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  1. I'm refusing to answer because I can't bear to think about a situation in which live music is still so hamstrung that far away.
  2. I missed my first two chances of going (2007 & 2008) due to exams so I know this pain. All I'll say is I semi regret one but not the other: - The one I semi regret was an additional GCSE that I did (ie. not core). When I got to sixth form I discovered I'd done 13 or something compared to a lot of people's 8/9. - The other one was a more necessary AS so can't complain there. Thing is I'm 29 now and in a good job that I wouldn't have without the education I got. So was probably for the best. Either way, just see what happens and how the exams fall. You could always try to get here a lift (or drive and get her yourself) on the Friday if needs must.
  3. Where did we think Bicep were playing btw? I thought it was Park but just realised they're not on the Spotify playlist. Regardless, they're rescheduling their Brixton shows to '21 so will be active and I imagine they're the sort of lads that will want their slot on the farm.
  4. Tried to download Sansar just for the Desktop experience but couldn't get the installer to run. Anyone else have issues? I don't really have an appropriate GPU anyway so can make do with Twitch/Youtube.
  5. Bicep re-postponing to '21, unsurprisingly.
  6. Haha have they already done it? I had in my head they'd only headlined WH.
  7. I really dig ENERGY but personally can't imagine them getting higher than an Other headline slot. As you say they'd really need to bring something new to the table.
  8. Yeah, Daft Punk occupy a place on a very short list of artists I love that have been active in my lifetime but I haven't managed to see. And I can't see that changing. Seeing the Chems anywhere that's not in the Other Stage field feels a bit like sacrilege to me as well. Can't wait for their 2023 set 😜
  9. So watching The Chems headline set from 2000 and it got me and my brother thinking. Are Daft Punk realistically the only dance act that could headline the Pyramid now?
  10. zeppelin

    2020 New Music

    If the new SAULT album isn't my AOTY I can't wait to hear what's coming!
  11. zeppelin


    Watching the 2010 set and it's actually even better than I remember it being! Although I think I actually know them better now so that may be a factor. Where did we think they were playing this year? Sonic of something weird like that?
  12. Yeah I can't believe they booked an artist that plays arena tours to headline. Should be stadium tours minimum.
  13. I've never actually seen a Fatboy Slim set (only seen him DJ) so would be well up for that. Throw in the potential for a Glade or maybe even Sonic (think GA and Orbital both rumoured for there) headliner and we are go. Man I can't wait for next year!
  14. I want to say Williams Green does some of that. Otherwise the silent discos around site would be a good shout. But I'd just hit up some bars. I had an amazing night back in 2016 when me and my brother were just in a bar near the Other Stage for some reason - not even a fancy or well known one - but they were just playing bangers and people were dancing on tables. Genuinely more fun than some nights I've had down SEC.
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