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  1. squirrelarmy

    2020 headliners

    If Macca is headlining, (No guarantees that he is but it’s likely) I can’t see him anywhere but Sunday night. He’s definitely the type of artist for a chilled singalong at the end of the festival rather than Friday or Saturday when everyone is still in a full on party mood. Therefore if he is doing the Sunday then does that rule out Swifty?
  2. There’s definitely a knack to them. If you don’t know how to twist it back together then they are more likely to be abandoned. If someone can come up with a better design for that style of tent that is easy and quick to dismantle they will be much more advantageous compared to a biodegradable tent.
  3. I have a phone case with card slot and a handy loop for clipping the phone to a lanyard. Having my phone and card physically attached to me at my last festival was amazing. It’s an uninsured iPhone X. I’m planning on doing the same next year so if I don’t need to take much cash I’ll be very happy.
  4. What should be encouraged is more pop up/pop down tents. Something that is just as quick to dismantle as it is to erect makes them very appealing to those who don’t want to spend ages packing up a tent with a monster hangover. Being able to fold a tent quickly in all weathers will certainly make the end of festival chores a lot easier.
  5. Speaking as a tall person. The top of the long drops are a lot higher than my eye line even stood on tip toes. There shouldn’t be any accidental looking over.
  6. Some festivals do focus on pre erected tents but as has been mentioned already there’s no substitute for your own tent, especially when it’s perfect for your own needs. For travelling light it is good to have the option for pre pitched tents, There are green versions available too. The Kartent is designed to be a disposable tent that is good for the environment. It’s actually made from cardboard. However I’m not sure how well one of those would survive the average Glastonbury.
  7. At least Sziget knows people will be leaving tents behind. They have tent recycling points everywhere on the island. It’s to be expected when the vast majority of people going to the festival are flying in rather than driving. Although there was no way I was leaving my fresh and black behind. It’s just too good when it’s sunny.
  8. Out of the box suggestion but you might be able to find someone on here with a spare tent they’re willing to bring for you. We’re all big fans of leave no trace. I’d offer to lend you a tent if I had a spare one and wasn’t already struggling with my light load.
  9. Was that from the final night this year? We packed up the day before and got a hostel for the night when we saw what was coming. It’s much easier to pack a dry tent.
  10. squirrelarmy

    2020 headliners

    Radiohead aren’t headlining. They’ve headlined more recently than Coldplay! Why they are being discussed in this thread is beyond me.
  11. squirrelarmy

    2020 headliners

    Am I the only one who would prefer Stan Bush over Kate Bush?
  12. squirrelarmy


    When Coldplay announced their album I put a tenner on them. That may seem insignificant but I’m a Yorkshireman and we don’t part with our cash on a whim. Their appearance is inevitable
  13. squirrelarmy

    2020 headliners

    I also recently came out as someone who didn’t know who Kendrick was many pages ago. I was chastised for it but I’m nearly 40 so I don’t care. fuck the mum test. You need to be asking the old ravers like me if we understand this new modern weird music shite.
  14. squirrelarmy

    2020 headliners

    About to shake this thread up but I have been drinking all night so could be talking bollocks. How about Meat Loaf? 😁
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