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  1. Got an email this morning there’s a presale on the dice app, friends picked up tickets for London on there
  2. Just had a friend text me saying it’s Supergrass. Hes got no real connections to the event or village so could be utter rubbish, but it kind of fits
  3. She was there and wasn’t really fussed? My assumption was that number is there to make complaints against them when they start acting as a law unto themselves? As this guy was when he decided I couldn’t take in a plastic bottle when countless people in my own group walking in with the same bottles next to me weren’t stopped.
  4. Did anyone else have any trouble getting in with a plastic bottle? I got stopped at gate A Wednesday morning by a security guard telling me I couldn’t take in my 5l water bottle I’d filled with Pimms, at first thought he was having a laugh and said I’d pour him a glass but he wasn’t having the bottle. Turned out he wasn’t joking 😂. He went to find some rule book & I argued it out that he couldn’t sell me plastic but I could use my own & if he took it off me I wouldn’t be able to wash it out and fill it with water for the weekend. Was all ready to ask for a supervisor and his id number when he gave up and just told me to go in. Saw so many other people doing the same thing don’t really get why he tried to stop me
  5. Anyone got any clues on this one?
  6. I think we were one of the first to report this at about 5am as they didn’t know anything. Came into our tent, took my girlfriends bag, she got up and followed the trail of 1/2 open tents, found her bag and about 4/5 others dumped. Didn't take anyone’s phones, just cash which is something I suppose. We went and got someone from left luggage (closest place to us) and rounded up with her what we could. This was over by oxylers, everything we found is now in their lost property. So if you’ve heard of anyone in a similar situation I’d check there before cancelling cards/phone etc. As they were literally just after cash. As a positive my gf isn’t paid till today so only brought £30 in cash with her, after a few drinks last night and a pizza on the way home she probably had about £3.20 left in there 😂 hope it was worth it
  7. Got tickets for Bmth & Bon Iver I’d swap for a couple tickets to mumfords
  8. I just got my ticket for bmth from the friends of APE thing, they’ve sent me 2? Only sold 3 tickets. Wondering if it’s a legit mistake or it’s sold that badly they’re giving away extras?
  9. They read but not replied. I’ll message again a bit closer to the event if they haven’t put anything out before
  10. After 2 weeks I just got a response from the APE Facebook after fatsoma said it was nothing to do with them. There was all the usual info then ”Once the Friends of All Points East programme closes, all ticket sales will be tallied and rewards allocated via our existing ticketing and festival systems. For example, if you sell the minimum of 3 tickets, you will be rewarded with 1 GA ticket once the programme closes – so on and so forth. Please note that the extra incentives above will not be managed by Fatsoma. More updates to follow! x” I’ve asked for a date the program closes but haven’t had a reply yet
  11. Went to Mad cool then onto Benicassim. Last night benicassim opened 15/20min late, nothing crazy, but in that time Melvin Benn came out with crates of water to hand out, apologised, said it would be open soon and that if we could share these bottles more would be round in a min. You’d think the similar positioned person at Mad cool would of have the sense to do something similar on the Thursday
  12. Il take it for £12 if you still have it
  13. Throwing this out there. Could the Friday headliner be PiL? Got a show in Exeter in June they probably don’t want to take sales away from & I think have headlined before in 2012? Wouldn’t say they’re any bigger/smaller now then they were then
  14. Purchased! Thanks for that, always good to get a win over viagogo haha
  15. My friends will have them if you want to list them on twickets instead. You get the same £££ but none of the excessive fees on top
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