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  1. Weezer, Big Thief, Foals (deffo gonna be a secret set), The National (was always unlikely I know), Young fathers!!, Beach House, Hippo Campus, Mitski, Jay Som , SOPHIE, Snail Mail
  2. buffy394

    2019 Headliners

    Im predicting a first quater mass exodus from The Cure, (a la Radiohead 2017), when Friday im in love isnt played within the first 15 mins 🙄
  3. buffy394


    How much were they? Im going to desperately try tomorrow but im no holding out hope..
  4. buffy394

    The Strokes

    What did you think of their Leeds set? I thought it was distinctly average with Julian messing up timings and lyrics. Serious cba attitude. And im a fan!
  5. buffy394

    The National

    The dream. Please not a repeat of 2017. Saw them at Primavera this year at sunset - was enthralling.
  6. buffy394

    The National

    With all this happening - do we see Glasto as an option?
  7. buffy394

    The 1975 2020

    Yep. A friend's band had supported them that night so we all ended up out together. He was just quite belligerent and asking for drug numbers and being very unpleasant to the bar staff - ended up calling one of them names and then just left.
  8. buffy394

    The 1975 2020

    I'm going on the Saturday in London, snagged tickets for the extra date but had to be quick about it. Was a big fan of their first album, saw them at Glasto in 2014 and was massively turned off. Also met Matt Healey in a club in Leeds the same year and he was a complete nightmare. Saying that - I think their new stuff is really great, they've come a long way and i'm looking to see what they pull out the bag for the upcoming tour.
  9. Ah I see. I am a Stormzy fan and I thought he absolutely smashed it last year, a definite highlight. It just seems like a big punt, as I cant see a headline slot looking that different to his 2017 set.
  10. I havent read the whole thread but.. Stormzy headlining the festival, literally the festival AFTER he subbed the Other stage, with no new material out and one album seems a completely insane booking to me.
  11. buffy394

    2019 Headliners

    I fainted during it after being forced to go by my younger sister. Dehydration or boredom who knows
  12. Jorja Smith potentially? Sorry if already mentioned. Saw her at Primavera this year and she was class.
  13. Got tickets. 12 of us trying, same person got on twice and managed to nab all 12! All done by 9:08. 5th year and the excitement never goes away, see you on the farm!
  14. Apologies if this has already been covered! Always tried for coach tickets but never got them. Half of us are Liverpool based and half are London, can you choose different coach packages for different people, on the same booking? And would that slow the process down? Ive just read on the website that you cant - ignore me!!
  15. buffy394

    2019 Headliners

    I think im inclined to agree. As much as I could see them headlining pyramid personally, I really feel they are quite a marmite band to the GP. Majority of my friends cannot stand them and would be horrified to see them headline the pyramid. Im still confused as to their fan base and im a fan, majority 16-17 year old girls who probably wont be attending glasto seems to be what people perceive, but really not sure anymore.
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