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  1. This could potentially be massive.
  2. Labours issue seems to be that it promotes inequality so want to see testing used, which I understand. So if the government don’t include testing then it’ll be tough for this to go through with the Tory rebels.
  3. It’s a joke. There’s a rule where you can’t accuse someone of lying but nothing stopping someone from actually lying.
  4. Far too low, they should be getting double digit pay rises.
  5. Thanks mate but as it’s my birthday today I’m going to see some family for takeaway after work!
  6. James is right, Rashford represents something that scares the likes of The Spectator.
  7. Nah, I’ve read up bits on it though. Any good?
  8. Wow, it’s just one poll so far but very encouraging!
  9. I saw that just now, what horrible comments. Why would anyone ever feel the need to comment like that!?
  10. That’s a really good idea, do you think they’d be receptive towards it?
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