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  1. You can all thank me for this improvement in weather fortunes, I spaffed £20 on waterproof socks which arrived today.
  2. Shake, Rattle and Paul Fun in AcaPAULco Paul Salad Annie
  3. El Telvana: Terry Venables fronted Nirvana
  4. I managed 37k in a day on the day of the local elections back in May - should stand me in good stead.
  5. Anyone listened to the podcasts for the answers yet? Not sure I can face listening to a new music podcast that potentially starts with Sheeran.
  6. BBC forecast this morning gives 90% chance of rain all day today, but then it looks dry through to Wednesday with rising temperatures. Looks like rain again next Wednesday though.
  7. That's what I thought. EDIT - Been confrimed - didn't read the whole thread before posting. We were in there for Elrow and it was awesome, absolutely nuts.
  8. blutarsky


    Sorry if I've missed this and am being dim, but the Ibiza silent movie's premiere is at Cineramageddon, right? And you had to book but it's sold out?
  9. blutarsky


    Does Strummerville open on Wednesday night? Hoping to head there for a view of the fireworks and a few birthday drinks.
  10. Maybe the wrong place, but could you make eFests stickers? I'd have bought one to stick on my Glastonbury fancy dress if they existed.
  11. blutarsky

    Resale Club 2019

    This is me...! Finding it very hard not to, mind.
  12. blutarsky

    Resale Club 2019

    It's such a great film. I could watch it over and over. Might bring my College jumper to the festival - keep an eye out.
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