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  1. Otherwise their signature tune won't be Common People any more, but Help the Aged.
  2. The price increases are totally crazy, especially the VIP. Given how much of a rip-off they were this year, I honestly don't know how they expect this year's VIP ticket holders to upgrade. It feels like a fuck-off price now. We'll still go next year, but the regular ticket.
  3. https://www.parool.nl/wereld/slapend-van-amsterdam-naar-barcelona-vanaf-eind-2023-kan-het-met-de-trein~bebee737/ Plans for a night train from Amsterdam to Barcelona, three times a week, starting end of next year, maybe even earlier.
  4. Methinks Primavera is going to find out that it's over-reaching, and that it's "brand" isn't that easily transferrable.
  5. Just for comparison, the Rolling Stones cancelled their Amsterdam gig a couple of nights ago because Mick caught covid. Gig got cancelled after people had already entered the stadium. So I can cut the organisers some slack here because there's only so much they can do.
  6. I left after Mogwai. Done for this year.
  7. Give it time. The horde has to get mobilized.
  8. Could be a cold. I’ve got the similar symptoms but COVID self-test came up negative.
  9. Decent sized queue for the Apollo already.
  10. Love El Xampanyet, but 40 minutes to get in isn’t unusual 😉 BierCAB is reasonable, got a table in five minutes
  11. Cutting our losses, heading to Biercab
  12. Queue on the left hand side is the priority queue. Don’t worry, it’s not moving either
  13. Normal single weekend people in this queue. Not that it’s moving more than the other one. Lesson learned: food after, not before.
  14. Some people haven’t worked out that there are two separate queues for different ticket holders…
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