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  1. What good is Labour winning if they're just going to be a bunch of blue Tories????
  2. Difference is that centrists are relevant now, what with Starmer being the leader of the so-called opposition. Corbyn is no longer particularly relevant anymore, and yet his haters still keep going on about him.
  3. Oh my days will you ever stop going on about Corbyn? Anyone would think he lives in your head rent-free
  4. Was just about to post that. Decent lineup...
  5. Centrists often like to pretend they're left wing but when the time comes they veer toward the right.
  6. Seriously now, what is even the point of centrism???? If youre gonna be a right winger at least have some balls and admit it
  7. ....what? I really don't see how a shitty coalition between the Libs and the Tories is at all relevant to this
  8. The Cure - 63 (+10) REM - 71 David Bowie - 57 No.
  9. Okaaaaay theeeeen, because that makes /perfect/ sense. If there's no revolution then that means Starmer is right? Gotcha. I suppose I should have expected stupid arguments like this from a centrist tho. Critical thinking is clearly lacking amongst Starmer supporters
  10. How did Starmer "nail it"? Goddamn, you c*ntrists really are deluded 😂
  11. Popular perhaps in the same way that people are interested in what the Kardashians are up to. The royals today are nothing more than glorified tabloid fodder.
  12. Could have phrased his sympathies in a better way though, say something more neutral yknow Never said the public wants to dump them, but I don't think people are as fond of them as Starmer wants to believe. Besides, whether i'm more out of touch than Starmer or not is irrelevant. Cry more.
  13. '...the monarchy has been the one institution for which the faith of the British people has never faltered. And as we’ve seen once again in recent days, the Royal family has a connection with the British people that runs as deep today as it did when Philip Mountbatten married the then Princess Elizabeth in 1947." - Keith Starmer Fucking hell, how much more out of touch does this guy wanna be? 😂😂😂
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