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  1. To echo those above I’d love a day here with either MCR or RATM!
  2. Off to see Spector in a tiny venue in Cardiff tonight. Can’t wait
  3. I’m off to Digbeth tonight for Biffy Clyro so will check out some of the recommendations from here thanks everyone!
  4. There's plenty of places around Digbeth, its gone through a big period of gentrification in the last few years. If you are after a good pub which serves food I can recommend The Anchor or The Ruin, if cocktails are your thing there's a new place that's opened up called Birdies. Lots of other places for food and drink around the Custard Factory as well. It's a shame you are going on a Wednesday as Digbeth Dining Club is open Thursday-Sunday and is very good.
  5. Liam Fray also slagged off the sound for The Strokes gig so I think that rules them out
  6. Woodward's Farm burger between The Pit and the Festival Republic tents was very good
  7. Proabably a week tomorrow to tie in with the first day of Reading and Leeds.
  8. 1 hour 20 minute gap on Saturday on the BBC Radio 1 Stage in between King Princess and Nav. Plenty of time for an act to play around half an hour similar to BMTH last year.
  9. Peace clashing with TOP has upset me
  10. Speaking of extortionate ticket prices, £65 with fees for standing Lana Del Rey in Brum!!
  11. Curfew was a lot earlier this year, Catfish finished earlier than the app said they would as well.
  12. baggie92

    2020 headliners

    People I regularly go to festivals with (several Glastos, Reading and APE last year) had no idea who Bon Iver was when were thinking of going this year.
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