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  1. Yeah I tend to agree, to know they would automatically refund tickets at this stage is a stretch.
  2. No he’s not being sarcastic, his point is that it’s all within the margin of error and the polls all in all are around the same area.
  3. Wow that’s so frustrating on a few levels.
  4. I don’t live in the north but I am single and live on my own. You’ll still be able to support bubble with another household as part of the current rules but yes otherwise you’re on your own unless you want to break the rules. I said it months ago but if you are a single person you tend to get forgotten. It is demoralising.
  5. What a world we live in, you can’t go see your Mum at her house but you can go get drunk with her with a load of other strangers in a pub.
  6. I don’t disagree with that but the major festivals have pretty much all rescheduled and set dates for next year. Think about it this way, what else could he say? He can’t say it’s definitely on and he can’t say it probably won’t happen.
  7. Tbf I was talking about the Russian one, we have no idea about any of that one.
  8. We’ve already got some new treatments and the new 90 minute testing. This is 8 months into the virus, give it another 6 and we’ll have another couple of things to help by then. Maybe even an app too!
  9. Yeah I don’t think this is any new development. It is in doubt as things stand, every event is, that’s just how things are currently. He’s not going to say it’s definitely on, as he’s being honest and trying to temper expectations. It really isn’t anything new so please try not to worry (although I know that’s difficult).
  10. This is really interesting. It seems the phrase ‘behavioural fatigue’ might be one of the key parts here and where it came from.
  11. They are testing my patience.
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