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  1. Yeah I've seen her a number of times over the years and she never disappoints. Fun fact: I actually used to work with Grace just over a decade ago but doubt she'd remember me now. I just looked and still have a mobile number saved for her although I'd be surprised if it was still hers 😂 (not that I'd actually message her before anyone says anything).
  2. Oo this. I like this. Parcels! - Park or John Peel? Either way going to be a set for the ages! The Avalanches - assume they'll take their Park slot back. Sports Team are good fun - probably Other? Also more than happy to take Toro Y Moi, Cat Power, Alt J & Destroyer. I feel like I know the name Soccer Mommy but haven't listened.
  3. I'm just not sure where they'd play tbh. Probably have to see how the next album does.
  4. Minutes are down due to working from home and, comically, I didn't think The Chems or The National would make the list but...
  5. Can't seem to edit my previous post on mobile.
  6. Moderat at Ally Pally 31/10/22 https://www.seetickets.com/event/moderat/alexandra-palace/2159352?pre=moderatpre
  7. I really enjoyed Supergrass at Latitude. A mid afternoon slot on Pyramid or Other would be great but I can also see the Friday opener suggestion happening.
  8. Seen Freya Beer, Kelly Lee Owens and Grace Petrie live in Leeds over the last couple of weeks. All fantastic gigs! Unfortunately there was less than thirty people in the room for Freya but she was great and professional - I hope to see her go on to bigger things. Kelly Lee Owens was the night she won the Welsh Music Award so that added an element to the show. Also she's just fucking great! Wish that had been a Friday or Saturday rather than Tuesday though. I'd actually forgotten how good Grace is live; her chat between songs really makes the show and she hadn't half got a back catalogue! Also noticed a group of teenagers front and centre singing every single word all night - that made me smile.
  9. Aw that's a shame. Had been looking forward to seeing her again. (Although in all honesty haven't particularly listened to her new album since it came out)
  10. I actually always forget JW played Mad Cool. I was there and I definitely saw him but I remember absolutely nothing of the set... between that and his Glastonbury slot, maybe he's just not for me.
  11. Man I was so excited for that Jack White set beforehand having never seen him before. It was genuinely one of the most disappointing srts I've seen on the farm. If have him back as the potential for a great time is there, but he needs to up his game.
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