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  1. I’ve got a haircut booked! Not till mid April but there’s finally a date set for the return of normal hair!
  2. I lost my dignity years ago but now slowly losing my memory so I no longer care.
  3. Unless you’re a chicken nugget. You’re in a lot of trouble if you’re a nugget.
  4. I’ll be putting Jedi again like I have done for the previous two Census. Can’t refute it as my belief in this made up religion is just as valid as everyone else’s beliefs in their chosen made up religion.
  5. Hate to be the pedantic one but European isn’t a national identity as it’s not a nation. If anything else is allowed then I’ll be putting Yorkie. I believe the Cornish also want independence from the cesspit that is this country.
  6. Being twice the age of the typical Leeds fest attendee means pulling there isn’t something I think about. Haven’t been since 2011 and I felt too old then.
  7. Just had the conversation with my usual festival group. We want to go to a festival but being in a field with thousands of hyperactive teenagers who have been stuck indoors for a year isn’t really that appealing.
  8. It’s this us vs them attitude which resulted in Brexit and the deep racial tension that plagues the nation.
  9. The Tory manifesto didn’t include Covid either so that will be his reason for going back on the manifesto. You’re right though about being cautious about how that money is being spent.
  10. Lots of talk about how they haven’t raised taxes so far and wanting to make economic changes to improve people’s lives.
  11. Bojo is clearly setting up massive tax rises and cuts to services next week. It’s not going to be a popular budget.
  12. Spaffer is better at being a performing monkey with the soundbites that can be used in the media. He completely failed to answer any of the questions he was given.
  13. First question avoided. 😂🤦‍♂️
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