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  1. Not wanting this thread to descend into a pro/anti Corbyn argument for the 1000th time - any reason JC voted against that we know of?
  2. One of the issues that Boris has, is that once an MP has rebelled they tend to get a taste for it - they'll already be out of favour with No.10 and they'll realise that there's no real massive repercussions for them.
  3. Not sure it would be popular but I would just say stop pubs from opening on NYE...
  4. This is a weird comparison but over lockdown I got really into watching Four in a Bed on channel 4 and everytime there was someone from Yorkshire on there it was like that was their entire personality and all they'd bang on about is how you'd get a proper Yorkshire breakfast which was, as far as I can tell, the exact same as a normal full english. My partners family is all from Yorkshire and I harbour no ill will towards them but it does seem a bit weird.
  5. The uncomfortable truth is that for Labour to do anything meaningful the Lib Dems need to be a thing to take votes off of swing voters in Tory/LD marginals. Strong Lib Dem showing is good for Labour.
  6. This is factually untrue. Labour were at 45%, Corbyn's personal ratings have always been absolutely awful. From a polling point of view what we're currently seeing with Starmer is basically what we saw with Cameron pre 2010 where he's more popular with the general public than the party, who are a toxic brand with the public (wonder why that may be....) The ironing is delicious.
  7. I think you're misjudging the strength of feeling amongst jewish members about Jeremy.
  8. John McDonnell must be feeling pretty damn smug with all of these announcements.
  9. This would be interesting and the make up looks a bit more like Johnson from Mayor of London rather than Cummings Johnson (wheyy). Gove to health interesting, can't stand him but hard to argue that he hasn't made a difference at each cabinet position he's had (all for the worse).
  10. Bolsanaro, Xi, Kim, Trump, Modi, Putin all centrists who knew
  11. Is that all the far left stand for?
  12. Just curious - in tier 2 would it be possible to say, have a substantial meal in a pub and then stay there for the next 4/5 hours?
  13. Surely gym/health is better than mince pies and gallons of booze? (Better for public health, not just like in general better because clearly being healthy is awful and eating loads and getting drunk is great)
  14. Ha - I fully expect we'll find out the vaccine news from a series of escape room clues and the real vaccine will be the friends we made along the way...
  15. The biggest moral booster they could do would be to lay out a detailed timeline recognising the factors that could effect that timeline and how they'd effect the timeline. I think everyone understands that unexpected things come up but the fact that we're hearing what the plan is a week before we're coming out of lockdown is ludicrous - how are businesses meant to prepare?
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