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  1. Completely missed it when skimming - just read special guest and missed Elvana. They were similar slot last time - midnight Sunday night/Monday morning. I legged it over after finishing my final shift but didn’t get there in time - caught literally the final few bars and saw them walk off stage. Went to see them in Bristol subsequently and had a great time. Unfortunately I think we’re going to have to leave site post Sunday headliners.
  2. M it based on any kind of actual knowledge but I don’t think it’ll get much acknowledgement and I personally don’t think it should. It’s been and gone. All celebrating it now does is remind everyone where we missed, and of any painful memories associated with the pandemic. To paraphrase Frank Gallagher, let’s just have a fucking party! No one wants to get maudlin.
  3. Where did you get Elvana from?
  4. The festival is in 31 days from today though.
  5. This was what was added but wasn’t on the poster in 2017
  6. Can’t speak for @sedra but it would be useful for me to have in the campervan. Certainly wouldn’t carry it in to general camping mind.
  7. Was it all the covers?!
  8. Someone mentioned elsewhere it could be everyone with a camper pass too. Does everyone else who’s had the despatch email have a camper pass?
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