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  1. I skimmed over your post and thought you were suggesting Tool for the rock slot, now that would be something!
  2. zeppelin

    Other Stage

    Don't worry, there'll be plenty of stuff worth seeing on elsewhere
  3. zeppelin

    The National

    I... I don't know how to feel about this information.
  4. I thought we were expecting Orbital in John Peel, although I had them down for West Holts initially.
  5. I was hoping for: Weezer, The Cat Empire, The Cinematic Orchestra, Groove Armada.
  6. zeppelin


    I just remember being disappointed when they played the Pyramid and I can't get over that Hopefully they boss it for all that go though!
  7. I didn't realise The Cinematic Orchestra had a lone UK date in Bristol on the 30th of June. Any chance? Didnt seem to work for The Cat Empire, mind 😔
  8. Aren't we expecting Sunday since the info had the Prodigy on Saturday? Either way there's nothing that can keep me away from this set.
  9. So excited for this! Always an amazing show, and the new album is shaping up incredible! After APE it will be show 2 of 3 for me next year, but it's always special on the Other.
  10. Oh is that known? Must've missed that. Ah well, a sub slot for them on WH seems ideal so I'll make it over there no doubt.
  11. This is what I'm hoping for. Put jungle just below and it'd be one a hell of a night!
  12. This was the EOTR announcement regarding Low : "Celebrating 25 years together, Low remain pioneers in their field and lead the charge of experimental outsiders infiltrating the mainstream on this year’s line up. With the most challenging and outstanding album of their career, Double Negative, topping Albums of The Year 2018 lists all over, we’re thrilled to welcome them back for the third time and for their only UK festival appearance this year"
  13. Okay but Can I just lay down in my bed for another 10 minutes?
  14. I'm working from home tomorrow which is ideal. Although my only meeting is at 9am. So I imagine that's when it will drop.
  15. This feels like Chinese whispers now. We're expecting a lineup announcement tomorrow morning purple monkey dishwasher.
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