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  1. 1. UNKLE - Rōnin I 2. Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend 3. Bicep - Isles
  2. This would make sense after they cancelled their Brixton shows (not that I'm bitter or anything...)
  3. Fingers crossed - IAETF turned into one onr of my most listened albums ever! Things are happening! Also posted: "Tickets are now on sale for six European and UK shows scheduled to take place in June 2022. Additional 2022 performances by The National in Europe, the UK and the US are planned and will be announced in the coming months." Wonder if the new dates will be a tour to support a new album, per Swedge, or just a replacement for Brixton.
  4. Ben, I foolishly posted my comment just before I went off grid camping for the weekend and have been meaning to come back to this, so thanks! Three headliners on the third stage is really quite something. The setting and the lineups over the years are really what pulled me in. I normally only really get Glastonbury in these days so seemed like the perfect year to give it a go. I do hope we get an announcement soon though, even if just to settle the nerves.
  5. So they've just updated their profile picture on Socials...
  6. @EamerRed - I'm actually in agreement to be honest. Yes, I know it's always in jest. But there's a few users on here (not necessarily even Hugh) that, in my opinion, kind of ruin the forum in general and I've spent about a year away for that reason. I've started lurking again more recently but, even so, have avoided posting in here and am probably going to focus on the Green Man and Primavera threads for a while. It probably doesn't help that being stuck inside so much over the last year is potentially having slightly more of an impact on how things are taken but that's just my two c
  7. Pretty sure it was the same year but no idea if they replaced someone. I always just assumed they were much bigger over there than here.
  8. Mornin', I've not posted in a very long time but got GM booked this year and absolutely buzzing for it; a fest I've always wanted to do. Here's hoping it's actually able to happen!
  9. Mornin', I've been out of the efests world for about a year now but seem to have been lurking a lot recently so figured it was time to dive back in. Couldn't resist getting a ticket to this, even with Glastonbury a few weeks later, so absolutely buzzing to be a first timer! The National, Massive Attack, and Shazza? They're spoiling me!
  10. Kaisers are all good fun He's really not.
  11. The Boss gets an unnecessary amount of hate on this board, but from the usual suspects. I'm actually really enjoying the new Faithless album - much better than I was expecting it to be.
  12. Sorry, wasn't really online yesterday but not been able to track down any prices yet.
  13. I've been quite vocal about how much I hated that set in the past. But I think I'm almost ready to give them another chance if they pop up somewhere I am.
  14. These arrived today 😃 (sorry the picture's not the right way up; this website won't let me upload photos in portrait)
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