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  1. Fair point. Notice skunk anansie are touring too. Plus has Tom Hingely (of inspiral carpets) played before? They booked him for my local pub for peanuts and he was brilliant. Seen him a few times with Tom Hingelys Karpets where they play all the hits. Would be a brilliant fit and think they’d get a decent crowd on one of the smaller stages like Chris helme/space have played the last few years
  2. Sunday 30th August looks free to me 😋 what’s the chance?!
  3. I’m with you... blind faith but fingers crossed!!
  4. Editors played in 2016, have victorious previous rebooking acts? I’d be happier with Ashcroft, one of my faves live. But I guess they’ve already covered that demographic with Ian Brown.
  5. Seem to be tour announcements and festival lineups popping up all over the place just now... hopefully not too long for some more victorious news 😬. Anyone in the know?!
  6. Hi, me and my better half have made the journey from Scotland the last 2 years and are booked up for this year too! We’ve done all the big festivals the U.K. has to offer and without doubt this has the most to offer for kids. The festival is the week our schools go back so always thought it would be a bit much to take kids out of school for it so taking them to Isle of Wight fest instead this year in terms of the campsite, it’s very quiet so family friendly in that sense. Not much to do there but it’s close to a Sainsbury’s (5min wall) and the shuttle service to the festival is well organised and frequent. I’d definitely recommend it 👌
  7. 2016 for manics, enough of a gap to rebook? What about Ashcroft? Any other rumours?
  8. I see garbage and echobelly are touring, they fit the profile given we’ve had sleeper and republica the last couple of years. About time the manics played too
  9. I’ve bit the bullet and booked tickets now. Doubt there will be a further announcement this year, you never know!
  10. Courteeners, LG and Ian brown same day??!
  11. Looking to head down from Scotland to Isle of Wight for a week and take in the festival with the kids too. The wife and I made the trip in 2011, the Sunday was brutal and had to get ferry back as our tent sailed away so thinking of booking a cottage or caravan for the week. Any recommendations on areas to stay in terms of ease of getting to and from the festival?
  12. One for the Portsmouth locals... is there much difference between taxi cost from Havant and cosham stations to Farlington fields? Just boarded from Gatwick!
  13. Doves will not disappoint, enjoy ?
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