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  1. the rifles are playing the riverstage ,which is pretty cool
  2. rollo rahs the assist and holy youth movement
  3. for those that have not seen John Dylan Thomas is well worth a watch.
  4. stunned by taylor hawkins news. what a drummer and all round top bloke .RIP.
  5. same clash for me ,but other than that all good
  6. happy with additions esp embrace reytons and remember stephen fretwell from back in day.big in manchester and supported oasis on tour
  7. only main and norm starts at 13.00
  8. think it was about £5.50-6. you can get a normal bus to newport town centre for £3.50 and walk up road which many do.takes 15-20 mins to camp site
  9. its great how peoples music tastes are so different .although i can do without kaisers,friday is great for me with phonics james and p scream go to groups that will see everytime they tour. so my ticket is payed for friday giving me a weekend of free music in theory .
  10. did lucky dip last time they toured for st marys and london and ended up in gold circle both times
  11. see god like genius has announced a tour later in the year
  12. kaisers wont be third down as would headliner
  13. yes.been plenty in past and will still be in future.still a lot of love for him and has served his time in eyes of many and wife
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