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  1. Anyone in here tonight? Currently in shittv
  2. If they don’t like your fancy dress get up then they’re not the right person for you!
  3. Get some festival pics on your profile. Always a good conversation starter.
  4. I usually have a cool box with frozen cans of cider in. I’m sure they would survive a trip from the north in there.
  5. The virtual dating scene has been tough. Been great chatting to girls but when it comes to meeting its been tricky. Not keen on inviting a total stranger to my house nor the same in return. Going for a walk down the canal or in the park is also suspect. At least we should be able to finally meet someone in a bar!
  6. I hope so. I didn’t go crazy like some people have done but I’ve ordered a nice supply. If they do fulfil the order I doubt I’ll get through them all before Glasto next year so I could have some left to dispose of then.
  7. Someone was desperate to get to the pub today
  8. The app was the main reason I went there. Too much effort talking to people. At least more pubs have now invested in the same technology so we lazy people have more choice of where to drink and better beer. 😁
  9. It could be worse. You could be sat in a pub right now with Nigel Farage who has just come back from the Covid filled Trump Tulsa rally. Shouldn’t he be quarantining anyway? 🤔
  10. I have a bus app which shows you how busy they are. They are completely full. Everyone is going in for the long session so not driving.
  11. Parts of Catalonia just to the west of Barcelona are going into local lockdown Maybe sitting in the lines for 3 months will enhance the taste and potentially allow for fermentation to take place and actually give it some alcohol content.
  12. Only because a large number of high risk people have unfortunately succumbed to Covid prematurely. As with my uncle, his death wasn’t caused by covid but it was certainly accelerated by it.
  13. The person complaining was aged between 20-29 and had 6 kids. I’m not sure if they know the meaning of restraint anyway.
  14. He did confirm that carling does taste like piss
  15. I’m seeing pics on fb of friends getting the shots in already. Why that site hasn’t brought the facepalm reaction in yet I have no idea.
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