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  1. I wouldn't mind it too much. It's not like Britain is lacking in good acts...
  2. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/covid-vaccination-rate-will-more-than-double-to-500-000-a-day-28p9hqz2g here ya go
  3. I've got a friend*, was saying she wont take the vaccine because it makes you infertile. Her source? The taxi driver. Another friend*, some druggo hippie who lives in a van, posted on her instagram story. She was visibly upset and going on a rant about how she tried to go into a shop but the (young) employee at the door told her she needs a mask or an exemption card. So she kicks off at him demanding to speak to a manager and saying she doesn't need any of that and its discrimination and against the law to not let her in. Like Jesus Christ, why waste all that time when you could just put
  4. But why? You'd think this government would want to go back to normal as soon as is reasonably possible. Continued restrictions when the vulnerable groups are already vaccinated will likely do more damage than good
  5. They're releasing a six episode podcast, starting this Friday. Wonder if they'll have any news about the festival?
  6. Thing is, how much of the population needs to be vaccinated before the festival is okay to happen? If their target is the first 4 groups (around 15m people) to be done in February, then surely by June they'll have vaccinated even more of the priority groups. So if enough are vaccinated and hospitalisations have dropped significantly, then couldnt the festival still happen?
  7. I may be wrong but I don't think that day had a gold circle. Or rather, it wasn't one you had to pay extra for
  8. What do we think the chances of other UK festivals happening this year are though? How about Bluedot? Or Green Man?
  9. It's just a fuckup. Two of the dates aren't even shows, it's just a club night or something like that
  10. Got any links to the articles ? Can't find them
  11. I mean, yeah people do have their own ways of getting through it. But there comes a point when being too negative is just toxic, and serves no purpose other than to irritate people. It's alright to be doubtful, but saying stuff like "glastonbury is finished, its not coming back" is just dickhead behaviour. People are struggling enough with their mental health already, so trying to obscure the light at the tunnels end does nobody any favours 😞
  12. Anything happening tonight? Didn't join last night; ended up watching a film instead. Soz!
  13. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire
  14. I know everything is up in the air right now, but honestly it does my head in, the people saying stuff like "Glad I got to go to the last ever Glastonbury in 2019" and "Can’t see a festival happening for a good few years*" Like mate, just fuck off with that negative energy. You don't belong at Glasto.
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