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  1. Kaisers are all good fun He's really not.
  2. The Boss gets an unnecessary amount of hate on this board, but from the usual suspects. I'm actually really enjoying the new Faithless album - much better than I was expecting it to be.
  3. Sorry, wasn't really online yesterday but not been able to track down any prices yet.
  4. I've been quite vocal about how much I hated that set in the past. But I think I'm almost ready to give them another chance if they pop up somewhere I am.
  5. These arrived today 😃 (sorry the picture's not the right way up; this website won't let me upload photos in portrait)
  6. Gorrilaz playing the O2 in August so that counts them out surely.
  7. I know it must have been about 12 years ago but I saw Blondie at the UEA (about 1,500 people). What's happened since then for her to be an arena act? Or was the tour I saw her on bizarrely small?
  8. Well yeah but it's not Boris's fault that the first Stockport settlers decided to do so that close to Scotland!
  9. I'm a simple man. I'll never not laugh at this.
  10. A chance for Boris to spin AB as the bad guy. Not a chance I'm watching that dross.
  11. This has got unnecessarily messy. Am I reading this right? AB wanted £65m, Gvt offered £60m, they've ended up with £20m?
  12. Eurgh, can't get back into my gym/swim routine. The 20 minute walk first thing (in the dark now) certainly isn't helping. Maybe tomorrow...
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