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  1. topmarksbri

    Sober times

    I'm coming up to 6 months without a drink, think I'm going to drink at Glastonbury but will definitely have a few days off - I've had too many occasions over there years where I've been too out of it to remember a band and I look back at footage of the gig and regret not being fully present for it. It's really interesting reading the sober people who still dance/do karaoke even though they're not drinking. One thing I've found from recent period of sobriety is that once you do any of the things you used to do drunk sober you suddenly get a massive rush of self confidence and endorphins - even though it's awkward at first long term I think it's helped with my social anxiety. Would be great if the festival could get some kind of LA/NA beer on tap - I definitely get some kind of placebo affect from it of feeling relaxed but without any of the nasty bits!
  2. They were a game changer for me and gf, could easily sleep in till midday in 2019 and felt so much better as a result.
  3. Are there any smaller air tent pumps available? Love my F+B but was a bit of a pain lugging around the giant official red one.
  4. Yep, pretty much agree with this fully. Obviously it's fun to take the piss out of the Coachella crowd and personally I think it pales in comparison to Glastonbury, but I have no doubt that many of the attendees would absolutely despise Glastonbury. Equally the most ridiculous attendees stick out the most and we probably don't get to see the large amount of normal music fans who go. They're both 'festivals' in that they're both events that have a lot of live music but the similarities really end there as far as I can see. All that being said everyone should continue to post the influencers etc because it is also very funny.
  5. I genuinely cannot tell if this is parody or not
  6. Was pulled at APE this year from a sniffer dog who very intently sniffed my pocket which contained...my vape. They took me to one side and did a very cursory search and let me on my way - it was a third party security company who obviously didn't give a shit. In terms of being searched going into the festival itself, happened to me twice - once just caught the eye of a security guard randomly who took some laughing gas off me. Second time was going through with my parents, they patted my bag down a bit, took one look at my 60+ year old dad and said we were clearly just a nice family so let us through.
  7. It's kind of weird that they've gone for a California thing which makes sense with Snoop,Dre, Kenny but Em and Mary especially couldn't be much less west coast.
  8. Put in the same file as Republicans using born in the usa
  9. At some point that demo is gonna be brown bread and then what for the festival?
  10. Yeah agree with all of this (especially about liking Harry Styles the person more than the musician...). I think if some had their way it would be white blokes playing guitar x 3 every year, Glasto is probably the only festival in the UK that can afford to takes risks with headliners and it's a good thing it does.
  11. Love Ye and would love to see him at the festival again but can't see it, too much smoke with all his trump associations.
  12. Known socialist Taylor Swift
  13. I'm not sure it's as simple as saying it's differences between men and women, some people (huge musical artists who aren't often told no) are far more sure of their own opinions. I'm not defending him, think he shouldn't have said anything - just questioned your assertion that you have to have absolute empirical knowledge of something to believe it. Maybe he heard it from someone in the industry whose opinion he trusts. Once again though I don't get why people, most of all Taylor Swift, are so rattled by what ageing britpop singer Damon Albarn has to say. He's irrelevant.
  14. People can't believe in completely untrue things?
  15. They're both just awful
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