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  1. Isn't it more likely they'll have some DJ/electronic act to close the festival? Would make more sense to close with a party yknow
  2. Oooh, them doing one of the late night Far Our slots would be amazing.
  3. They haven't really done that many shows since they reunited, have they? I'm surprised they haven't even done their own Manchester show yet; they supported Noel G but I don't think that really counts
  4. Thing is, it says "all arrangements by Bjork" so that's kinda making me wonder if it'll be all new/original pieces. I mean come on now, if anyone was going to do a set and play songs that nobody has heard before, it would be Bjork
  5. Gilgamesh69

    The Strokes?

    Yeah me too. Although the Berlin show did have a support; but it was just some band called Gurr, don't think I've ever heard of them before. Heard good things about Hinds though!
  6. Gilgamesh69

    The Strokes?

    Hinds supporting in Paris, London, and Belfast.
  7. Gilgamesh69

    The Strokes?

    Hey, does anyone want one? My friend and I both managed to get two but we only needed two so I've got an extra. Just regular price and you can buy us a round? Droo me a DM if anyone's Interested
  8. Yeah, Stormzy's headline set was terrible. They should have given it to Liam Gallagher instead; now there's a real musician (!)
  9. Did Hot Chip do a set in The Common last year? I swear it was on one of the posters but I never heard anything else about it. Was it just a DJ set?
  10. So who do we think the post-headliner acts will be? Like Jon Hopkins and 808 State last year
  11. Has Herbie Hancock ever played Glasto? He's one of the few jazz legends left, you'd think he's earned a decent slot by now
  12. For me, I'd love to see something like this: late night Orbit slot playing all the psychedelic weird stuff, and then subbing Bjork with the more crowd-friendly songs. It's their 30th anniversary this year, so you'd hope they're going to try celebrating it...
  13. Oh right, but the 24th is the Friday btw. Maybe we'll get multiple sets? One can dream 💙
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