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  1. We worked in hospitality last year and it was so much quieter on Sunday. Lots of people seemed to have gone home after Saturday night.
  2. There might be if the number of coach companies that have gone bust near me is replicated around the country
  3. 😂 out of upvotes, sorry! Social distancing just isn’t happening in schools, at least, not the one I have been into. It’s getting the barest consideration, and no masks either... mind blowing 🤦🏻‍♂️ Try telling people I know that, they are carrying on as per now... Yes, next door neighbour is a technician for a coach company, he’s not expecting to return until September. Currently the expectation is only 1 in 6 seats can be used, so business isn’t viable. There are 6-7 local coach companies round here, and most depend on school transport contracts for their bread and butter. 2 have gone bust already. Neighbour is hoping his employer can ride it out as they are the second biggest company, but they shelled out 100k on a new vehicle immediately prior to lockdown which has put them in a hole. It’s done 2 trips.
  4. He could have been a surprise guest though, as we were missing several acts and he did a surprise appearance this year. Jessie Ware should be confirmed. She he’d Emily on her podcast as a guest and was invited back, and said she’d love to.
  5. Remember how Cummings wouldn’t trend on Twitter because of the porn filter - we need to persuade Jack Dorsey to block the word Glastonbury so people will stop hyping the fucking resale. And anyone who runs a Glasto Twitter account, stop sodding tweeting and giving people help and advice when they’ve no clue 😂 /unGlastonbiryesque post
  6. blutarsky

    BBC Glastonbury

    I remember being in Worthy View listening to Rag n Bone man on the Park but that’s quite close.
  7. blutarsky

    BBC Glastonbury

    Just watching Pulp now, loved the little rambling explanation on where sorted for Es and whizz came from. “I know you’re not like that” *points at crowd*
  8. I mean, I think it’s going to happen but taking the optimism of the world’s biggest optimist as a sign it’ll be fine is a leap. Then again, most people would bet against a Somerset dairy farmer who decided to put a stage in a field becoming the organisers of the world’s biggest festival, so what do people know?
  9. Given the Eavii say no 2021 festival means no more Glastonbury ever, you're effectively writing off the festival for good. Where's you blind faith and optimism? You should be booted off the forum 😜
  10. blutarsky

    BBC Glastonbury

    Just spent ages reading through this thread and got from page 80 to 104, then gave up 😅 Bowie was marvellous wasn't it - would have liked to be on here while it was on but wanted to give my full and undivided attention. I thought they were great. We had Everlong as a first dance at our wedding, so we're big fans. But.... This is pretty accurate. We didn't get tickets for 2015 when they had to cancel, so 2017 Pyramid was the first time we saw them. We were blown away, but saw them at the Olympic Stadium a year or so later and had similar thoughts about their identi-kit set list etc. It didn't compare to the Pyramid set, despite being very similar. Something to do with the atmosphere. It was incredible. Great explainer from the producer here: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/oct/25/david-bowie-lost-glastonbury-headline-set-bbc I'd love an answer to this @deebeedoobee @pilton digger. Surely it's all very audible? The man had a time machine. "Stay safe and look after each other" *plays* I'm afraid of Americans. I had that, lay awake for an hour or so singing Changes to myself over and over. I saw that. Nail. Head. Hit. Only Bowie could do it.
  11. I did the ticket sale on 2 hours sleep after a house party last year. Very blurry eyed, but it didn't matter as we never got anywhere near anything other than a holding page.
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