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  1. I’ve repeated myself many times but we don’t live in a left wing country. A pure left wing party will always be in the minority. Labour have to attract more of the central to right leaning voters to have any chance of success. If you don’t like the reality of this and refuse to back the only credible alternative opposition just because they’re not far enough left for your liking then we are going to be stuck with the Tory corruption forever.
  2. I’m knackered just from watching the Leeds game. That was 100 minutes of pure slog. Well needed win. That was a battle and a half.
  3. That’s down south. Might as well be a different continent. They all speak funny down there 😉
  4. Do we need a safe place away from all this glitter and out of tune singing?
  5. Basically everywhere west of the Pennines
  6. Mask wearing was at less than 25% on the bus this morning. My fellow passengers have all suddenly become exempt or people just don’t care anymore.
  7. Some pre race news. Honda want Verstappen to take a new engine at some point. They don’t think the ones in play have the mileage to last to the end of the season. They were going to take one in the last race but as Verstappen picked up a penalty for ignoring yellow flags they didn’t change it.
  8. I keep reading Rangnick as Ragnorok. It’s quite fitting as it’s the start of the apocalypse for that team 😂
  9. Nothing keeps her quiet. Not even a maccies.
  10. RIP Frank Williams. True legend of the sport. His achievements with his team were amazing especially since most of them came after being paralysed from an accident while still reasonably young.
  11. This years WCC is going to be decided by which of the number 2 drivers is the least worst. So far Bottas is proving that he can go backwards faster than anyone else in the field. I know he’s out of the job in a couple of races time but surely he will be getting a nice bonus if Merc get the title. Next season is going to be intriguing with Russell trying to prove himself and with the new regs shaking things up.
  12. Apart from the season where he crashed Hill out of the race, Schumacher only won the title when he had the dominant car. Also that season would have been vastly different if not for Imola. Hamilton wasn’t given a world beating car straight away either. The Merc domination changed all that though.
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