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  1. Glad you are keeping your spirits up! Keep going my man.
  2. The only thing there is that if it doesn’t work then hospitals fill up, it’s a very risky strategy. For sure it’s a difficult situation but they haven’t helped themselves at all.
  3. I hope you’re gonna be ok and don’t pick the virus up mate. Yeah I agree I’m tier 1 and don’t really see people keeping 2 meters from others etc. It hasn’t been helped by the governments messaging at all.
  4. Who’d have thought sharing every single newspaper wouldn’t actually be helpful.
  5. You don’t have to report on every single newspaper.
  6. Which is why they should’ve done it weeks ago. They’ve blown this big time.
  7. So Ministers now ‘favour’ a national lockdown. This fuckwits have no idea what they are doing. For weeks they’ve been bleating on about a regional approach and now they just flip to a national one. The data is ‘really bad’, of course it is, the pandemic never stopped. Did they forget the events of early March? They are the biggest bunch of incompetent morons I’ve ever seen.
  8. We’ll see, I like how he never posts the link.
  9. If only there had been a period of time where cases weren’t as prevalent where they could’ve formulated a plan for the winter. If only...
  10. Pithy is my word of the day.
  11. Those headline figures don’t really tell the full picture. The report from YouGov says that the public overwhelmingly support the decision to suspend Corbyn, think Corbyn mishandled his reaction and Starmer is more widely praised. I’ve attached the snippets from their report, the fall in approval for Starmer is generated by the left which are understandably unhappy with Starmer.
  12. I think they should be making moves already but this government act so slowly I don’t think that they will.
  13. Ha thanks, I’ve corrected it. I think we will have this type of thing for little bit, unless it starts to grow rapidly.
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