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  1. Just an observation that the unrealistically optimistic people haven't done well in their predictions in the last year or so. We find out more in June. It's all baseless speculation at this point.
  2. We find out in three months, the dates, the lineup. And then the festival is still a year away. We can chill for a bit.
  3. Thanks. I was wondering whether advances had already gone out, and to what extent bands were already 'locked in'. I'm inclined to agree that if everything rolls over to next year, there needs to be some changes to the lineup. The headliners that were most relevant last year might not be the same for next year. And there's also the fact that many bands have given up on this year completely and started planning for next year. Plus possible attrition. My feeling is people sitting on tickets won't really care if the lineup is different. Obviously September is preferable, but I'm finding
  4. Does anyone know how the contracts stuff works, ie, at what point in the process do the festivals pay advances to the bands? Assuming for argument's sake that the festival doesn't happen this year, what's the chance of the lineup getting a complete refresh for next year?
  5. I think this year is about as lost as last year. Early summer festivals and tours are starting to get killed, and if that happens, the whole early summer season is dead, since bands need the whole tours to justify the investment. Late summer might still happen, but that needs bands to start to commit in the next few months, and there are still too many uncertainties around corona. Governments can't deal with the pain of more lockdowns, so they're more likely to err on the side of cancelling things rather than allowing spreader events. Brexit has also made the whole idea of UK-Europe
  6. Sparks was supposed to play Primavera this year, they've just cancelled their whole tour.
  7. The key political goal now is to absolutely prevent yet another lockdown. Events will get cancelled if there's any risk of that.
  8. Then it won't be Primavera Sound, it'll be something completely different. And another year where PS doesn't happen. If PS organises a different festival in Barcelona this year while the main PS doesn't happen, then it's not the best way to generate goodwill for the people who've already paid for a ticket.
  9. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2021/02/04/british-roadies-face-end-road-brexit-blocks-european-music-tours/ tldr: UK based roadies and touring are completely fucked.
  10. Ah, ok, hadn't realised. Still, we're rapidly approaching the point where festivals need to be realistic about scheduling this year. It's not fun for people to pay for tickets for June and then get told that it's September.
  11. Doesn't justify selling tickets to an event that has hardly any chance of taking place.
  12. Still optimistic. I got an email yesterday about a gig that was originally scheduled for May, and got postponed to November. It's now postponed again to next May.
  13. It's not up to Primavera. They can't control the virus, or the vaccine, or the governments, or the insurance companies, or bands' decisions, or people's behaviour, and so on ad nauseum. Honestly, you're clutching at the shadow of a homeopathic straw here.
  14. Here in the Netherlands they're talking about further peaks in March/April due to new variants. The same thing can happen in other Northern Hemisphere countries. And right now, the size of the current wave is much bigger than the original one last Spring. The point is that there's every likelihood that we'll go into summer with a much higher load of cases than we had last summer, when the festival season was shut.
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