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    Oasis 2021?

    I wonder though... does he really, or is it just because mentioning Oasis keeps him in the news?
  2. Dua as a replacement headliner with Elton as a special guest would be top banter
  3. To be fair in those times there wasn't as much stuff to do. Can't post on efests in the 19th century, so might as well make an elaborate revenge plan to pass the time 😅 I'm reading the Robin Waterfield translation. I have a habit of going for Oxford World's Classics editions as they're usually quite good with their notes and introductions. Have you read Thucydides as well? He's next on my list
  4. Have started reading Herodotus' Histories. Read two little introductory texts beforehand; one on Ancient Greece and another on Herodotus himself. Just thought it would help with my understanding as it is over 2000 years old ha. He covers much of the ancient world (what they knew of at least), but the main focus is the Persian Wars which is pretty cool. @WestCountryGirlYou've really got me into a classics mood tbh! @gigpusher How's your reading of Count of Monte Cristo going? Enjoying it yet?
  5. Ricky "I'm an atheist xD" Gervais playing the O2 Forum Kentish Town this sunday. O2 presale is on wednesday morning
  6. Actually, think I might take me mum to it. Don't think i've ever been to a concert with her so not sure what it'll be like lmao
  7. Hey now, they're a pretty fun band I guess But yeah, the fact that BST is now sharing headliners with Lytham Festival and Scarborough is pretty sad tbh
  8. Shame about no Gwen Stefani! That would have been fun
  9. I wish they'd announce the new headliner already. They got everyone excited and then left us blueballed
  10. Not quite related to 2020, but Acclaimedmusic.net have finally updated after over two years of waiting. Added music from 2018 and 2019. Alright and TPaB are #1 song and album of the 2010s
  11. I don't know much about the size of Megan, but at Roskilde, Doha Cat was gonna be fourth down on the third stage. Wouldn't say she's mega massive
  12. Wish I liked him that much. Caught him last year coz my friends a fan and... it felt so dull. I just didnt get it
  13. I'm sorry, but it has to be Paul. Ideally we can get all three, but the clock is ticking for him. Taylor and Kenny will still be just as good in ten years time
  14. Wonder if they'll do any other shows, even if not festivals. The Cure are one of my favourite bands but not sure I fancy going all the way to Poland for them...
  15. Maybe he is and we'll get an announcement soon? BST usually has a few days announced before the end of the year
  16. It's looking like he might have pulled out of Prima tbh. Besides, is he that popular outside spanish/latinx countries?
  17. Imagine if this was a general election results map lmao. The Libs will rise again!
  18. I wonder how this will affect concerts in London. I've got two booked for the Jazz Cafe. Part of the seating area is in the restaurant so that should be fine, but the other part is just "drinks only" seats.
  19. Liverpool in tier 2? God fucking damnit
  20. No Look What You Made Me Do? That's heavy
  21. So with Billie Eilish all but confirmed for Mad Cool, which day do we think she'll be headlining at Glasto?
  22. I can't imagine they're the actual headliners for Parklife though; it's not really their target audience is it? They usually have a standalone concert on the Friday anyway. I reckon Tyler will return anyhow
  23. From an event description in 2018: "Their Megamix features the band DJing while adding live instrumentation and Joe Goddard singing over the top"
  24. Wonder if another album could push her up to headliner? She's a sub at least
  25. Wonder when it will be announced officially. Pretty sure TM said the presale was today, and the normal sale either tomorrow or friday.
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