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  1. To be fair there is generally only 1 person in here that regularly mentions ‘the WFH middle class’. I don’t think it’s something that gets mentioned a huge amount or really thought of.
  2. It was mentioned yesterday but it’s sad we’ve become normalised to several hundred people dying every day from COVID now.
  3. I’d say so too but the NHS will still be under a lot of pressure for a few weeks.
  4. It isn’t just the middle class that are working from home.
  5. Maybe we could offer the French a BOGOF, some doses of vaccine plus a side of Farage for the price of one?
  6. Our borders are in good hands with Farage on the Cliffs of Dover.
  7. Hopefully Labour win this voting on in the Commons. The Tories are abstaining 😑
  8. Yeah of course we should but we are in the position where the government will be assessed on the vaccination program so they have to make sure we have as much we can. Remember this government also cut the international aid budget too.
  9. We still have offices open now and bosses are demanding some workers go in so I don’t know if much will change. People will be quick to forget.
  10. It was, we’ll end up with loads because we can afford to buy them yet other poorer countries might struggle. I’m sure the vaccine watchers will be very worried that the supply won’t be spread out. My workplace was the same, we went in with colds and ended up infecting a lot of the office floor. Now we’ll just be working at home so it won’t be an issue. I really hope that changes in our society when the pandemic is over. Although I doubt it as we still have offices open with people in them now.
  11. Probably but maybe some people will end up collecting them.
  12. Plus wearing a mask is such a small but valuable part in the grand scheme of things that there’s really no major downside in not wearing them if you are ill. I don’t really see any major reason to stop mask usage in that area.
  13. Sport stars manage it too, by the summer we’ll have the F1, Wimbledon and others which will have many international stars coming over.
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