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  1. The optics of this for Johnson are pretty bad.
  2. I think it’s the fact they’ve mooved too far to the right.
  3. 'Kinder, gentler politics'.
  4. How could Labour let this happen etc etc.
  5. It's none of what you've described. All I did was post a thread about corruption that the current government is carrying out and you for some reason have tried to deflection onto the opposition who haven't been in power for over a decade. You are doing a cracking job of protecting the Tories. Good job with some of your comments here really sticking to 'Kinder, gentler politics'.
  6. He's probably too busy stalking my profile to think of a better comeback.
  7. You don't seem to mind the Tories corruption which is a shame as it's doing very real harm to the UK's democracy and institutions (also actually happening now). Even if Labour don't get to stamp it all out, I believe that that they will at least do something to make things cleaner in regards to corruption. Funny how you saw that thread and already linked it back to 'Labour bad', good whataboutery.
  8. Oh dear Johnson, even Julia Hartley-Brewer is now briefing against him. It's looking ropey for him.
  9. It's not as weird as him viewing my profile 4 times since the weekend, but each to their own I guess. Unsurprisingly he finds an issue with something I say.
  10. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; it is of paramount importance we get the Tories out of office.
  11. You are spot on again Sir. Labour need to win power to be able change any lives for the better. They have to adapt to do so and they’ve hardly move massively right, it’s just right of the last leadership.
  12. This Cabinet looks like a Government in waiting.
  13. It doesn’t help working class people find their social care at all, they’ll still have to sell their homes if they are lucky enough to have one.
  14. I said the similar earlier, just because this Labour Party might give you 100% what you want, they could still give you something which would be better than the Tories can ever do.
  15. Indeed. By definition this would be a Labour government. Considering this Tory government seem hell bent on running roughshod on our democracy, institutions and country along with their corruption and incompetence; any Labour government would be better than that.
  16. You would be correct Sir. I want a Labour government, even if it’s not perfect it would be infinitely better than a Tory one.
  17. The optics of this aren’t great for Johnson.
  18. The by-election this week will be interesting, Labour won’t win it as it’s such a safe seat but a decent swing could ring alarm bells in the Tory Party.
  19. I noticed earlier that a lot of commentators were saying that this reshuffle is a good one and should lead the Party in a good position for the next election. It’s good to see more positive comments coming out after the reshuffle given how much of a surprise it was.
  20. As was mentioned on the last page the Leader doesn't refer to the Deputy because if things go wrong then the Deputy isn't muddied by it. She was apparently told before it was going to happen though. Cat Smith was offered to stay on but she decided to resign and announce her resignation during Rayners speech then later on the reshuffle happened, there were no announcements of the reshuffle during Rayners speech. Now the timing of a reshuffle now could be questionable given the things you mention but that's a different point to the Rayner one.
  21. My point wasn't per say people living in another country talking about another countries politics it's more how it seems to make you angry, but that could just be how you post and as I say maybe something to think about. 'Starmer acolyte', I've no idea why you feel the need to write in that type of language especially as I've outlined that once upon a time we were supporting the same team, you seem to want to make people that want Starmer to succeed to be the enemy when we are all on the same team, it's the Tories that are the enemy. It isn't hyperbolic to say that it's vitally important to get the Tories out and because Corbyn wasn't able to do it we have to move on. Starmer is the best chance currently as he's the LOTO that's the simple facts behind the matter with the system we have in the UK. It might not be ideally what you want but it would be a damn sight better than what we have now.
  22. That didn't happen quite like that. That MP announced she was quitting during Rayners speech, the reshuffle didn't start till later.
  23. Do I really mention Europe much at all? I don't think I do at least not much recently. But the difference would be I would reference it in relation to the UK, I don't go on about another countries politics at all. Fair play you have family over here but I'd have thought for someone that doesn't live here you wouldn't let it bother you half as much. Apologies if you aren't angry but you come across like it when you speak about the Labour Party, I guess its just how you word your posts, maybe something to think about? FYI - I was one of the people chanting along with 'oh Jeremy Corbyn' at the Pyramid Stage back in 2018, I dunno if that made me a Corbynista but I grew to very invested in him at one stage he could've got the Tories out of power (amongst other things) but he lost in the end so we've got to move on. If you truly care about the UK then you should want this Tory government out as fast as possible before they do any further long term damage and for all his faults (he does have many) Starmer is the best chance of that happening.
  24. It does seem to have a few more ‘names’ in there although most of the PLP probably aren’t that well known. Hopefully now Labour can use this to push on and show up this corrupt Tory party for what they are.
  25. Lisa Nandy has gone to Levelling Up Minister, I think it’s a good high profile appointment especially as she’s from the North so can challenge Johnson’s rhetoric effectively.
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