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  1. Shit, sorry to hear that. It sounds like a terrible experience. Hope you come through it alright.
  2. All ready to go and just waiting for it to happen! Phone in pocket at all times. How are things in Keynsham?
  3. Maybe a bit but will probably iPlayer it tomorrow.
  4. blutarsky


    Lousiana will be intimate af. Only just seen this so all tix gone obviously. Bit gutted, but a sunday night before work, with a six month old baby at home and a 2 hour drive to get there it my have been stretch anyway.
  5. blutarsky


    I listened to the Distraction Pieces podcast with Joe Talbot and went from thinking “this is a guy with his finger on the pulse” to thinking he was poorly informed and that his opinions were essentially generalisations. It’s a shame.
  6. If only it was that easy to get past the holding page
  7. Tried searching, couldn't find what I was looking for. Doesn't appear to be a comps thread for 2021 yet either, so thought I'd make it. I entered the Greater Manchester CND raffle to try and win a pair of tickets for next year working in one of the lock ups. They did a draw on August 6 and published results but they've now disappeared from their website. Did anyone else enter and win anything? Link to Facebook video of draw - but only one of the prizes
  8. Frank Turner near me next week, tempted but £125 for a circle marked on the ground for 6 people and Mrs B is close to popping mini Blutarsky out so a bit of a gamble for that sort of cash... https://thebigsheep.co.uk/events/baa-lladium-frank-turner-plus-special-guests/
  9. http://www.thefader.com/2020/09/17/australian-music-festival-to-trial-covid-safe-event-next-month Australian attempt at COVID safe festival. Thoughts? Just sounds like a gig to me, rather than a festival.
  10. Didn’t look in, couldn’t spare £20 for it 😱
  11. I don’t recall, but when I got home I was naked, drenched head to toe in blood and had a pentangle shaped burn on my right buttock.
  12. Rest easy Toots, I forgive you for keeping me hanging around the West Holts in 2017 - your tunes made my life better.
  13. I’m a member of my local town centre management board - we decided no switch on at a meeting on Monday
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