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  1. Oh. Well any idea how well that show sold? I just don't think they're that popular anymore tbh
  2. This. Think they'd probably need to coheadline to do BST
  3. Oh, she's dating a cop? Okay she's cancelled now, throw her to the dogs
  4. Damn, I'd rather have Chem Bros than Disclosure
  5. #teamlana The wokesquad needs to stop targeting women 🙌
  6. Honestly mate I doubt it'll happen. End of the Road (weekend before) is now cancelled too, and I think soon other September events will follow. Plus two of the headliners are American/Canadian so doubt they'll be coming over for it
  7. Should have been heading down to Bearded Theory today... 😒
  8. Belle & Sebastian's Bristol Harbourside gig has now been postponed to Friday 16th July 2021
  9. Oh, didn't realise she had headlined in 2018. But still, a new album and a 3 year gap should be enough. Seems more likely than someone like Stevie Nicks or Fiona Apple playing
  10. Just read that Lorde is working on a new album. Reckon she could be a potential choice for headliner? Especially if the album is a success
  11. I'm a little surprised they've cancelled this early
  12. And it'll help shift tickets. Besides this is Pavement we're talking about here, not Fleetwood Mac. I doubt they're THAT expensive really
  13. Yeah, they'd probably get the bump up if need be. But I think Pavement's plan was to do the Primaveras this year and then do a full tour next year. EOTR seems perfect for them doesn't it?
  14. Aye but on the otherhand they're probably a cheap easy option
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