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  1. Looking to head down from Scotland to Isle of Wight for a week and take in the festival with the kids too. The wife and I made the trip in 2011, the Sunday was brutal and had to get ferry back as our tent sailed away so thinking of booking a cottage or caravan for the week. Any recommendations on areas to stay in terms of ease of getting to and from the festival?
  2. One for the Portsmouth locals... is there much difference between taxi cost from Havant and cosham stations to Farlington fields? Just boarded from Gatwick!
  3. Doves will not disappoint, enjoy ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  4. Excellent work, thanks lucky ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  5. I I guess itโ€™s all down to taste, but I think the specials and new order are on a par with last years headliners, rudimental being the outlier. I thought last years undercard was superb, disappointed so far with this years but there there are still more to be added. Plenty to look forward too
  6. Suede have just announced a festival date, they would definitely fit the victorious demographic ๐Ÿ™
  7. I wonder if we may see Peter Doherty return again? Just announced a tour with a new band (+ the puta madres), so could argue it doesnโ€™t break the victorious rule of rebooking acts. I do feel this years line up is lacking an edge. Whereas last year we had the libertines, Paul weller, the prodigy, the cribs, sleaford mods, happy Mondays and cabbage, this year it is very middle of the road with the exception of a couple. Hoping the next announcement mixes it up a bit and avoids the likes of Keane. New order would certainly help, and what about the stranglers and echo and the bunnymen who are both active? Plenty of exciting new bands around to choose from too
  8. What is expected from this Thursday announcement? The final headliner or more?
  9. Just clicked on the Line Up link on the official site and got a PAGE NOT FOUND error. ๐Ÿค” Could it be that theyre updating the page?!?!?!? hope so!!
  10. I think ๐Ÿคž new order as headliner or sub would be a great shout and expecr chic would have a similar position to Brian Wilson too. Is this 9am announcement official?
  11. Tbh looking back at the last few years victorious line up, its been consistenly good in that i could pick 10 acts across the weekend id easily pay to see. The wife n i came last year and had a great time, up there with the best festival experiences ive had. For those reasons weve already booked tix and flights from edinburgh in the hope that past line ups are a good indicator! Roll on wednesday!!
  12. Fri - specials and manics co headline Sat - liam g and ian brown Sun -new order and suede Others - peter hook, charlatans, razorlight, peter doherty, primal scream, black grape, the coral, ash, human league... Am i right in thinking its the same weekend as reading/leeds? Do they ever share the same acts at all? I remember the foos played iow before, but despite the size of victorious now i imagine are too big and/or too american
  13. I made a playlist in prep for sunday, should about cover their set!
  14. Any idea if they are showing the world cup games anywhere at the festival? Going on the sunday and have a lull after miles kane that spain v russia would perfectly fill! Hoping this is an option since u cant leave and re-enter
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