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  1. blutarsky

    Resale help

    Worked in catering for a restaurant in hospitality. Happy to connect you if you want to DM. Was 4x8 hour shifts and was hard work, but did get fed and paid.
  2. How do you add new people to the list? I’d be interested!
  3. Based on the fact I know 19 people who tried for tickets, and none got a sniff, then proportionally there must be an infinite number of people trying as we had a 0% success rate
  4. Entered, gotta happen right?
  5. blutarsky

    Resale help

    Group of six in need of help please. Numbers may drop before the resale if others decide not to try again. I do not want to have to work the festival again in 2020 - it near killed me this year.
  6. Because it's the 50th year, so 50 special tickets. Symmetry, see.
  7. There won't be one again, surely. System is too tight - if you don't get sorted in April you won't get one.
  8. blutarsky

    Thank you

    Yes please Mr J, all and any help come resale day hugely appreciated.
  9. blutarsky

    Resale Club 2019

    God, I don't want to go through that again, although my local co-op crew were very good and gave me an entry even when they'd sold out of the paper one day. At least the jammy winner of the eFests comp and all his luck is out of the way this year.
  10. This is a shit and horrible, yet familiar, feeling.
  11. snap, and it's the hope that kills you
  12. blutarsky

    Ticket Sale Date

    Oh god, I've had an absolute 'kin 'mare and organised a party at my house for October 5th.
  13. Sounds like a good gig for you to be so aware of not wanting to sabotage it, enjoy! I'm torn on volunteering. I worked this year and it didn't allow me to enjoy the festival in the same way as previous years, plus I was way more wiped out post-festival from burning the candle at both ends (16 hours sleep in 5 days and 32 hours of working Thurs-Sun). My day to day work means it's very difficult for me to be at Glastonbury anyway, so ideally I would always arrive Thursday and leave Sunday evening, but this year working meant I had to be on site Wednesday to Monday. Working/volunteering manes you have to be there for a longer period, so the only way I should do it is by getting a ticket. Being there for less time matters less if all your time is spent doing what you want to do. But if I don't get a ticket, I'm sure I'll be scrambling for work/volunteer positions.
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