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  1. If either Iggy or Keith Richards die of coronavirus then the human race is completely fucked.
  2. Here in the Netherlands they've just extended our lockdown till end of April, and the situation isn't as serious here as in Spain. You can bet Spain's restrictions will go past April 11th.
  3. What else can they do? Honestly, there's a bigger picture here, and maybe Ohjesus can say something given that he has connections. The summer festival circuit is a huge deal for a lot of bands, and for the music industry as a whole. If the entire summer just vanishes, along with the existing spring tours that have all been cancelled everywhere, then that rips an enormous amount of money out of the industry, and that hurts all levels. The longer this situation goes on, the more financially difficult it becomes for some bands, venues and festivals to continue. This is not far away from being a fight for survival, and I have to say that it's upsetting to see people on here not giving Primavera the benefit of the doubt.
  4. Many thanks for Ohjesus for the tip, at least we've got a place to stay that weekend. Now to deal with flights.
  5. I feel like Mr Doom in here, but that seems optimistic. Even if the current round of social distancing helps get the virus under some level of control, I suspect it'll be a good while before governments license the kinds of events that are almost guaranteed to spread the virus again. For instance, massive international music festivals with tens of thousands of people.
  6. Yeah, here in the Netherlands the fatalities are increasing faster than the infection rate, and critical cases are being distributed to hospitals around the country since local healthcare is getting overrun. I know we're all trying to be hopeful, but single days are just blips. In either direction. Trends always take time before they're apparent and confirmed.
  7. Actually no, you can look back on the spain fatality numbers day-by-day and see a few one day falls in the numbers. Give it a few days to see if there's a trend. One day proves nothing.
  8. Don't bet on it. Infections might be getting a bit more under control, but the fatality numbers suggest health care systems getting overwhelmed.
  9. We can all agree that Primavera's communications are sometimes not what we would wish, but this is a pretty extraordinary situation. Cut them some slack, they're trying their best to give us a festival in difficult circumstances.
  10. Remember that Primavera is only part of a wider touring schedule for these bands. Two things: if Primavera is postponed, the other gigs/festivals are probably also cancelled; decisions on whether or not these tours go ahead need to be taken ASAFP. So I think this wipes out those tours for a lot of bands, and moving everything to the end of the summer makes sense for them.
  11. Done the same, nothing to lose at this point, fingers crossed!
  12. La Liga is suspended already. Ben Watts just cancelled his European tour and postponed it to November. Fat Freddy's Drop landed in Europe last week and promptly cancelled their first series of gigs. I"m reluctantly coming to the conclusion that more European countries need to follow Italy's lead and basically lock down, but that means that large scale gatherings will have to be cancelled until the number of cases everywhere become manageable and we can go back to normal. But that also means a long tail of new cases that will probably kill the early summer festivals, at the very least. Touring bands need to make go/no-go decisions really quick. For a decision in the next month, that's almost certainly going to be no-go.
  13. No, it's just political theatre. Covid-19 is already in the US and spreading quite happily. Right now I'm a lot more concerned about the impacts on healthcare services than I am about PS being cancelled.
  14. Catalonia suspending all events with more than 1000 people until further notice: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-spain-catalonia-idUSKBN20Y1BK Just keep saying to yourself: Primavera is still about three months away.
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