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  1. squirrelarmy

    Workers Rights at Glasto under Question

    Anyone else failing to take the guy seriously while wearing a bowler hat? I was getting a serious Clockwork Orange vibe from him. If he starts drinking milk be very afraid!
  2. squirrelarmy

    See Coaches - a bit of a shambles...

    It does depend on how much See pay for the coaches, they were all subcontracted out to local firms. The basic facilities were there but certainly a later model coach rather than a top of the line modern coach. If I ran a coach company and See offered a Glasto contract I'd definitely use an older model rather than a brand new one.
  3. squirrelarmy

    Weather 2017

    Exactly the same experience for me, I was getting messages from O2 that they had boosted their signals but I was struggling for both standard and data networks. My mate on EE had perfect coverage throughout. I'm tempted to get a EE PAYG for future festivals if this remains to be the case.
  4. squirrelarmy

    The XX

    They were a lot better than the act that followed them, I certainly enjoyed it more.
  5. squirrelarmy

    First and last but.....

    Slightly off topic, I saw a guy using the disabled access at Williams Green on Thursday, looked to be ex-forces based on his t-shirt and build and had lost the lower part of his leg. Much respect to the guy for serving the country but he looked in far better shape than I am and I'm about 20 years younger. The guy was solid! Disability is pretty much relative but great how it's a very accessible festival despite the potential weather issues.
  6. squirrelarmy

    Overheard funnies

    That could have been us. We thought it said 1 quid bar at first as the sign was obscured.
  7. squirrelarmy

    Interesting that there’s not much discussion of Ed Sheeran

    There was a post last week saying that Glasto only pay around 10% of any of the bands usual fees.
  8. squirrelarmy

    Cineramageddon- refund not received?

    Wasn't the redux version. I was too zoned out so didn't remember the playboy bunny scene or the follow up at the tent. Pretty sure the redux version has the napalm scene at the end as well as the beginning too.
  9. squirrelarmy

    Interesting that there’s not much discussion of Ed Sheeran

    If he was only getting 10% of his usual fee I can see why he's had to cut back. We should have all chipped in at the end to get him a few ciders from the bus.
  10. squirrelarmy

    Interesting that there’s not much discussion of Ed Sheeran

    Didn't go see him, didn't care. I took the opportunity to get a nice quiet entry in the SE Corner. What I am interested about is his supposed secret set and @eFestivals information on that set. Did it happen and where was it in the end?
  11. squirrelarmy

    Preventative voice losing measures

    My work are laughing at my croaky voice, luckily I don't work anywhere near a phone.
  12. squirrelarmy

    Camplight sale

    We definitely need more encouragement of this, possibly even a second camplight area. I don't fancy being near Pennards, it seems to be where all the trouble accumulates. This is definitely an ideal solution especially for those travelling by coach. I really like the no waste and tidy camp approach. Only down side is limited choice of tents. I like my Fresh and Black
  13. squirrelarmy

    Rate The Performances You Saw Out of 10

    Here's mine, mainly based not just on the bands performance but mainly on my experience watching them. Wednesday Sunset & Fireworks - 7 Sunset was amazing but wasn't totally blown away by the fireworks. Great finish to a very hot day Thursday Ultimate Power - 7 Only caught the end. Was enjoyable though The Smyths 8 - Great singalong in the sun Showhawk Duo - 9 Loved listening to classic trance on a guitar. Orb - 7 Always great to hear them live Hari Krishnas at the stone circle - 9 Great choir and a lovely chilled end to a day Friday Hacienda Classical - 9 Loved it plus all the cameos. Can't believe how good Bez looks after all these years. Pretenders - 7 Only caught last couple of songs so can't give a full rating Charli xcx - 2 Unfortunately was there for the start of her opening and couldn't get away from the auto-tuned crap in time. Mik Artistic - 9 Get this guy on the Pyramid The XX - 9 Probably one of the best performances of the weekend. Can tell they put a lot of emotion into the performance Radiohead - 4 I know it's controversial especially on these boards, personally I thought the set was going on too long, I was stuck in an awkward standing position and by the time they were playing their older stuff I was in severe back pain and couldn't get into it. Just didn't give me the lift I needed. Should have gone for Sleaford Mods/Flaming Lips instead. Saturday Bootleg Beatles - 7 Nice wake up to the day. Good singalong Gabrielle Aplin - 7 Only caught the end but was nice and chilled British Sea Power - 6 Can't really remember their performance, I know it wasn't bad but not standing out Wild Beasts - 6 As above Kaiser Chiefs - 10 Again a controversial score. I'm huge fan so obviously biased and seen them live a lot. Probably our best moment of the festival. (We were in a good spot to watch them, literally underneath Ricky when he invaded the crowd) Liam G - 9 Stood in the same spot after the KC so had none of the sound issues many had. Great to see him live again after all these years. The National - 3 Think this was my biggest disappointment. Never seen him live before, listening to his albums before he sounded great with an amazing voice and was really looking forward to watching. When it came to his performance though it sounded like he had been hitting it hard all week and was croaky and out of tune. Not that impressed at all. Foo Fighters - 9 Loved them, it was a party from start to finish. No problems with aching bones as we were hyped. Made some close bonds with the people around us all going through the same emotions. Great experience. Sunday Deaf Havana - 3 Not sure they knew where they were but they were playing to a very tired sleepy audience who didn't really care who was on stage. Cassette Boy vs DJ Rubbish - 7 Loved them but plagued by technical problems. Kodaline - 6 Similar to Wild Beasts/Sea Power, their performance didn't really stick in my mind Haim - 8 Talented group of girls. They know how to get the party spirit flowing especially for tired people Courteeners - 0 Worst feeling ever after a gig, no fault to the band but their fans are a total disgrace and shouldn't be allowed at a festival Biffy Clyro - 8 Only caught the end but was enjoyable (just don't tell my friends) Arcadia Metamorphos show - 8 Mind blowing effects and some fantastic engineering. I can't comment on the late night stuff as my state was far too altered to give a fair judgement but I had a damn good time
  14. squirrelarmy

    See Coaches - a bit of a shambles...

    My experience with them wasn't too bad. Yeah the coach wasn't brilliant, but do you really expect a coach company to use their best coaches for a load of sweaty, smelly, potentially muddy hungover glasto goers? We were actually on the same coach for the trip there and back, there was no aircon. Was a toilet and just about enough legroom. Drivers were friendly and compared to my mates who were driving back, we got home around 8 hours before them. My only real criticism is the timing of the stops on both journeys. On the way there we stopped for an hour after only driving for 2. Most of us were eager to get to the festival and that extra long break wasn't really necessary. On the way back we stopped at the same services, this meant a very long first leg, not good when the coach was full of very hot, very smelly people, many of whom were either on the verge of passing out or already had done.
  15. squirrelarmy

    First and last but.....

    Never say never! You have 16 months to find yourself a Glastobuddy of similar mindset, someone who you can relax with and can do the festival at the same pace as yourself. There's so much to do without having to be full on all the time, I'm wrecked now but I know I pushed too hard and not as young as I used to be so bouncing back does take time. I'm already looking for my next festival adventure. Hopefully once you have got through the recovery stage you change your mind and get the call to return to the farm.