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  1. Keep positive mate you’ll get there!
  2. I’ve just had a phone call saying my hospital appointment on the 20th of April will now be done over the phone. It’s just to discuss recent tests. It does mean that hospitals are still going down lockdown protocols after the planned return date stated by our supreme leader.
  3. We used zoom for it. The trending Houseparty App only lets you have 8 connections and the inbuilt games only work if you’re using a mobile or tablet. Facebook video chat struggles if there is more than a few people. Skype has been a bit on the dodgy side since it started been built into windows. We struggled to even add people to each other’s contact lists. I definitely recommend zoom for large chats. Only limitation is the 40 minute chat limit for those using a free account but if you’re likely to be using it for a while it’s definitely worth getting a small subscription. Only one person needs to have a premium account and the rooms they host can go on indefinitely.
  4. Had a party on Saturday for a mates birthday. All done virtually using laptops, tablets and phones. Was about 16 of us all playing drinking games and getting wrecked till some early time in the morning. As we were all in our own houses a few of us were doing random fancy dress and changing outfits every time we popped to the loo.
  5. Two opposing views at the same time on my Facebook feed. The second post is from a NHS worker. Think it says it all.
  6. There’s a Frank Turner gig on at the same time on Facebook. Clashes are always a nightmare to deal with
  7. Warning extreme tin foil hat area. Interesting post though so thought I’d share it.
  8. There’s a few of us in my office with a similar story. Weather it was seasonal flu or covid is unknown. There is a lot of plausibility in the theory that this virus has been with us for some time and we have only just started testing for it. I’m definitely interested in taking one of these new antibody tests to see if I have had already had it.
  9. I use photoshop to make gifs. Pretty simple once you know what you’re doing. 64x64 is pretty small though but should be able to convert something for it. What file format does it accept and what file size?
  10. All Americans are equal but some are more equal than others.
  11. I whacked a tenner on coldplay as I always lose any bets I place.
  12. Not understanding the shops policies of reducing people inside. Popped out to buy some food and instead of people being dispersed inside the store they are now in a big queue outside squashed together while waiting to go in.
  13. It’s not the putting up part that’s going to sell it to people, it’s the time it takes to take it down. If I didn’t already have a fresh and black tent I’d definitely pick one of these up.
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