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  1. buffy394

    2020 headliners

    Maybe something to do with the fact he was videoed grabbing his partner round the throat. Hardly screams 'Glastonbury ethos'
  2. I've seen some people in really bad ways this weekend. One guy I am really worried about - 2 ambulances and 4 people helping him. Please stay safe out there guys
  3. buffy394

    The Killers

    Johnny fucking Marr. 4th time seeing them but last night exceeded all my expectations. Opening on Jenny was a friend of mine killed me!!
  4. The last two days have just been sheltering in one shaded area or another. It is too damn hot
  5. I was one of those people and I'm still pretty sure... Also Neil had 2 bits of info that put them there Saturday
  6. TO WELLY OR NOT TO WELLY ...mine are heavy
  7. Think that would be ruled out for crowd control. They played Pyramid last time so WG would probs be dangerous. They are a Wilderness exclusive, but they could potentially pop up on the early Park slot...? Although im still going with Wolf Alice for that for all its worth
  8. Its deffo Foals. V reliable info but I cant share how I got it ☹️
  9. This thread really is a sort of sick torture I put myself through daily
  10. buffy394

    TBAs 2019

    I really cant work out why she wasnt booked. I could deffo see her taking the Park 6:15 slot, with Foals on the JP. Although I think a Lizzo/Robyn clash would be enough to kill off some people
  11. Absolutely brilliant
  12. buffy394

    TBAs 2019

    Very good
  13. Im out of upvotes, but thank you for this
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