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  1. I'm just not going to bother with bringing a top
  2. But nobody there looks like Regine - you'd think her hair would stand out. Plus there were 9 people on stage last night, but I see 10 in that photo
  3. Them: "Now here's the sun, it's alright! (Lies, lies!) Now here's the moon, it's alright! (Lies, lies!) Now here's the sun, it's alright! (Lies, lies!) Now here's the moon it's alright (Lies, lies!)" Me:
  4. £34 for two double vodkas!
  5. Where we all going after the gig tho? Friday night innit
  6. No Jet? No Hard Day's Night? No Back in the USSR?! Absolute shite.
  7. Bit pointless telling people about that now, when it's already sold out
  8. Tonight: Spiritualized Tomorrow: Arcade Fire Saturday: Low Monday: Portishead 🥰
  9. All jokes aside tho, is Kendrick that unrealistic a booking for the future? I mean theyve managed to get Tyler the Creator and Travis Scott to perfom, who are also both pretty huge in Hip Hop circles
  10. tbh i would have been happy with someone small but after all this messing around, they better be giving us someone like Kendrick
  11. More realistic than people thinking Portishead would be the replacement...
  12. Surely there's a chance that theyre just holding off on announcing a MA replacement coz they want to do a separate announcement for it? Theyve replaced other artists with much less notice, so would be weird if they didn't do the same here. I wouldn't even mind if they replaced them with some slightly smaller acts, like I dunno... Spiritualized and MBV for example
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