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  1. There really is no substitute for true, real life experiences. We all hear the doctors & politicians painting the Covid consequence picture, but to hear actual experiences is very sobering indeed. Thanks to everyone for sharing and along with everyone else, I wish you a speedy & healthy recovery. Great thread ❤️
  2. Will we ever see this again..... 😔
  3. I'm afraid you lost me after the word "Wetherspoons"
  4. Quality image. My new screensaver..... #THANKYOU
  5. Brill THANKYOU. I’ve just ordered one of each design. absolutely no idea why 🤣
  6. Chesh

    Glasto Art

    Those are amazing. Your post took me back many years to a photography competition I won on the ‘original’ Glastonbury Festival boards. I won this canvas print called “Luvin the Mud” by Garry Sawers AKA GlastoGaz. I still have it in the original postage tube.
  7. I wondered that too..... Suppose it's not as straightforward as simply rolling over with pre-planned schedules etc. Certainly with the bigger acts.
  8. Stunning pics. Thanks for sharing
  9. www.flyglastonbury.com Stayed there 7 times now. Not bragging, I’m just saying that it’s nowhere near as expensive as the thread suggests. Pretty much all the artists use this service aswell (or at least they did). If you can afford to do it, I absolutely recommend it. 😎
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