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  1. Goddamn this weather is grim. I was so underprepared for all this...
  2. It doesn't say it's a DJ set, and it indicates on others when it's just a DJ set. So I believe it probably isn't a DJ set
  3. I'm tempted by that one too. I wander if he'll bring that cool light display he had at his Ally Pally shows
  4. It's hard to keep track but do people think Four Tet and Comet is Coming will clash?
  5. Is Fatboy Slim worth seeing? Thinking about getting tix for his WHP show
  6. Yeah it's crazy expensive isn't it. But they're one of my favourite bands of all time: seen them thrice and would be nice to see them again in a different setting.
  7. Same day I'm seeing Aphex Twin at Printworks unfortunately. But I'm wondering if both will be possible; the Aphex event is 7pm-2am so surely he'll be on late? Heartbroken otherwise.
  8. You guys should really see this band someday. Fantastic live shows
  9. Gilgamesh69

    2020 headliners

    Since we're discussing so many different acts: if they reunited, where would Rage Against the Machine play? Where would Kraftwerk play?
  10. Oh was that the guy who headbutted someone because he tried to stand in front of him, then he got dragged off? Metal heads are nothing compared to Marling fans apparently😅
  11. Makes me think of this recent interview: https://www.nme.com/news/music/johnny-marr-tells-us-next-supergroup-hed-like-form-2521180 “So maybe I’ll just join New Order… on bass"
  12. I've heard so many negatively things about seeing Bob Dylan live, but I actually kinda enjoyed it. If you go in expecting the music to sound exactly as it did on vinyl then you'll be disappointed, but otherwise it's alright. Just don't think of it as a Bob Dylan concert, if that makes sense. However there were quite a lot of talkers wherever I stood and it was hard to get away from there. A bunch of young lads all being like "oh my god I can't believe I'm seeing Bob Dylan, he's a fucking genius" and then talking nonstop through multiple songs. I'm sure it was worth paying £80+ for that
  13. Sons of Kemet clashing with Kraftwerk is a dick move
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