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  1. Can’t remember what year but they definitely had a bar selling 1/2 a dozen craft beers one year, something like that would be fantastic. I assumed covid just ruined lots of stuff last year and will be sorted this time round 🤞
  2. Last year there was a definite lack of toilets and really poor choice of drink, but I think that was supply issues and hopefully will back to its beautiful best again this year. Really is a festival I look forward to more than any other
  3. 45 min sets for libertines and OCS is disappointing. Primal scream have similar a slot to the libertines yet get a full hour.
  4. First time at Kendal, camping from the Thursday. Looks like a grey festival but just wondering if much of the kids entertainment ( I’ve 2 boys, 12 and 7) is free or if it’s one of those where I’ll need to remortgage the house! 🤣
  5. Harks are on the psychedelic side, I like what I’ve heard anyway 👏🏻
  6. Please can someone add a link for the clashfinder? ✌️❤️
  7. I looked for the real ale village every day last year as well 🤣🤣 hope it’s back this year, maybe I’ll pay more attention to the map
  8. I don’t remember seeing utah saints before on the line up? Are they an addition? Not usually big on the dance side of things but they were fantastic last time I caught them
  9. Cheers mate, first camping festival with the kids, hoping they’re well entertained 😬 delighted with the cribs getting added! Can we expect another batch of bands or is that usually the last one?
  10. Would love Chris helme to get booked up again. Also hoping for flowvers who pretty sure are local and I always seem to miss them in
  11. Next batch of bands and stage splits coming 2moro at 6pm!! on another note… anyone know what the deal is with camping is? It’s our first time here and taking the kids so need to make sure we’re in family campsite. Is it just first come first or can you book?
  12. Nice work 👏🏻 I’m hoping OCS get a bigger slot, so many hits to squeeze in. Also, is it a guess at the seaside/acoustic stage or have they put something out about hot chip/Turin breaks already?
  13. Noticed jake bugg is supporting stereophonics up in Dundee, wonder if he could be the other Friday act. Hope not, but probably about the right size hopefully an announcement soon
  14. Anyone got a clue as to when the next line up announcement is expected?
  15. Agreed, idlewild were fantastic a few years back at victorious. Would love to see them back but like you say, 100 broken windows please
  16. Connect fest line up announcement today. Same weekend as victorious, wonder if we’ll get any cross over? Chemical brothers, idlewild again?
  17. Line up getting announced on Wednesday. It won’t be traditional camping event but there will be some glamping sites. already got tickets for victorious that weekend so I’m hoping this line up doesn’t tempt me too much 🤣 guess it could go either way, Arctic monkeys are free 1 day with reading/Leeds the same weekend, could be extension of them similar to the old gig on the green, or could be a dance fest… who knows
  18. Good shout, he’s supporting them at the Cardiff gig too. Would love Pixies to get thrown in somewhere, seem to be playing every other festival!
  19. I’m wondering if it maybe someone more pop as the indie/rock side is already catered for Friday. That said, Idles would be brilliant!!
  20. Not exactly a mega announcement but have the stage splits
  21. Apparently victorious is an English exclusive for paolo, according to radio interview with Andy marsh the victorious fest director. Are there still more bands to be announced? My first year at Kendal, was looking for a family friendly camping fest to take the kids to and this seems to tick all the boxes 👍
  22. I think it’s a fair trek. We’ve always got a taxi from the station arriving on the Friday early afternoon, never had a problem getting one 👍
  23. Echo and the bunnymen touring just now too. Would love to see some 90s indie back at the acoustic stage again. Had Chris helme and space in the past… maybe Tom hingely, mark morris or maybe a not so 90s surprise pete Doherty set 🤪
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