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    John Peel to SE Corner. If including campsites Darble and Rivermead residents have a long walk back from the naughty corner.
  2. Completely agree. I think 4 cans a day is enough to bring in. 1 or 2 in the morning to get you going when you’re still at the tent and a few in the day bag incase you need a quick pick me up while at a stage. Rest of the time I’ll be going for cold and fresh.
  3. Look at the facts. Brand new profile. Trying hard to be edgy. Don’t feed the trolls. https://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/ignore/ Personally I think the portaloo escape room could be fun. If I’m passing and there’s no queue I’ll probably give it a go. It’s just one of many mini adventures people can experience at the greatest festival around.
  4. I’m going to guess that the report will drop somewhere around the 2nd of June. They will use every bit of flag waving celebration as cover to hide bad news.
  5. Legendary Leeds club night. Can’t believe they’ve been going 25 years
  6. Co-ops tend to be a lot smaller than the average main supermarket so normally have a reduced amount of product range compared to the larger ones. I doubt they will be bringing in new product lines just to sell on site. It’s probably fairly easy to work out what is going to be sold there based on the goods typically sold by them. The next time someone passes by a local co-op grab some pics of the range of mixers especially the canned ones. Mainly wondering if they sell cans of tonic. The G&T thread has got my brain thinking.
  7. Looking at those pics I’m guessing you’re going to have to go fishing in the toilet bowl for clues. Could get interesting late in the day.
  8. Maybe it’s a typo. Could be RDJ. Ironman coming to Glasto. 😉
  9. I was wondering the same thing. Last time I saw him he was still partying hard.
  10. My timing wasn’t quite right. Still take that as win though for the announcement.
  11. Bit late if anything. You’ve got to check if everything fits in your bag and that your comfortable with the weight of it.
  12. I heard the Happy Mondays were doing that slot. I’d be very happy with either, great fun singalong to get the party started.
  13. Perfect time for forum users who have never been to a VM to join in for the pre festival hype. For those not sure what this thread is about, the first Virtual Meet was set up to replace the eFests meet for the cancelled 2020 festival. Good way of putting faces to the names of people on here.
  14. Bad Boy Chiller Crew in the hole. Think I’ll try get in for that depending on clashes.
  15. We’re going to get another happy smiling clock face announcement tomorrow.
  16. I’ve just ordered some more lights for my hat. Going to give the other mad hatter a run for his money.
  17. I don’t own the porch version but I believe it’s the same on all versions. This may be a silly question but have you closed both the internal and external doors?
  18. I’ve not tried apple brandy. Any brand to recommend?
  19. squirrelarmy


    I’m pretty sure we can convince a local farm hand to smuggle the plans out.
  20. Timeline of events in relation to restrictions at the time. https://www.instituteforgovernment.org.uk/charts/timeline-government-parties
  21. Only 1 fine announced. I’m looking forward to the inevitable leak.
  22. squirrelarmy


    Would it be wrong to buy one of these just for viewing the webcam
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