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  1. Almost went to this. What are Rough Trade gigs like anyhow? Never been to one before. Also, I've got a ticket to see them in Liverpool if anyone wants it.
  2. Couldn't get tickets on Friday as I was at Latitude, and now all the good seats are gone. Shocked at how expensive some of them are really. Have decided to go see them at Oxford; cost about £45 so not too bad
  3. Unfortunately no. They tried to call me last Thursday but I was at Latitude so had poor signal. I've tried calling them but had no success, and I've emailed them again but haven't heard back from them yet 😞
  4. Pretty sure they had a show in 2018 that was advertised as their final ever concert...
  5. I saw her on Sunday and thought she was incredible. Definitely buying tickets to her tour, and will probably see her at EOTR too. She has a really cool setup, quite a diverse range of instruments which provides a pretty interesting sound: synths, drums, electric guitar, cello, clarinet, xylophone, tuba etc. The crowd was pretty lively, although it was only a daytime set so wasn't exactly a riot. I reckon if she's subbing Idles though, then by then most people will be in the mood and enjoying it. She mixes things up quite a bit too; she'll play something that sounds like it's from a film score, then she'll play something dancey, then she'll play something rocky. She ended her set with a cover of Enter Sandman which had the tent rocking out and singing along
  6. The Killers saying if you preorder the album you can get a chance to attend an exclusive UK show next year. Trying to find if there's one of those little "No purchase necessary" links but haven't had any luck so far. I wonder where it could be. Not sure I fancy a stadium gig, but a intimate gig could be amazing
  7. There's a secret set at the BBC introducing stage at midnight. Any ideas who it could be?
  8. So apparently in Damon Albarns set, he said "see you again very, very soon" and now some people are thinking he might show up again this weekend. Thoughts?
  9. Anyone catch the Rick Astley secret set last night?
  10. Christ almighty, I feel rough as fuck
  11. I'm fucked. Seeing wolf Alice, I love it but taking a break from dancing. I think we should all meet up after if there's time, could be fun lmao
  12. It's kinda fun isn't it? But I've lost my mates lmao
  13. Trying to put up this tent is doing my head in, oh my days Don't speed then. Duh
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