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  1. She's talking about step 3 of the roadmap opening hospitality inside, she see's that as being too early because not enough will have had their 2nd dose of the vaccine by then.
  2. She hasn't said that it's too early or that we shouldn't open up, she's say we need to remain vigilant which is true to be fair.
  3. To be honest I don't follow much of what Indy Sage say, apart from a few of their members. I don't agree with all of it but it's good to get a varied view on what's going on I think. I personally don't buy into the view that they enjoy their moment in the limelight, some might but I see that majority of those people just wanting to help.
  4. I could see what you mean if the article was mentioning lockdown but it's not, it's just mentioning trying to keep track of a cluster of case of the SA variant which is what we need to do to keep us on the roadmap.
  5. It just seems weird that on the day the pubs & shops reopened you've made a comment about people wanting us to go back into lockdown when the info you've shared doesn't point to that at all.
  6. The UK government took weeks to act when office Sage recommended we go into lockdown so I doubt they pay too much attention to Independent Sage. Anyway to say 'they will have us back in lockdown soon enough' is just hyperbole designed to seed anxiety.
  7. Independent Sage have no bearing on if we go back into lockdown anyway.
  8. Last Monday was a bank holiday which might explain it.
  9. Vaccination update including weekly figures:
  10. Camden Pale Ale, ideally for me.
  11. They referenced Chile in one of the recent press briefings, they’ll be keeping an eye on the situation I’m sure as they’ll be concerned it could happen to us.
  12. Congrats mate, a good birthday present!
  13. The choices up in London are so vast! Enjoy!
  14. It’s such a pointless gesture. Imagine if it was one of your family members that had died, would the National Rail doing that mean anything to you!?
  15. I’ve booked a table at a pub with some friends for Saturday afternoon, looking forward to it. Annoyingly this one pub has 2 hour slots so we’ll have to find a pub doing walk ins after but there’s plenty around.
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