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  1. We're also less than 6 months into this election cycle and Kier's been in the job for a month during the biggest international crises in a generation. If he's not really cutting through yet hardly a surprise, but that doesn't mean that initial signs aren't promising.
  2. topmarksbri

    Weezer Sunday?

    Another one that comes to mind - King of Leon
  3. topmarksbri

    Weezer Sunday?

    I know not an opinion shared by everyone but Arctic Monkeys for me. Only got back to the level of the first two on AM.
  4. Interesting article about the oxford vaccine
  5. Peak 10 - 14 weeks away - that sounds like nail in coffin to me...
  6. An October festival sounds quite fun TBH. Bit of a pick me up heading into winter.
  7. I'm oscillating wildly between this is all fine and this is all terrible.
  8. Why is NYC getting hit much worse than London? Or at least it seems that way...
  9. There's a guy on youtube doing vlogs who's tested positive for it but seems to be getting on ok - he is a bit of a little englander.
  10. Reading the q+a from Chris Whitty is making me feel more positive about it all. Seems like a lovely, sensible and knowledgable chap.
  11. Do we think this is potentially why we haven't had an announcement in a while?
  12. Not sure how that would effect the license etc. If locals plan around having at one time of year, pushing it back might not an option. Also how would that affect the booked acts?
  13. TBF if this is as accurate as his transfer rumors then I don't think we've got anything to worry about.
  14. So do you think the euros are going to be cancelled? The end of the football season? 6 nations?
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