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  1. lazyred

    Unique IPs on T day

    I had a laptop using Private Internet Access VPN. Of our four laptops this was the only one that didn't get a holding page. After 10 minutes I switched it to our home wifi and I got the holding page immediately. 4 devices on 3 diferent internet connections and no tickets.
  2. Did anyone get Verified By Visa or a mobile code for the payment?
  3. Thanks, I hadn't seen this. It looks similar, is the change just because the coucil have withdrawn support?
  4. Oops just realised thats bbc not crows nest
  5. Franj Turner was plugging his book last night night so he might be doing a convesation and book signing
  6. lazyred

    50p Tent

    Its off the railway track. Along the last path to the right just before you enter south easr corner
  7. Snapped Ankles Facebook has Crows Nest Sat -> Sun : Here is the Snapped Glastinerary _ so book yourself a ghilley suit now!: Thursday: - STRUMMERVILLE_9pm Friday: - WEST HOLT BACKBAR _8pm Saturday: - WILLIAMS GREEN _pm -SHANGRILA CREW BAR_ DJ set 7pm- -CROWS NEST_1am
  8. lazyred


    Neil got a tip from someone who was with them in America
  9. Donated yesterday I'm glad you'll be back this year
  10. We got an east standard in the original sale but need an east quiet to be with friends.. We couldnt buy an east quiet ticket today on the same reg
  11. Keep refreshing, I've just got one a couple of minutes ago
  12. Ok getting into the campervan fields There are dogs going into some vans and sniffing rucksacks but i didn't see anyone having everything taken out
  13. Thanks. I'm getting spooked by the stories about how strict security is. Hopefully just on the gates.
  14. Do they enforce the rule about no teenagers (12 to 17) in the downtown area after 10:00 pm? Daughter is 16 with no unofficial id so we bought a teen ticket.
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