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  1. Still can't believe you have alternate accounts to upvote yourself. Christ almighty, you sure are pathetic 🤣
  2. Great response to his points, sir.
  3. lmfao what. You serious? Except that doesn't happen, only people that think that way are completely unaware of the nature of centrism. "SIr" *dies of cringe*
  4. @Barry Fish You can still be working class and go to university, progress in your career, be successful etc. It's not about "staying poor", it's about not turning against those below you once you've managed to climb the social ladder. Nobody wants to stay poor, but if you have a heart then you shouldn't want others to be poor either. Yeah and what good is labour gonna do if they get in power? A centre-right Labour government hardly sounds like one that will make the world a better place...
  5. All irrelevant. Stop deflecting. Not very clever are you? Clearly missing the point. They should aim at winning whilst still sticking to their core principles.These people should be in politics to make the world/country a better place, not just to "win".
  6. You're pretty much all unironically wrong Would maybe be tolerant if they were centre left but they're barely even that. That some of you "people"actually applaud labour when they make even further moves to the Certainly more left wing that it is now tho. Yes obviously all parties should have the aim of getting elected, but that should entail bringing along certain ideologies and policies too, not just doing whatever they want in order to get elected. Would you rather someone that says whatever they think people want to hear, or someone that does what's right and sticks to their principles? A few people at work calling you that does not make it common. LMAO - imagine refusing to read more. No wonder you're so wrong when the extent of the political discourse you consume is twitter and efests. Check out verso books, they often have good sales 🙂
  7. Labour should at least try and be what it was originally created for. Now I get that it's 121+ years old now so its going to have to change a little bit, but it should still stand for its core beliefs as being a party for the workers. As it stands, the original Keir would be absolutely disgusted with what Starmer has turned the party into. No, it really isn't. Apart from some exceptional circumstances, it's incredibly cringe and sycophantic. If any of my colleagues called me that I'd tell them to fuck off ngl In name only. Next you'll be saying the DPRK is a democratic republic. "Spoonfeed me Gilgy!" No. Read more.
  8. But /why/ do you want a labour government? If Labour is failing at being a labour party, then what's the point of wanting it to be in power? "Sir" 🤮🤮🤮
  9. The ones that aren't class traitors and scumbags should be.
  10. Should at least be socialist. A workers' party, not a "party of business"
  11. But the Labour party is supposed to be left wing. In its current form, it's Labour in name only
  12. So you're not even denying that you want a right wing labour party then? Gettae fuck
  13. Nope. Was trying for the Bristol show but felt like it sold out right on 9am. Didn't realise they were THAT popular...
  14. One thing I love about them is that even just playing some little club gig, still felt "big", what with the backup dancers/singers and whatnot as well. So the thought of her putting on a full-scale festival headline show with all the bells and whistles in a few years time is really quite exciting. Have no doubts that she'd smash it
  15. So our girl Rebecca seems to be going up and up. How long before we get Self Esteem headlining?
  16. Gilgamesh69

    Doja Cat

    In that case you should know better then. Besides, it is possible have a working class background but then later become middle-class I'll elaborate. The point I was trying to make is that while covid-denying is bad, it can be understandable that some people think that way. Not everyone had the privilege of having a nice comfy office job that they could do from home, whilst spending their time relaxing in the garden and doing "covid research". Plenty of people struggled financially (and mentally) throughout the pandemic and considering all the bullshit being spouted by some news sources, on social media, and even by influential people like Trump - then it's quite understandable that some people may be skeptical about the whole situation. lmfao. "Antagonistic" because I told someone to man up as they were crying over downvotes 🙃
  17. Gilgamesh69

    Doja Cat

    Great response. My being a leftist has nothing to do with me going to uni; I've been one for years and university has had little impact on my views so far. I didn't check for you, it's just that I looked at the leaderboard the other day out of curiosity and noticed you near the top. Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but aren't you a Londoner that works in some office in Canary Wharf? Sounds pretty middle class to me. Also just because you're in a position where you're fortunate enough to not have to care about "class", doesn't mean it's not a pretty important factor in society that affects many people's lives.
  18. Gilgamesh69

    Doja Cat

    Again with the namecalling. Why are you such a prick to me? You really do walk around like you own the place, as if having a high rep and postcount suddenly makes you a king. Creepy posts about having fun times. God forbid a guy has good times with women after a long period of avoiding it due to the heartbreak of losing (death, not breakup) one I was very close to. I should probably just become a complete hermit instead, right? I mean christ, you called me a creep not long ago just because I said something along the line of "Some girl has invited me to a Taylor Swift houseparty"; you cherrypicked the "some girl" bitt as if that matters? I'm sorry for not being more clear; next time I'll give a full description and backstory of the person whose party I'm attending. I usually use the term gammon in jest, but it's pretty important to have some awareness and understanding of the concept of class. If you're a middleclass person then maybe you need to try and understand the criticism rather than taking it to heart and lashing out. Stop targeting me. Am happy to have nice civil conversations with you on here but not when you're constantly like this.
  19. Gilgamesh69

    Doja Cat

    Your attitude toward me is really out of order mate. Noticed multiple times you coming into threads just to attack me. How about you stop being such a froth-at-the-mouth gammon whenever someone disagrees with you? You act like you own this place and everyone has to submit to whatever you believe. Either start being a nice person and stop this weird crusade you have against me, or kindly fuck off 😄 Besides, I mentioned class once. Hardly "banging on about" it...
  20. No such thing with Glastonbury.
  21. Gilgamesh69

    Doja Cat

    Perhaps you are right to some extent, but it's not like having digs at each other isn't pretty commonplace around here. Besides, I'm not even particularly a massive fan of her, I just find it weird how keen people are to put down artists that don't fit into their narrow idea of what music/Glastonbury should be. "Oh no, they want us to be tolerant and understanding of other people's views & experiences? What will the evil woke left think of next!!!" Pretty sure no level of uni education is required to have some awareness of such basic concepts as class. Sounds to me like I've just hit a nerve. Don't worry, i'm sure Noel will still be playing! p.s. Apparently I'm not as much of a "bellend" irl as I thought, which is a surprise even to me. Also ewww @ thinking my vibe is the "woke" guy
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