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  1. NIN headlined in 2014, they fit just fine.
  2. Friendly reminder: last day to get your pre-Early Bird ticket before the prices go up tomorrow.
  3. Sleater-Kinney are also touring a new album, so they'll probably do the festival circuit in the summer.
  4. Guardian obituary appropriately has a photo from the Primavera set in 2014. Real privilege to be there.
  5. Yeah of course, but the history of the festival is basically white-guy fronted guitar bands. Look at the headliners from 10 years ago (one of the nice things about the cups). 13 names, all white, only two fronted by women. Complete turnaround this year: the top 9 names included five women headliners, three of them black. I was chatting to a black woman from London on the metro, asked her who she was her for. It was Erykah and Janelle, mainly. Another example: I was walking to Mordor and there was a group of black women behind me, and when they heard the band that was currently on (Mac demarco maybe), one of them said "wow, this is white people's music!" You wouldn't have seen them at the festival 10 years ago, there was simply no-one that spoke to them.
  6. This was my sixth in a row, they've all been great, this one no exception. The festival is definitely changing, in good and bad ways. Good The New Normal makes it a much more diverse festival, and this is necessary, otherwise the festival just becomes a time capsule for white guy music and will die. Being a white guy myself I love the white guy stuff we're offered, but my festival closers were Jarvis Cocker, Primal Scream, Stereolab, and Roisin Murphy, and all were great, but had their finest moments over 20 years ago. Next year's big announcement is for a band who haven't released any new material in 20 years. More colour in the audience. The cups were fun. Grass in Mordor. My feet are eternally grateful. It was a lot easier to get around this time. Seeing the Necks in a big auditorium, two weeks after seeing them in a small club. Seeing Stereolab again. Seeing GBV again. Janelle and Erykah Badu. Seeing all three Japanese girl bands! The Nordic pop perfection that is Sigrid. Bad The Pull and Bear shop was an abomination. Moving the traditional stalls to a crappy location to make way for it was horribly disrespectful to people who have been part of the festival for years. Night Pro was ruined. It's normally one of the highlights of the festival for me, and I didn't go there because the location was awful. I couldn't understand the point of the OCB Paper Sessions stage when it was used just three times, and one of the bands - CHAI - only played for 20 minutes. The bars. They need to get a time and motion consultant in, or failing that, someone who isn't a total idiot. Not seeing the inevitable confrontation between the pro- and anti-Morrissey t-shirt wearers.
  7. Guys, totally understand what you're saying, but if you want to make it clear that it's the only two shows in 2020, then you say: "the only two shows in 2020". When you add adjectives, then it leaves you wiggle room for it to mean something different.
  8. Bars were awful, hard to imagine a system better designed to waste the bar staff's time.
  9. The Pavement announcement has too many caveats, it's either "only international shows" or "exclusive concerts globally'. Since they don't say "only shows", then it means something else, ie, they'll do a North American tour, and the Primavera shows next year will be the only ones outside it. Pavement won't reunite without playing the US.
  10. The OCB Paper stage is on the map, it's where Night Pro was last year, near the entrance to Mordor.
  11. The Auditori is a separate concert hall in the triangular building that's on your right hand side as you approach the site. There's a first line of security, then an open area, then the actual entrance to the site. You access the Auditori from this open area between the two. Think of it as an extra stage in front of the entrance. Check the map. In previous years, some Auditori concerts have required extra (free) tickets that you had to queue up for, but that's not happening this year. You just need to show your wristband to get in. There's still a limit on numbers though.
  12. Also depends which side you're on, and how far back the Primavera crowd goes, and how late it is. Primavera and Ray Ban are paired, so they alternate time slots. There's normally 5 or 10 minutes between one stage finishing and the other one starting.
  13. Some of us live in Amsterdam, if Ajax gets to the final then it's a win-win regardless
  14. There was a Champions League final a few years back and they put screens up in the food area, didn't disrupt the scheduling. But it was Real Madrid.
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