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  1. Basically there’s a group of people on a spaceship. You are all given a list of mini tasks to complete to stop the ship from crashing. However at least one of the crew is an imposter and he’s trying to sabotage the mission by killing off the crew. Obviously no one knows who it is and you have to eject the imposter via voting before he wipes out the crew
  2. It can work if people are using multiple devices. The game is free on mobiles and dirt cheap on PC.
  3. That would be a lot of fun. We already know that one of us is an imposter.
  4. Have we had this conversation before? Something in my brain is trying to tell me that we already have.
  5. Is your birthday soon as well? Wonder if we’re birthday twins 🤔
  6. It’s not a story that can be told on the internet.
  7. We’re you not there for that story?
  8. I’ve been very good recently. Had no overnight stays since the girl that I broke 🥳
  9. Would be nice to see a comparison of that map with a map showing the last election results.
  10. Tier 3 areas getting priority for community testing like seen in Liverpool recently. Hopefully this means we get back to normal quicker.
  11. Big fuck you to the North. All the London based Tories will party on as before. 😤
  12. All kicking off in the house. The speaker is not happy.
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