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  1. There's definitely a premium for the Anker name, but INUI have some great reviews around the web.
  2. True, it's more the later finish that has me slightly concerned. Probably overthinking it 😊.
  3. So they're playing both Silver Hayes and IICON, and have Friday and Saturday listed on their poster. I really the IICON set isn't Friday night as I was planning on seeing Four Tet at The Park and wouldn't fancy my chances of making it down and into SEC after. Although the way Arcadia is shaping up, there's gonna be options!
  4. This looks like a great piece of kit! πŸ‘ As Clarkete says above...
  5. They have arrived! 😍 (Oh God I forgot how old my picture is. Bit nervous about that one...)
  6. That model is Β£39.99 on Amazon atm (and there's and 8% voucher). You can take the 8% code on the Anker website and buy it for Β£23.92.
  7. zeppelin

    San Remo

    Or, y'know what, we can let the creatives have their fun πŸ™‚.
  8. zeppelin

    San Remo

    Well that clears that one up.
  9. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but...
  10. zeppelin


    This could be a lot of fun! πŸ˜€
  11. Yeah I'm struggling to get too excited for it over the real Genosys but have to give to it a chance 😊.
  12. You just made me check mine 😁😁😁 Tickets will be sent by secure delivery shortly to the address provided. You will be required to sign for them. Tickets have been sent to our secure courier on 27 May 2022.
  13. Nice! Enjoying their album today. Saw them at Latitude last year and thought they were great.
  14. When I'm in a crowd my bag is in my hands and then by my feet, but so I can still dance 😊. Well this is a blow.
  15. Yup, same! It's become my go-to location if I'm not sure where I should be early hours so would be devastated to see it gone.
  16. Man, I swear the last few years has been nothing but dnb and techno πŸ˜‚.
  17. Top work to those who've got them so far! Gonna try and pickup Hamburg tickets next week then an English show when they're announced!
  18. Was just saying this to a mate. If they're on at like 2/3am it would be wild.
  19. Where's @bennyhana22? He must have been waiting for this!
  20. Lol, the state of that. FKA TWIGGS It's fun to dream, eh?
  21. 8am is better than 10am for me. Means I can get the bulk of the distraction out of the way before work!
  22. Yeah if it wasn't for Primavera, I'd be there. My mate also just won two tickets so must've been a fair few going out!
  23. I bought three tickets in the resale (none were for me) and they were delivered to my address. Either I messed up or its because it was the billing address of the payment card.
  24. Perfect, thanks! I thought I was probably worrying a bit too much. I had to sign for some this morning.
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