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  1. Looking at polls is fun my man, it’s like a nerdy version of Super Saturday 😂
  2. Notice how the Tory boys come out when they are scared?
  3. They can, a 2/3rds majority which would get through but even if it doesn’t then they can put forward a one line bill which would call an election and need a simple majority. Tories will always run scared of an election.
  4. Obvs they won’t but I can call on them to do so. Tbf they’ve broken so many promises that they should call one.
  5. Again, the U.K. doesn’t take many migrants at all, we could take a lot more. The only crises is what happens to these poor people.
  6. True, he missed many opportunities but he and the last Labour government aren’t a justification for the Tories slowly dismantling our public services (not saying you are doing that).
  7. That’s ultimately the problem isn’t it, we are in this position with the Health service on its knees because of a decade of Tory neglect. It feels like we can’t support more people because they’ve gaslighted us to believe that’s the case when if they had funded our services properly we would have capacity.
  8. *migrants. You raise a good point though, they don’t complain much because they understand the benefits having migrants into their country bring. As a country the UK should and couple take a lot more.
  9. That doesn’t make you sound like a w*nker at all, they are valid points as to why it might not work. It could possibly work though with those people in jobs paying tax that goes through to properly funded public service and in an economic where wealth is disrupted more evenly it could well work. That’s not even taking into account the additional benefits of having other cultures in society. Plus in this scenario it would work the other way as well so Brits that want to migrate elsewhere could which would lessen the strain.
  10. Yep, The UK takes a very small amount of migrants compared to our European neighbours, it’s the right that would have people we take too many. If people want to come here and they have something to offer then they should be able too.
  11. I absolutely love Lewis Hamilton, he’s one of my favourite people. He’s genuinely the greatest racing driver of all time. I really hope he can win the title this year especially against Max, hopefully the Merc will be strong in the 2 remaining races!
  12. I don’t like how these people that are fleeing other countries are someone’s ‘problem’. They are people that haven’t had the same fortune as others and shouldn’t just be viewed as ‘problems’. We (as in the West) should try to help these people wherever we can and not look to turn them away just because they happened to set foot in another country. If they want to come here and can take up work then great, if they want to go elsewhere then also great.
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