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  1. Worst (picture attached) some stall charging £4 for a small portion of chips which resembled a McCain microwave chips box quality and size and then calling a splash of mayonnaise a "topping" and charging £1 😂 crazy! All the other stalls had mayo, ketchup etc in bottles outside their stalls which you just helped yourself to
  2. Pros: Drove straight in and out, no queing. Weds 10am / Mon midday No queing up to show tickets to get in. Showers eventually opening up 24/7!!!!!! Saturday onwards, wish they did that from the start, loved having a shower when got back at 3am togo to bed fresh and wake up fresh. Not sure why they are open in the evenings when everyone is watching the headliners?! Cons: When on site, Ques, ques and more ques!!!! Mens showers ques were 45 mins long on the Saturday from 7am til 2pm, kept waiting for que to die down but it never did. Womens no ques at all after 11am. Showers were warm and private cubicles, communal changing room in a tent on rough outside concrete flooring so feet get dirty after shower, ramp to get up into showers very steep Toilets as well, we were in G1 furtherest away but had no water taps or toilets, had to use other fields facilties which were quite far to get to and again allways 20+ in que waiting for compost toilets at peak times, the flushing toilet ques were even bigger. Food stalls in the morning and evening again massive ques. 20 min wait Worthy view does take alot of the hassle out of lugging your stuff around and queing up to get into the festival and your putting up your own tent, so just for the convenience it is worth it, the facilities could be better though as in they need more of them for the amount of people there was. Our 6 man tent would of been like sardines with 6 of us in it, you wouldn't have been able to put any camping mats down and luggage would of been outside.
  3. I'm on the side of most saying it was ridiculously busier at times, worst for crowding /queing over the several times I have been over the past 20 years I've been going. Calvin Harris at Arcadia entering from the park was just like sardines and dangerous as everyone was at a standstill and no where to go and tempers were fraying with some. George Ezra at John Peel tent was a mistake, he needed his own stage, couldn't even get into the field there was that many people Ques for toilets and food just seemed longer than ever before, alot of the compost toilets were full to the brim in the mornings putting them out of action at peak time, where as previously they had crews there changing them around all the time. Food stalls were like 30+ people queing for each throughout the day and the prices £12-17 for a small portion meal was just outrageous, I ended up spending over £320 just on food from weds onwards. Never spent no where near that much before. It was £5 just for a tiny portion of rubbish chips.
  4. Showhawk duo on bandstand will be playing old dance tunes in their unique way
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/food/2022/jun/04/uk-beer-costs-soar-average-price-pint-tops-8-pounds-one-london-pub Glasto prices (unfortunately) usually align up with London prices from my past experience
  6. From my past experience every mobile operator apart from EE 5G grinds to a halt because they don't have the capacity on the single cell tower to accommodate an extra 100k+ devices, even EE 4G struggled last time and was very slow, one of our group had 5G and it was amazingly fast like 500mb download speeds
  7. I'm going with: £7.50 a pint £15 for double with mixer No idea about cocktails or wine as I never drink them. What's your predictions?
  8. How much was a bag of ice just out of interest? guessing full size bags?
  9. Just wondering what the difference is between the water aid kiosk refill points and the general on site water refill points? The only difference I can tell is that someone fills up your water bottle for you other than self filling it your self from one of the hundreds of self service water points? unless the water aid kiosk points are using a different much better water quality supply than the whole of the festival which I highly doubt? I just don't understand why people que up when you can get the same water quicker if you fill up yourself?
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