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  1. There is method to her madness. She’s the goldilocks of the civil service. She’s neither too good nor too shit so she doesn’t get noticed.
  2. Losing the NHS is my biggest fear. I know what it costs people in the US to live with the same condition as myself. The medication costs alone are well in excess of $500 every month and that’s before you start thinking about the costs of Dr appointments, scans and tests and the actual operations I’ll need could mean I would be looking at a total bill of above a million dollars. You think I’d get insurance with my existing condition? Not a chance unless I’m willing to pay extortionate premiums. My medication isn’t expensive. It costs the NHS €4.50 a month. I get it for free.
  3. Just been discussing it elsewhere. Why would the tory government want to lower food standards? Not only would it mean cheaper food but a lot more people getting ill. Normally a lot of ill people would be a disaster for the economy but if you also have a plan to monetise the healthcare system then its a double win for those at the top of the tree.
  4. *insert usual grumbling about wellys posting habits here*
  5. Can you please keep your weather on the soggy side. We are not happy on this side of the Pennines.
  6. Today it is pissing it down in Yorkshire. I would definitely prefer to be working from home today. I shall be having a word with my boss when I get to the office.
  7. Still think he should have made a point of if we don’t do something to curtail the virus now then there won’t be any socialising in December.
  8. That’s his usual Tuesday night activity
  9. 60% of the time, they worked every time.
  10. It’s very much down to the industry. I work in manufacturing, my role is product development and while I can do a lot of my job via VPN I do need to do some hands on work too. If I’m required to work from home I will do and just come in as needed for prototyping.
  11. My local brewery pubs have been doing very well. All staffed masked up since reopening, table service only. The trouble is that they keep asking you if you want more when you’re 3/4 through your pint so they encourage you to drink faster.
  12. If we locked down this thread it would just spread to other parts of the forum. Better to keep it contained
  13. Gets worse when you compare that to combined WW1 and WW2 deaths.
  14. That’s something that has to be left to a companies judgement. There’s no point for me to wear a mask when I work on my own. However those people in shared offices could probably benefit from mask use. It can’t be a government mandated decision.
  15. There was something about making sure workplaces are covid secure if you can’t work from home. My work has it sensible. I have my own office so I don’t have to wear a mask all day however if I’m going onto the shop floor or working in close proximity of someone then I do.
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