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  1. We have a well-being group at work which has been set up with the aim of improving morale among staff and working conditions. So far the only thing they have come up with system whereby we anonymously by each other gifts and occasional “fun Fridays.” The most recent fun Friday was yesterday where it was suggested we could walk round to work to celebrate the Jubilee. A cut out template to design your own crown was provided. Mine had “abolish the monarchy” written on it in block capitals and I put people like Johnny Rotten and Keith Flint on it as well as a cartoon of a sweating Prince Andrew and Louis XVI being beheaded on each of the points. According to one of my colleagues this wasn’t professionally appropriate as I was displaying my political views. I’m not sure she realised that wearing a crown and celebrating the monarchy is doing the exact same. She also seems to have forgotten that the curriculum includes plenty of antimonarchist literature, including a William Blake poem which talks about palace walls running red with blood.
  2. This, this and this again. Out of upvotes sorry Gnom.
  3. Our camper ticket came with the admission tickets, but both were bought on the main resale date at the end of March.
  4. We had ours separate to the regular daily post, although our normal delivery time is 3pm-ish so this might have been part of an extra round to meet the guaranteed 1pm delivery time.
  5. That’s the entire weekend. I’ll be on the beers as I don’t drink spirits as a rule. The espresso martini will be one a day as a pick me up if required, and it comes in 200ml cans. Edit: arriving Thursday morning due to childcare, so only get a four day festival. On top of that, we’ll be leaving Sunday post-headliners so no drinking that day.
  6. I’m not drinking 6 litres of espresso martini though 😂 200ml cans so 800ml at most, and I probably won’t have them all.
  7. blutarsky


    Bought some Dr Scholl ones which were shit, so don’t ask me! They had a really high stiff arch on them which was quite painful, as they are really narrow. Was shocked tbh, as I have quite narrow feet and a decent arch.
  8. blutarsky


    Caravans appearing in Dragon field and I think there’s activity near Pennard Hill Gate for WV, but hard to tell as looking on my phone. Could be installing the long drops up there?
  9. blutarsky


    Not conclusive, could be G-o-S activity:
  10. One of my 2 gigs was with Mrs B, and she’s coming to Glastonbury too. Plus she’s in Madrid for 3 days at the moment so I don’t feel guilty!
  11. Same. Midnight to 6am in the SEC. 6-8 at the Stone Circle. 8-12 Kip in a shady spot in the healing fields. Back up and partying from midday Sunday until you drop on Monday morning.
  12. blutarsky


    The route will more than likely be 90% on trackway and the railway line I’d have thought.
  13. GFL stipulate that stalls have to offer a meal for £5 don’t they? Part of the application process to provide a menu which includes low cost simple meals.
  14. Was a bit tipsy on Friday night - only 3 beers but can strongly recommend the Moth canned mojito. Delicious and STRONG 💪
  15. That’s not happening - same tent as normal. It was meant to be a bigger tent, but budget…
  16. Your poor heart. Yesterday I picked up a Moth espresso martini to have each day as a pick me up when required, and a pack of the 330ml Peroni cans that have turned up in supermarkets recently. Not bad warm. Also planning on getting some Moretti and Red Stripe as both are relatively palatable warm. We have a fridge in the camper so I should be able to enjoy these cold for the majority of the day if I take them out in a chiller bag.
  17. I just can’t keep up with the New Music thread. I try, and about once a week I open it, read a page and load up the artists recommended or with new releases, but by the time I’ve listened to all that a week has passed and there are another 20 pages on top of what was already there. If I had more listening time it’d be my favourite thread I think. Glastocam is my current favourite thread - so exciting at this time of year. I also love the map and site changes threads. So much fun needing out and reading other people’s forensic analyses of the maps.
  18. Maaaate, dad to an 18 month old here, managed 2 gigs this year 🤦‍♂️
  19. Oh mate. Still plenty of time for it to appear. If not SEE will have to sort you out. Personally I think I’d give it until EOP Monday then get in touch with them.
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    As accidentally posted in a 5-year-old thread… Bimble and Rabbit Hole due to start their builds after the bank holiday.
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