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  1. any news anyone.god i miss fests and gigs
  2. any news on truck as just said tickets on sale monday so must be close to line up announcement .thought their line up pretty weak fri and sat,so hoping will change as booked up and carried over
  3. you look at all other festivals that cancelled and some end of july begin of august,have already announced line ups and selling for next year. i think within august we should have all if not most of line up.
  4. would hope most of line up.should hear by next month i would think
  5. no bus does not go past to ryde.taxi comes on site at a taxi rank but normally huge queues ,not fun if pooring with rain or waiting an hour or 2.best trying to pre book or getting one from newport town centre.
  6. it is smaller friday as everything else opens for weekend
  7. both played very recently ,so would doubt
  8. editors who i love are not doing any of the festivals announced so far,which are mostly jointly run
  9. still think me ashcroft unless anyone can give concrete on editors
  10. i was thinking this as well makes more sense to me
  11. just a thought on the streets and headliners did thet not have good vibrations up on common sign for brian wilson,but they never headlined?
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