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  1. Precisely - it seems such a waste to lug something so big around. I looked at electric alternatives and they all have to be plugged to mains - extremely frustrating!
  2. I've got an inflatable tent which I love but a giant pump which I don't. Anyone come across one smaller for tents? Everything else I seem to find isn't suitable (I presume it's something to do with PSI's) - anyone got any ideas?
  3. Is it a licensing thing which means they can't put stuff on Weds/Thurs? More and more people come on Wednesday these days and I'm always surprised they don't put on any more entertainment. Would be cool to see a smaller band/dj play on one of those days and getting a huge turn out.
  4. topmarksbri

    TBAs 2019

    Surely Foals too big for JPT? Also seems a bad idea to have them in a tent...
  5. Am I right in thinking there won't be any camping gear shops this year? Weighing up what to do about an air mattress
  6. Isn't it all festival strength there but they just add in syrup of whatever flavour you've gone for?
  7. Worst - Silver Hayes - it feels like the least Glastonbury like in both the clientele and the vibe around the stages. You can normally walk from one side to the other on laughing gas canisters without touching the ground Best - The Park if you're standing in the right place and get the right artist is pretty magical; James Blake there back a few years was incredible!
  8. I've lost all my passion for the food at the festival since The Growler left. It's all just sustenance to me now. Lost my joy de vivre.
  9. I'm in the market for a new tent, what's the verdict on these? Hot tent is honestly my least favorite thing about the festival
  10. Mate you've done far more good than harm during this whole process don't think you have any reason what so ever to be apologetic
  11. could have just converted them into regular tickets and sold them in the main secret sale...is odd given the strange goings on of a few weeks ago tho
  12. Reckon we might have had our lot boys and girls, doesn't seem like they'll be any more on sale
  13. Talented musicians don't need backdrops (or choirs) pal, let the music do the talking.
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