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  1. I upgraded mine to both weekends, and the email came back from them early June I think. Deadline to pay was end June.
  2. It got pretty messed up, but still shows the reality of actual events that aren't controlled tests. The QR codes weren't always verified, people sometimes just waved the phones at stewards and got in, some people copied QR codes from their friends, etc. And there's still the more fundamental problems: too few people in the age group were vaccinated; vaccinated people could still be contagious; Delta is extremely contagious; people were in enclosed spaces for extended periods. And everyone acted like Covid was over. They're now saying that for future events, simply being vaccinated isn't enough, and those people need to be tested as well.
  3. The Dutch experience is that there's a huge difference between tightly controlled events that are closely monitored, and open events that people treat like they're back to normal. We went from about 600 cases per day to 10,000 in about 10 days. I'm also pretty skeptical that a packed outdoor festival is considered low risk. It might be outdoors, but people are crammed into an enclosed space with close proximity to the same people for about an hour, shouting and cheering.
  4. They announced a European April/May tour a while back, and I suspect that since the US and European tours are back to back, they might need more time to relax before playing again. Love to be proved wrong though.
  5. Here, it's in Dutch though. Says quite clearly that people's QR codes were checked at the door for vaccinations or negative tests, and that this was very strictly enforced at the door. This isn't the only such incident, btw. This link (again, in Dutch) has more general background, but it also has a nice graphic showing the corona cases split by province and age group. tldr; the party and festival going age groups are seeing explosive growth in cases. None of this makes me very confident about indoor gigs later in the year. I'm sitting on Le Guess Who tickets for November, I'm less confident about this taking place than I was a few months ago, health authorities are increasingly talking about autumn/winter waves. Still think Primavera will happen next year, but given what's happening right now, I don't think it was ever realistic next month.
  6. You're both missing the point. When everything starts to look ok and things start to open up again, the cases start to rise and restrictions come back. Spain lifted its facemask restrictions only a week or two back, and then cases rise, and things close down again. Here in the Netherlands, we also just lifted most restrictions - while having more cases than our neighbours - and the number of infections has doubled in a single week. We just had a case of 800 people in a discotheque, everyone tested before they went in, and at least 180 of them now positive. Always the same mistakes. Lockdown too late. Reopen too early. Wishful thinking. The virus is a long way from being done with us.
  7. Right. Catalonia is closing nightlife again from this weekend. Honestly, the amount of wishful thinking that still goes on in this thread.
  8. Will see them in Amsterdam regardless.
  9. They were at the last one, I wouldn't expect them to be at Primavera this time around.
  10. And to be fair, you can make educated guesses. The various stages tend to have well-defined characteristics, and you can often work out which stage a band is likely to appear on.
  11. Already have a European tour next year that currently finishes early May. Not sure they'll stretch it an extra month, but fingers crossed.
  12. We did VIP the last time. It really takes the edge off, and makes the festival easier to deal with, especially when you're not exactly a spring chicken.
  13. I'm soooo going to see Faust playing Faust IV. LeGuessWho is always a wonderful festival, it's an excellent counterpoint to Primavera. And Utrecht's a lovely city.
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