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  1. Thailand. Same population as UK. Island. Important trading nation very closely located to some of the continent’s biggest manufacturers and exporters. Closer to original outbreak than UK. Adopted a Zero COVID approach. Controlled its borders. Implemented effective track, trace and contain. Total COVID deaths since beginning of pandemic: 71 That could have been the UK. We had enough of a warning to prepare even better than the Thais. We didn’t. So next time someone says “Boris (like he’s their fucking mate) is doing the best he can, and I don’t think anyone would have do
  2. Oh, what could have been if we had a half way competent government...
  3. This is close to me, around 30 miles (although a 1 hour 15 drive) and am considering it y to or the end of summer. Mrs Blutarsky are buying and converting a van and should be ready to use it by august. Watchet is obviously a smaller festival and the line up doesn’t look amazing. Is there enough going on to warrant a £180 spend on a pair of tickets? We’ll also have a 1 year old in tow. Is it baby friendly? Any reviews /info welcome.
  4. Massage and acupuncture immediately spring to mind. Rugby.
  5. Same here. Hopeful one off gigs in large venues like this can go ahead in some form. Did they not say those who turn 12 between June 2020 and the next festival can still have free entry with proof of DOB? or was it that you would need to pay but they’d be allowed a ticket?
  6. Repost, but now it’s the right day
  7. I don’t have a ticket but will move heaven and earth to get myself, Mrs Blutarsky and mini Blutarsky (new addition since 2019) there. Last time I had a ticket was 2017 but Mrs B and I worked in 2019 to get there. Any call for Victorian style child chimney sweeps at the G?
  8. Agree, but equally wouldn’t judge as the creed I like to live by is “everything in moderation, including moderation itself”!
  9. The Eavii seem like such thoroughly decent people don’t they, it’s hard not to feel real warmth towards them whenever you read or see anything involving them. As we all will, I wish them the absolute best.
  10. Listening to it now. It gets a 👍🏻 from me and my 3 month old daughter, currently dancing together in the kitchen to it
  11. It’s bleak to think we won’t get to attend between 2019 and 2023. So let’s not think that! Positivity people, we’ll be there!
  12. Disagree, come September I easily reckon you could sell out a 50k Pilton Party three times over. Appetite for events is going to be enormous.
  13. Well remembered! You can knock 25 off your age to get mine, so not long left on the paddock I fear... 😱
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