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  1. The OCB Paper stage is on the map, it's where Night Pro was last year, near the entrance to Mordor.
  2. The Auditori is a separate concert hall in the triangular building that's on your right hand side as you approach the site. There's a first line of security, then an open area, then the actual entrance to the site. You access the Auditori from this open area between the two. Think of it as an extra stage in front of the entrance. Check the map. In previous years, some Auditori concerts have required extra (free) tickets that you had to queue up for, but that's not happening this year. You just need to show your wristband to get in. There's still a limit on numbers though.
  3. Also depends which side you're on, and how far back the Primavera crowd goes, and how late it is. Primavera and Ray Ban are paired, so they alternate time slots. There's normally 5 or 10 minutes between one stage finishing and the other one starting.
  4. Some of us live in Amsterdam, if Ajax gets to the final then it's a win-win regardless
  5. There was a Champions League final a few years back and they put screens up in the food area, didn't disrupt the scheduling. But it was Real Madrid.
  6. I'm particularly interested in seeing how the Necks perform in the Auditori. Every gig is largely an improvisation that depends on the nature of the room they're playing in, and every time I've seen them, it's been in small, intimate venues. Very curious to see what they do in a bigger space.
  7. VIP tickets also sold out on the official site.
  8. Midori Takada gives a show with a lot of dynamics in sound, she fits a smaller, more intimate venue than the Auditori, and I'm struggling to work out where she should go. And Sons of Kemet belongs in Ray-Ban, not in the Auditori.
  9. A lot of fun live too, they're a bunch of grumpy middle-aged guys who like taking the piss out of each other and the audience.
  10. Doubt that. This will be my 6th in a row, and when I started coming, the full festival tickets didn't sell out until May, as far as I remember. It's only since the Radiohead year that the tickets sold out early.
  11. For all the hullabaloo about the lineup, it still looks like Primavera might actually know what they're doing. The AV Club just released their list of the top ten Pop/R&B albums, and next year's festival has five of them, plus two of the five honourable mentions.
  12. God yes, or at least something that's not Heineken. I drink wine and Bacardi when I'm at Primavera. I keep hoping that since Heineken bought Lagunitas then that would make an appearance, but not happened yet. Heineken have other drinkable beers in their portfolio as well, but they keep pushing their vile shite at their branded events.
  13. Remember that Primavera Sound is a Spanish festival first and foremost, for local Spanish audiences. It's now got this international audience of music-savvy bearded craft-beer-sipping hipsters because of the quality of the lineup, but never forget who its core audience is.
  14. Sons of Kemet XL is immense. It's a four drummer setup, and hugely powerful and intense. The Necks are always good to watch, they'll be in the Auditori. Saw Beak> last week, always fun. Also saw Suede recently, show as brilliant as always. Same with Roisin Murphy, her current band is probably the best she's had.
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