on Thursday during that extinction rebellion thing and she definitely had a pass with her. There’s no way everybody recognizes them and nobody has time to argue with security during the event.
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