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  1. Will be my first year at this festival all being well 😬🤞 Anybody been to it before? Any advice on camping, distance between stages, clashes between stages etc...? What’s the daily capacity? The organiser has certainly been very positive towards it going ahead, saying he’s taking the gamble, so hopefully all is unlocked come 21st June! ✌️❤️
  2. Awesome work, nice one 👍 I’ll be delighted if this is spot on. Was convinced there would be a clash between 2 of miles Kane, fontaines dc or supergrass.
  3. Fair point fella, let’s hope it’s back to normal soon ✌️❤️
  4. Yeah I get that, but with day tickets at kubix only £25 I think it’s a gamble worth taking. Plus the organiser has said they are willing to take on the financial risk without the government backed insurance, so one less hurdle to worry about there in terms of cancellation
  5. I am genuinely optimistic for events of this scale going ahead in England even as early as start of July. Unfortunately that’s not the case in Scotland for me, but as long as I can travel 😁
  6. That looks good, right up my street and shares a whack of the lineup with the Saturday at https://www.kubixfestival.com Loving some of the smaller fest line ups and the ticket price is insanely cheap.
  7. I’m going to go against the grain here and be optimistic 😜 My first festival of the summer is Kubix in Sunderland and wait for it... it’s 3rd July! The levellers, stiff little fingers, futureheads, cast, sleeper, wedding present, new model army, wilko Johnson, the farm, hugh Cornwall and more, can’t wait 😁 Of course I’ve been nail biting as much as the next person at the thought the full season will be cancelled again, but then they post this on their Facebook page last weekend. I’d say reason to be optimist assuming Boris doesn’t take it out of their hands
  8. Black Honey!! 🥳🥳 fantastic band
  9. So we’ve got a castle headliner announcement coming 😁😁
  10. My guess is there’s more chance of sharing some of Y Nots lineup than Boardmasters. Sunday Castle stage headliner TBC... Manics maybe? 😁 any of the futureheads, James and Levellers could fit in somewhere too. Would be great to see Black Honey and The Mysterines. But to be honest I’d take a few buskers on the high st right now!! 🤣🤣
  11. 😬😬😬 how soon? I must admit my first thought was to panic that this was a cancellation! Any clues 😁
  12. Anyone know if the possibility of government backed Covid cancellation insurance for live music is completely dead in the water? Or are they dragging their heels and we may see some commitment in the next few weeks? Ive booked up for 5 festivals across the UK this year, (forever the optimist!) the earliest being the smaller scale kubix in Sunderland 1st week of July 😬. For me, I’d rather be disappointed because a festival gets cancelled last min rather than disappointed because it goes ahead and I never got a ticket! All 5 festivals are “On” at the moment 🤞🤞🤞
  13. I have the same fear 🥺 is blue dot a similar size? Hoping someone can post something reassuring 😁😁🤞
  14. Thoughts on Wolf Alice being added? Too big, too new? I think they’d be a great addition also Pins and Black Honey would be brilliant
  15. Anyone got a link to the clash finder please?
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