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  1. Kae is a poet first and foremost, so that’s sort of the point...? Personally I like the music, but approach their stuff like it’s a poem / spoken word anyway.
  2. I really enjoyed that, thanks!
  3. How did it slip away from Dave? Such a strong position for so long.
  4. I loved Homeland, it’s up there as one of the shows I’ve enjoyed most. I didn’t think the 7th and 8th series were quite as good as the previous six though.
  5. Not incorrect, but can be confusing. Every newspaper will have a ‘style guide’ which sets out rules for how to approach things like this, how to write out an age, refer to the queen etc and they’re normally pretty massive volumes.
  6. Unless it’s a verbatim quote where putting speech marks next to an apostrophe is unavoidable, I’d always suggest just rewriting to avoid it, otherwise it is confusing!
  7. This is absolutely fucking criminal. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
  8. As an English teacher and former sub-editor I can help! The generally accepted convention is that when analysing literature and discussing the impact on those reading, we refer to a singular reader. Therefore, the conventional way for you to use ‘reader’ in the context above would be: reader’s. /nerdmode
  9. The Cure - 59 REM - 49 David Bowie - 79 (+10)
  10. Any news on a draw Alex? Was meant to be today wasn’t it?
  11. That would be criminal and proof positive we don’t deserve nice things. Bowie is one of the greatest innovators and performers of all time.
  12. Should we rename this thread “when will this shit end”?
  13. The Cure - 70 REM - 75 David Bowie - 76 (+10)
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