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  1. I don’t think you should be worried, from what I read monkeypox isn’t serious and the majority should recover.
  2. They don’t actually care about people in work they just want people in low paid jobs so they see themselves as better than all of us.
  3. Boris Johnson has engineered the system to ensure he can get away with anything.
  4. Ho ho ho. Good one, I love a good morning joke. We’ve all been made fools of. This is an epic swindle.
  5. This absolutely wreaks, they've done all they can to try to get Johnson off.
  6. Ozanne

    Fun after dark

    I would like this too, specifically one that play The Killers.
  7. City will score in the first 5 minutes and it’ll be game over from there sadly.
  8. He might be tempted to call one before the cost of living crises gets worse. You never know but it looks like it at the moment. I'm feeling quite a bit better thanks, hope you are doing ok.
  9. Go on Johnson, call a general election.
  10. Johnson has been told he won’t be getting anymore fines. Of course he won’t, this has gone according to plan. We’ve all been completely mugged off.
  11. The biggest swindle in history will be completed at that stage.
  12. Only one fine for Johnson. Shocking. The coverup is complete.
  13. Thank you. I knew it would get me at some stage! I’m not excusing Neil’s language but I think it’s important to remember how ill he was last year which might go some way to explaining this.
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